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Roadside Flares Disc Review: Orange LED Emergency Light Disc

Roadside Flares Disc Review: Can you imagine having an emergency light in case of an accident on the road? When we think about an emergency on the road, the first thing we think of is a car accident. But it doesn’t have to be so bad! A flat tire, running out of gas, or simply feeling unwell while driving, is enough to make you stop your vehicle and pull over on the side of the road.

There are many accidents on the road and highway involving people who have had to stop and get out of their cars when they break down or get into an accident. What happens is that while they are walking on the road, either to put a warning triangle out or to look for help, they are struck by another vehicle and suffer some kind of accident. In 2019, our country had more than twenty pedestrians die on the road trying to place a warning triangle. So, in these cases what should we do? how do we proceed? is this a dangerous situation?

What is Roadside Safety Flares Disc?

Roadside Flares Disc Review: Orange LED Emergency Light Disc 1

Roadside Safety Flares Disc is an invaluable tool for drivers and travelers as it helps to keep accidents at bay. A car breakdown in the middle of the highway is not only nerve-wracking but can be extremely dangerous as well. In low light, other automobiles moving over 50 miles an hour may cause a devastating accident. By installing an  orange LED emergency light disc, it is easier to indicate a breakdown or crash so that other drivers can steer clear.

These orange LED emergency Safety Flares Disc are designed with safety in mind. Essentially, they prevent accidents during a car breakdown, and as a nighttime flare light so loved ones and local authorities can find you, can be used out on the water for boating emergencies, here are some of the features of this useful tool for automobile owners.

Roadside Safety Flares Disc Features

  • Floodlight – This is particularly important when doing repairs on the car at night. Flashlights provide better visibility.
  • Ultra-durable – This orange LED emergency light discs can withstand harsh outdoor elements and aren’t prone to wear and tear.
  • Offers better visibility at over 5,000 feet – This emergency  Roadside Safety Flares Disc  ensures oncoming drivers can change lanes swiftly to avoid accidents.
  • Waterproof – It’s boasts of waterproof capabilities that come in handy when it’s raining, or out on the lake.
  • Extended run time – It has a long run time and works as promised.
  • Different flash modes – This device comes with varying methods of flash, and users can select the option that is visible to oncoming traffic.
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How to use the Roadside Safety Disc efficiently

Fortunately,  this orange roadside safety disc comes  with an easy-to-understand manual. To use the device correctly as intended, carefully exit the car and set the device where it is most visible. As a suggestion, try and place it carefully in a curve around the car to ensure oncoming drivers can see it.

Attach the orange LED device on the car using its preinstalled magnet so that oncoming traffic can spot the obstruction from far away. After placing it correctly, contact emergency services right away.

How does Roadside Flares Disc work for being so helpful?

Roadside Flares Disc has been made in such a manner that its actions can give light to a surrounding range of around 40 meters in the surroundings. Then it also has round divided portions which make it look like a light that person places around a damaged vehicle on the road to keep the ongoing traffic updated about the vehicle being parked. The working of this light tends to be through AA batteries which are rechargeable and are comparatively durable and long-lasting. This device works with or without the manual actions too as it can be turned on with its switch or it automatically turns on if the light gets a lot of jerk. This means it throws out light in genuine accidental cases too. This device works in all the environments and also is waterproof which means it can be used to send out signals literally from anywhere. The red and orange mixed flare gives out emergency signals pretty well too. Roadside Flares Disc hence is the best option that one has in the emergency lights section.

What are the functions of this Roadside Flares Disc light?

The first thing about Roadside Flares Disc is that it was made to be a simple light for highways where it can be used to tell the traffic about the damaged vehicle being parked. Then after a lot of consideration, all its functions have been improvised and it has turned out to be really helpful emergency light. It has multiple functions that make it super useful too. The usage of this light can be done in many placed such as:

  1. Marine\Mountain accidents: This light can be waved or kept at one place where the accident has happened for the rescue teams or vehicles to catch the red flare and hence come to the accident place. This makes a lot of difference at night but can also be seen in daylight since its light is too bright.
  2. Roadside accidents: It can be used by keeping it at the side of the vehicle which is damaged or to get help from the ongoing traffic if a person is stuck somewhere where the traffic is partial.
  3. Swimming lessons: It can also be used to give swimming lessons or diving lessons as it is waterproof and the light can be used for signals.
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What are the advantages of Roadside Flares Disc?

  1. Ensures the safety of you and your family in an emergency. Very instrumental and perfect for stressful situations. It can save your life!
  2. Easy to install, no electricity or wiring required. Waterproof and with several flashing modes for different signals and multiple attachment options.
  3. Multiple uses: emergency light, marine applications, camping…
  4. The main organizations responsible for traffic control in different countries are already recommending the use of Roadside Flares Disc, but it is not enforced. Its use will become mandatory progressively over the next few years.

Pros and Cons of Roadside Flares Disc


  • Easy installation – It is water-resistant and doesn’t require cables or electricity during installation.
  • Multiple uses –  This orange LED light disc can be used  as an emergency beacon, for camping or marine applications.
  • It contains various flashing signals – This offers automobile owners the opportunity to choose a flashing mode with better visibility.
  • Has magnets – It has magnets that easily attach to the car when in use.
  • Free shipping and customer satisfaction policy
  • Comes with a guarantee


  • Limited in stock
  • Doesn’t come with batteries
  • Available online only

How can you buy it?

You can place your order online through the official website to be sent to your home.

Only during the launch period, the company is offering an exclusive promotion for this product through this link. And if that were not enough, they also offer a discount for bulk purchases.

Roadside Flares Disc Review: Orange LED Emergency Light Disc 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place on the vehicle to put it in case of an emergency?

In the highest possible place; this way it will be visible from further away. Try to put it as horizontal to the ground as possible. In vehicles the best option is the roof or if you have more than one Roadside Flares Disc, the bumper or the driver’s door are also good options.

Are the Roadside Flares Disc a substitute for warning triangles?

Where is the best place to put it on a motorcycle?

The place where it will be most visible, that is high and exposed. In the case of motorcycles, the metal structure, the tank or even the kickstand are all ideal places. In these cases, it is advisable to buy more than one unit so that it can be placed on the road itself or on the guard rail.

How can you activate it manually?

It’s very simple! Just turn it and the device will be activated.

Does the battery run out if I don’t use it for a long period of time?

No, it works mechanically, by mechanical magnetic induction, which makes discharge impossible. It can remain inoperative for years, maintaining almost all the of the battery’s charge. It is recommended to change the battery every 3 years if it is not being used because high and low temperatures can affect the battery.


This orange LED emergency light disc is inexpensive at just $ 29.95 and can help prevent accidents. Overall, this device is especially beneficial when the car breaks down at night. For consumers who would like to purchase this roadside safety device can do so by visiting the selling website 

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