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WildSurvive Pro Review – Best Survival Kit 2020

WildSurvive Pro Review

Back in the days of dial-up Internet, I surfed through his site, reading about emergency and survival gear, the tools he carried, his nonprofit organization and, of course, his personal miniature survival kit made from a small tobacco tin. By that point, I had learned about emergency kits through my father and by reading various books, but my thought process motivated me to think smaller. But now we have options like Wildsurvive Pro kits.

WildSurvive Pro is an outdoor survival tool kit marketed to hikers and outdoor enthusiasts and just consumers who want to purchase a survival kit to pack away for unexpected emergencies. The kit is available for around $40 to $80 online. It includes a basic knife, flashlight, compass, pen, and first aid kit, among other survival items. It’s all packaged into a convenient-sized, water-resistant kit.

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Before I knew it, I was looking around pharmacies and craft stores to find small vials and containers to house all my pocket-sized emergency gear. I remember the embarrassment of purchasing non-lubricated condoms to use as water containers—with the pharmacy cashier staring me down as if I were a pervert. And I remember the excitement of having a needle and thread when a button was ripped off my shirt after one New Year’s celebration.

The skill and experience that come from using gear are equally important to the knowledge of building kits and carrying them. As you will read, not all emergency/survival kit concepts are what they are cracked up to be, and there is a clear distinction between an “emergency kit” and a “survival kit.” What works great in theory is not always so in practice.

As we review the WildSurvive Pro all in one everything survival gear kit, there are many survival kits and emergency preparedness items to pursue in completing a contingency crisis plan; from top survival kits, hand sanitizersface masks, or even long term food storage solutions, being prepared with proven materials and tested tools is a major key should a situation arise where panic, fear or urgency is of vital importance.

What is WildSurvive Pro?

WildSurvive Pro is a survival kit that claims to contain all of the tools needed for outdoor survival. The kit is exclusively sold online through HypersTech.com.

Inside the water-resistant kit, you’ll find a rope, compass, flashlight, pen, knife, whistle, and other basic tools. It’s all accessible from the convenient kit.

The official website for WildSurvive Pro has surprisingly limited information about the kit or what’s inside it. There’s a single image of the kit and a small list of benefits. Aside from that, we have no tech specs or other information about how the kit works.

Specifications of Wild Survive Pro:

  • This kit has all the tools, including a knife, a compass, aluminum wire, etc.
  • No shipment made on Sundays
  • Refund and Cancellation are allowed
  • 50% off on single kit available at 4379/-
  • 70% off on two kits at 8090/-
  • 75% discount on three kits available at 11059/-
  • Payment via PayPal and Debit/Credit cards
  • No COD

Benefits of using WildSurvive Pro:

WildSurvive Pro advertises all of the following benefits:

  • It is extremely affordable
  • All the tools are made using premium-quality material
  • One tool kit consists of all the essential tools
  • At a low cost, you get to buy many tools
  • The tool kit is available with free shipping

As you can see, many of these benefits are vague or ill-defined. WildSurvive Pro claims to be “waterproof” in some sections and “water-resistant” in other sections, for example. They’re two different things.

Similarly, WildSurvive Pro claims to be “proven and tested”, yet the manufacturer does not claim to have put the items through any type of real-world testing.

WildSurvive Pro Testing Notes

  • I was impressed with the construction of the kit itself but I would have liked to see it in much brighter orange color, rather than the subdued brown that it actually is. In a survival situation, you are going to want as many signaling devices as possible.
  • The included flashlight worked as well as expected, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s extremely small, so you can’t get a very large beam from it, but the luxury of having some light to operate when the sun goes down is quite handy.
  • The knife is so light, it’s almost the same weight as the Magpul Executive Field Case for the iPhone 4. It’s easy to grip and use for most tasks. I can’t think of any way for them to make this knife smaller and still have it be as comfortable as it is. The attached lanyard and sheath allow a few different carrying options.
  • The instructions on the water purification tablets were easy enough to follow but actually a little funny. “Wear protective eyewear, protective clothing, and rubber gloves.” Don’t they know this is a survival situation? The tablet dissolved in only about a minute or two but the instructions say to leave it untouched for 4 hours and away from direct sunlight.
  • The one-liter water bag was great. It held the exact amount of water that could be purified with one tablet so that you have the potential for six liters of purified water. It was constructed fairly well and survived some small drops from a height of around three feet before popping at the bottom. But you could possibly fix that with some duct tape.
wildsurvive Pro

Always Think Ahead

The best advice is to think ahead. Learn and practice basic wilderness skills so you’re prepared if you ever need to use survival techniques. Take a First Aid course and learn CPR.

Don’t overstep your abilities. Know your limits. Don’t attempt to hike farther in one day than is a realistic goal. Don’t allow others to force you to overextend your limits. If you’re not comfortable with a trail or the pace, speak up!

wildsurvive Pro

Whenever you venture into the outdoors, take time to enjoy the sights, but remember that you are responsible for yourself. Plan for the unexpected. Make your wilderness survival kit. Don’t allow an unfortunate incident to force you into a survival experience.

How Does WildSurvive Pro Work?

Survival kits like WildSurvive Pro work as you would expect: they include the items, tools, and materials needed to survive in certain situations.

WildSurvive Pro is considered a very basic survival kit. You might bring it on a day hike, for example. The kit doesn’t include any food or water. There’s only a basic multi-tool inside. If you’re going on a multi-day hike or in any type of challenging environment, then you may want a heavier-duty survival kit.

What’s Included with WildSurvive Pro?

The WildSurvive Pro sales page does not provide an itemized list of what’s included in the kit. All we know about the kit comes from a single photo.

Here’s what we know is included in the kit:

  • 1 x pen
  • 1 x flashlight
  • 1 x compass
  • 1 x rope or twine
  • 1 x knife
  • 1 x multi-tool
  • 1 x emergency blanket
  • 1 x wood cutter
  • 1 x water bottle clip
  • 1 x fire starter

All of this gear looks extremely basic compared to other survival kits. Much of the gear seems made from standard plastic instead of heavy-duty materials. The original manufacturer of the WildSurvive Pro kit (a company named Colsen) advertises the kit as a 13-in-1 package, although it’s unclear what the 13 items are (we’ve only identified ten items).

What are customers saying about Wild Survive?

Juan H

I love staying in the forests, and such tool kits are a savior. Although I have many tool kits, this one is my favorite. This is compact and has more tools than my previous kits. I feel I made the right decision by investing my money in it. I have used the equipment while climbing as well, and this is just so amazing.

John H


There is no doubt in accepting the fact that for travelers, such tool kits that are not only compact but also have all the crucial tools play a vital role. I was anyway searching for a mini-tool kit, and then I got my perfect one from Wild survive. It is inexpensive and comes with free shipping. I highly recommend travelers to invest in this tool kit.


WildSurvive Pro Pricing

WildSurvive Pro is priced between $42 and $84, depending on how many units you purchase:

  • 1 Kit: $84
  • 2 Kits: $127
  • 3 Kits: $155
  • 4 Kits: $184
  • 5 Kits: $212

For those preppers who want an all in one emergency survivalist kit to have as a backup of the essential tools and items one might need in the time of an urgent, panic-filled crisis, click here to see the official ordering page for Wild Survive Pro.

WildSurvive Pro Contact Details?

WildSurvive Pro is marketed online by a company named Novads OU. The Estonia-based company sells a handful of products online, including ultra violet phone sanitizers, drones, and other trendy products.

Novads OU doesn’t claim to make WildSurvive Pro itself. Instead, it seems likely the company orders the kits through Amazon or Alibaba, then markets the kits at inflated prices.

You can contact the company via the following:

  • Email: support@novads.co
  • Phone: +44 20 3808 9234 (International) or +552135003992 (Brazil)
  • Address: Valukoja 22, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia

WildSurvive Pro Frequently Ask Question

Who Really Makes WildSurvive Pro?

A quick search online will reveal the real manufacturer of the WildSurvive Pro survival kit: a company named Colsen. That company makes budget survival kits catered to people who want basic survival items without breaking the bank.

How much will it cost me?

The company’s 13-in-1 survival kit is available for $18.35 is available on Amazon. This kit is identical, down to every last item, as the WildSurvive Pro survival kit that sells for $42 to $84 online today.

How long can the average person survive in the wilderness?

The average healthy person can survive for somewhere from 2 days to a one week without liquids, but that’s a rough estimate. A person’s health, the weather and the individual’s physical activity levels all help determine how long a person will last without water.

What should you not do in the wilderness?

Avoid being nomadic, pick a spot where you are somewhat protected from the weather and stay there as long as possible. Avoid eating foods you don’t recognize as safe sources of food, Don’t waste your precious energy, or be afraid, and do not allow yourself to get cold.

What are the things you need to survive?

Both lighter and matches, jacket or raincoat, first aid kit, knife, small shovel, food and water, signaling device such as a flashlight or flares, batteries, some form of shelter such as a small tent, ropes come in handy, and insect repellent, and utensils.

The Final Word

Simply put, if you aren’t going to carry a knife, flashlight, or liter of water on a daily basis then buy this kit. It has just about everything covered. Keep in mind it’s not ‘the’ ultimate survival kit but it’s pretty close to being the ultimate pocket-sized survival kit, thanks to high-quality items included.

Just as I believe that the best camera in the world is the one that you always have on you, I feel the same about survival kits. Having an amazing survival kit in your truck or kayak that allows you to survive for a week can easily become unreachable in a true emergency or survival situation.

If you want a good survival kit that will help you last through unknown situations, then there are plenty of good survival kits available online today. You should be able to find better options than WildSurvive Pro.

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WildSurvive Pro - Best Survival Kit 2020 - 84

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