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Power Pod Review – One Must Have Gadget!!

The Power Pod is a portable smartphone and tablet charger that’s stated to be even smaller than some coins. It’s been designed to work with all Apple or Android smartphones or tablets and to be attached to any keychain, backpack, briefcase or handbag.

Each one has a rubberized outer shell, which may help save it from damage if it’s accidentally dropped. It’s claimed that when you plug one of these chargers directly into an appropriate device, it’ll provide the device with two or more hours of power.

How Does Power Pod Works?

The Power Pod does its job effectively due to micro high-velocity technology that enables each one to instantly deliver consistent power to a device once it’s plugged into it.

This technology also enables the power source to last for at least two hours—no matter which functions you choose to use on your phone—or even longer than that.


Power Pod Review - One Must Have Gadget!! 1

Plugs Directly Into Phone

This device can be plugged directly into the hole you’d normally plug a charger into, regardless of which compatible smartphone or tablet you’re using. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about carrying any extra cables with you in order to charge that smartphone or tablet.

Compact Size

Some charging devices are as big as wallets and may weigh a pound or two, but this one’s actually smaller than some of the larger coins that are regularly used in North America. Each one probably has about the same weight as a coin, too.

As a result, this type of charger won’t be difficult for anyone to carry or store in a small space (like a glove compartment or tiny handbag). There’s also a small hole built into each one that will enable you to attach it to a key ring or a zipper.

Black With Label

The Power Pod is a black device, which means that each one will match most smartphones and tablets when it comes to color. Plus, each device is actually labeled “Power Pod, ” so you won’t have difficulty telling yours apart from similar small devices you might have, like USB flash drives.


Throughout your charging device’s lifetime, you’ll be able to recharge it as many times as you’d like, whenever its power capacity of two or more hours has been used up. To do so, you’ll need to use the included USB cable to plug your charging device into your chosen USB port of any laptop or desktop computer.

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Rubberized Cover

Since this type of device is to be used while people are on the go, it’s only reasonable to assume you might drop it or bump it into things once in a while. However, it’ll be unlikely to incur permanent damage, because each one is covered with a durable, protective layer of rubber.

Two Versions Available

When you obtain a Power Pod, you’ll be able to choose between two versions. One is suitable for use with any Android device(s), while the other is made for use with Apple devices.

Power Pod Review - One Must Have Gadget!! 2


Promotes Work Efficiency

If you’re someone whom your workplace needs to get in touch with frequently, even on your holidays or days off, having a Power Pod will help you out.

Once you’ve got one of these, if your phone loses its charge while you’re away from home, you’ll simply be able to plug it into the phone and start receiving texts, emails, and calls again. With the pod’s power, you’ll also be able to use any applications that you’d normally use on your phone to get things done.

Helps Kids Stay in Touch

A Power Pod will also help your kids frequently communicate with you via smartphone when you’re not in the same place as them. That means you’ll always know if they’re OK or not, and vice versa.

The same goes for seniors in your family whom you may want to keep an eye on due to physical or mental difficulties they may be experiencing.

Ideal in Emergencies

If you do happen to find yourself in an emergency situation and you notice that your phone is dead, you’ll be able to plug your Power Pod into it to boot it up again. Then, almost instantly, you’ll be able to call or text the appropriate individual or group of people for help.

Without one of these quick-charging devices, you might end up sitting in an isolated area with an illness or injury for hours, as you wait for someone to come along and find you.

Power Pod Review - One Must Have Gadget!! 3

Good for Navigation Tasks

When your phone dies as you’re driving along, you’ll lose access to your GPS app, which means you may no longer know where you’re going, especially if you’re far from home.

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A Power Pod will enable you to regain access to the app in mere seconds, though, so you won’t end up lost in an unfamiliar area. It’ll also help you out in the same way if you’re walking, jogging or biking instead of driving.


May Encourage Phone Addiction

If you’re addicted to using your smartphone or tablet and use it even when you probably should be doing other things, having a Power Pod may just encourage your addiction.

This device will help you ensure that your phone or tablet will never be out of power, so you’ll be able to use it virtually all the time if you want to. That could be bad news for you if your recreational phone or tablet use often interferes with your work, your family responsibilities or your education.

Final Words

If your phone dies and you don’t have one of these charging pods, you’ll have to search for the right charging cable and an electrical outlet or USB port to plug it into. Following that, you’ll need to wait at least a couple of minutes for the charger to deliver a bit of power to your phone. Fortunately, you won’t have to waste time rifling through a pile of cables, finding an outlet or port or waiting for power once you have a charging pod of this type. You’ll simply have to grab it and plug it into your phone, and it’ll deliver power more quickly to the phone than standard charges typically do.

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