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PhoneX Review: Triple Camera, 32GB Memory AND Facial Recognition

“Numbers say nothing about a device”, I used to say. I was a firm believer in pricey brand names. But the PhoneX completely flipped my way of thinking.

With a vibrant 6.3″ screen, triple camera system for real life-alike photos and stellar performances powered by Android underneath the hood — the PhoneX is a true flagship phone. And with 32GB of space and ultra-fast facial recognition technology, you will be amazed to discover everything this phone has to offer. Get your PhoneX while it’s still in stock for a discounted price at $209!

PhoneX’s design just blew me away. It looked like an extremely expensive flagship phone with its high screen-to-body ratio. I picked the phone up to be fascinated by the red gradient body. My finger just naturally slid across the surface of the phone’s back to what was — to my surprise — a fingerprint reader.

I Couldn’t Believe What I Was Experiencing

The colorful display instantly turned on as the my fingerprint was scanned. I played around with the phone running latest Android, thinking why I had never heard of such an amazing device. I watched in awe as every application I started opened within a split-second after touching the screen.

It was unbelievable. I quickly went into Settings just to discover the phone also has a whopping 32GB of memory… why didn’t I have so much space on my last high-end device?But, I thought, there must be a catch.

Is this the Future of Smartphones?

PhoneX Review

I Wished I Could Find A Flaw… But The PhoneX Just Kept Amazing Me

Why did PhoneX perform so well? There had to be a reason why I always used to pay so much money for devices made by brand-name manufacturers.

I wanted to prove my theory. So, I used PhoneX to take a couple of photos. I was hoping that the triple camera system would disappoint me — except… it didn’t. The image quality was breathtaking. I tried browsing the internet, and it was such a smooth experience.

But then, I thought — the facial recognition will never work. So, I set out to test it…

The Ultimate Test That Would Prove PhoneX Isn’t Worth It

Such complex technology requires sophisticated design and amazing performances. I knew the odds were stacked against PhoneX.

I set the phone up to recognize my face, then tried unlocking it.

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Within less than a second, the vivid display lit up, letting me access the phone.

One word: Flawless.There. I finally believed it. I had simply been tricked by the big brands for decades into buying their expensive phones, when I could have much better performance, for many many times less money. PhoneX is the only smartphone that packs the power, design and experience of an overpriced brand name flagship. Once I saw the specifications, I just wished I found it earlier…

The Technology Behind PhoneX That Blew My Expectations Away

  • Beautiful 6.3″ screen with high-end design gives the feeling of a high-end flagship phone (at a fraction of the price!)
  • Unique triple camera system takes your photographs to a whole new level
  • 32Gb memory, Lightning-fast fingerprint scanning AND facial recognition technology integrated
  • Long lasting 4800mAh battery, Android 9.1, wireless charging, and so much more!

PhoneX’s latest Android provides everything I need, and I love the integrated facial recognition technology!

I really like the screen, it’s big, bright and the colors are beautiful! It’s such a premium-looking phone.

Honestly, I never thought a $209 Phone could provide such an amazing experience… Wow!

  • Vibrant and super-bright premium 6.3″ display
  • Triple camera system takes professional photos
  • Easy-to-use Android 9.1 for a smooth experience
  • Super-fast facial recognition and fingerprint scanning
  • Selling out fast, so shipment can take up to a week

The PhoneX will amaze you with its guaranteed ultra-fast performance and premium design of a flagship phone at only $209.

Grab yours before they’re all gone!

Click below to try yours! (while supplies last). We cannot guarantee that this incredible offer will be available for much longer. The last time these ran out, it took them about 4 weeks to get a new batch of stock in. PhoneX are really selling out faster than anyone can handle!

Wait, there’s more…

After publishing this article, PhoneX manufacturers contacted us to offer an exclusive promotion. If you order PhoneX immediately you’ll have a 50% discount and free shipping for an incredible price of only $209. Don’t waste time, because this is a limited offer.

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Last Updated on March 12, 2020 by Scott Staffin

  1. Clarence Settle says

    So I’m supposed to make a comment and reply to it too. What kind of nuttiness is this? Not enough technical info. like what the triple cameras do and other general info about the camera.

  2. Clarence Settle says

    I placed the order with my Visa card, completing all the information, I got confirmation that the sale went through.

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