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UltraZoom Monocular Review: Does It Work?

Do you love exploring the great outdoors but hate not being able to see things as clearly as you’d like? UltraZoom Monocular has solved that problem with its incredible magnification and clarity. You can now explore your surroundings in amazing detail, without having to lug around a heavy telescope.

This is the perfect device for anyone who loves spending time outdoors and wants to take pictures or videos of their adventures. With UltraZoom Monocular, you’ll never miss a thing.

Read the complete UltraZoom Monocular review here to find out more in detail. 

What is UltraZoom Monocular?

Ultrazoom Monocular

UltraZoom Monocular is the first time that nano-etching, nano-array, mesoporous assembly, thin-film mosaic, and nano-optical materials have been used to try to make the lens flatness error reach 10nm.

The amount of light is 30 times more than what a normal telescope with the same diameter can do. The angle of resolution is 47 times greater than that of a regular telescope with the same diameter.

The most it could be magnified was 300 times. This is the first monocular that can get this much magnification and clarity on such a small scale.

This amazing new development in optical technology changes everything about how far you can see and how sharply you can take pictures.

Features of UltraZoom Monocular

ULTRAZOOM IS WATER RESISTANT: Most of the monocular telescopes currently on the market will be rendered useless by even a small amount of water. That restricts your options for enjoyment. Water bodies, pools, and basically the entire world become unusable when it rains or fogs up.

That would ruin your fun in the great outdoors by preventing you from taking pictures of all the cool stuff you see. The ultrazoom monocular’s best feature is that it can get wet without any damage occurring. The lens is sealed and the device is filled with nitrogen to provide protection from moisture and fog.

ULTRAZOOM IS SCRATCH RESISTANT: The ultrazoom’s resistance to scratches is yet another area where it shines. Upon first glance, many available choices seem like they would be excellent investments. However, the effect wears off quickly and the product returns to its normal appearance.

Even though you just bought the monocular, it will soon start to show signs of wear and tear across most of its surface. And as the lens loses its sharpness, the image quality suffers as well. Lenses on the ultrazoom monocular are resistant to scratches, so they should last a long time. The exterior is scratch resistant to prevent the paint from wearing off too quickly.

ULTRAZOOM HAS 50MM LENS: You can’t get the most out of your monocular without a strong lens, which is another essential component. The ultrazoom comes with a 50 mm lens, guaranteeing a clear, unobstructed image throughout the zoom range. That’s ideal for outings and trips to zoos, where you’ll want to take in the scenery from afar.

This ultrazoom monocular features a high-quality lens that will last for many years. Several layers of protective coating make it scratch- and break-proof. The eye relief of 20 mm allows for a comfortable viewing distance.

ULTRAZOOM IS LIGHTWEIGHT: Ultrazoom’s portability is a major selling point. The lightweight design of the ultrazoom monocular (around 320 g) makes it convenient to bring along on trips of any length. The aforementioned grip is also impacted by the lightweight nature. If the gadget is too large, it will be more difficult to keep a firm hold on it.

This lightness makes it easy to carry and lessens the strain on your muscles, even after a full day of hiking. Since this is a small and lightweight device, you can take it with you virtually anywhere. Along with its light weight, the sleek simplicity of its design makes it a breeze to transport.

ULTRAZOOM PROVIDES SUPER CLEAN PHOTOGRAPHS: You want professional-looking photos, and you know a monocular can help you get them. With the ultrazoom, capturing images like these is a breeze. Ultrazoom ensures that even in bright sunlight, your phone camera will be able to get the best possible shot.

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Ultrazoom’s incredibly detailed images are professional looking and can be used to illustrate your findings in a presentation. Also, you can rest assured that they are of sufficient quality to post online.

Why we totally Love UltraZoom Monocular?

  • Easy to carry and use.
  • The best telescope for people who like to travel and learn about new places is one that works well on adventure trips and lets you see what’s going on around you.
  • The outside of the product is made of a durable alloy of titanium that is both strong and lightweight. This makes it easy to carry in your pocket or purse when you’re out doing things.
  • The telescope can stand up to dust and water. Thus, durable
  • This product is made so that it won’t break if it falls, which makes it easier to carry while mountaineering or trekking.
  • The anti-shake system and unique 3D gyroscope on the tripod of the Monocular make sure that the telescope gives you a steady view at a higher magnification.
  • The telescope works better than many other telescopes because it has a resolution angle that is 47 times greater than those of other telescopes.
  • The quality of the telescope is improved with 30 times more light than standard products. Also, the lens is 300 times stronger, which makes sure that the view is clear.
  • The product has built-in night vision that makes it easier to see things at night when there are no obstacles in the way.

How does it work?

The Ultrazoom Monocular is easy to use. When you get it, you will notice that it looks a lot like half of a pair of binoculars. You can zoom in on what you want to see with a magnifying glass that has a steel or aluminium barrel, a focus ring, and other features.

It works well as a telephoto lens. All you have to do is hold it over the main lens of your camera phone, and you can zoom in up to 12 times what you usually see. It’s a great way to take pictures of the moon and stars that look great!

You can see amazing detail and clarity with the UltraZoom Monocular, and it lets in a lot more light, too. This lets you take pictures at night without the quality getting worse.

How to use UltraZoom Monocular?

People often want to know how to use an UltraZoom Monocular. It’s not that hard. You put the monocular on your eye and point it in the direction you want to look. Turn the knob on top of the monocular to change the focus. You can also use the built-in compass on top of the device to make sure you’re going in the right direction.

You can carry the monocular with one hand or two hands for stability, but it won’t be necessary since it’s only 155mm long. For its size, you can also bring a regular tripod. The 1/4-20 socket lets it fit on tripods. This means that if your tripod fits into a 1/4-inch socket with 20 UNC threads, it will also fit into this powerful monocular. In North America, this is the size that most consumer tripods are.

When caring, you should be careful with the equipment. Even

Using Ultrazoom Monocular


  • Magnification: 10-300X
  • Prism Type: BAK-S1
  • Objective lens coating: FMC
  • Prism system: BAK-S1 Prism
  • Field of view: 360ft/1000yds
  • Weight of monocular: 1.1 pounds

What Makes the UltraZoom Monocular Special?

There are a few things that make the UltraZoom Monocular stand out, but its overall build quality has to be the most important.

First of all, the monocular’s whole body is made of ruggedized tubular steel or aluminium, which gives it a lot of strength and durability.

You probably don’t want to drop or kick this around too much, but the quality of the materials used to make it means that if you do, it won’t break into tiny pieces.

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The glass on the inside of the monocular is also very impressive.

The lenses themselves are 100% green, multilayered lenses with a field of view of 293/1000m and an eye relief of 20 mm. This helps make sure that the 12x zoom and 40mm objective lens are always safe.

You’ll be able to gather a lot of light for great images and viewing in low light, like at night when you’re looking at the moon or the stars. The height magnification power and extreme lengths diameter also mean that you’ll be able to take great pictures with just your smartphone.

UltraZoom Monocular Benefits

Waterproof, Dust-proof, and Shockproof Design: The optical system is sealed with an O-ring and filled with nitrogen to ensure moisture, dust, and debris are kept out.

Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and wilderness explorers: suitable for birdwatching, wildlife observation, hunting, hiking, mountaineering, camping and surveillance.

With a specific strength of 1.1 pounds, the titanium alloy shell is lightweight. While hunting, traveling, or camping, you can easily fit it in a backpack or pocket after it has been retracted.

Compatible mobile phone: iPhone 11 /11 Pro/11 Pro Max /XS /XR /X/8 plus/8 /7 plus/6 / 6s /6plus/5/5s/4s/SE, Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, Galaxy S9, S9+, Galaxy S8, S6, S6 Edge, Galaxy Note, LG, HTV, Sony, and almost all other smartphones.

Easily fits in any bag or pocket, very compact and portable.

Technology Behind UltraZoom Monocular

Ultrazoom Monocular in hands of a customer

Scientists used the following technologies to design the UltraZoom monocular:

  • Nano-Etching Technology –Nano-Etching is the process of using nanotechnology to remove layers of a material using chemicals. Nano-Etching is used to make a precise lens for UltraZoom that gives clear results with few mistakes and a high magnification.
  • Nano-Array Technology– Through Nanoscience, materials are made with a pattern of nanoparticles to make better optical images. Materials that use Nano-Array technology have become powerful tools in recent years because their results are so precise and accurate.
  • Thin-Film Mosaic Technology– UltraZoom uses a process called “thin film condensation” because most optical instruments have variable parameters that could cause errors and blurry images. UltraZoom does a great job of fixing this problem by using this technology.

Night Vision Function

This optical zoom has a night vision feature that lets you get good pictures even when there isn’t much light. So you can take pictures and videos at night without any trouble. With this feature, you can look through the lens and see clearly both during the day and at night. With this zoom, you can take pictures of things or people more than 9,000 metres away as long as there are no obstacles in the way (9km).

To use the night vision feature, keep the phone stable. For this, your purchase comes with a tripod that we can adjust to find the best focus and a system that keeps the camera from shaking. Because of this, we will be able to take pictures that are much more stable and of higher quality than with other, more expensive telescopes.

On the other hand, it has an automatic focus mode that is worth mentioning. You can turn on this feature and turn off the background feature. If you do this, the Ultra Zoom will be able to focus on the object you want to photograph and give you a clear picture of it.

Main Advantages

  1. There was a maximum magnification of 300 times. On such a small scale, this monocular is the first to achieve this magnification and clarity.
  2. 15 MM big eyepiece! You will feel more comfortable viewing through a larger eyepiece. Watching is easy for users wearing glasses. 
  3. Swivel up eye mask: It is easy to adjust the sharpness before you use it.
  4. Broadband green film objective: Improve clarity and color by using broadband green film! It has a large caliber and a high brightness.

UltraZoom Monocular Pros and Cons

  • Limited stock
  • With a monocular, you have a broader view of objects. It comes with only one eyepiece, so this makes sense.
  • It is better to use UltraZoom for personal use. If you are a professional, I recommend using binoculars

UltraZoom Monocular Reviews Consumer Reports

“I love nature and traveling and while wide panning shots of the landscape fill my ig, there was always stuff that I really wanted to take pictures of that I was simply too far from. A boat in the distance, some nice quaint hut on top of a hill. You could barely see them in my photos. Then I find this little traveling companion of a ultrazoom monocular and I don’t need to point at specific parts of the pictures and tell people to squint to be able to see what I photographed haha.”

Mike Ferguson

“I like to go hunting in autumn when the birds start migrating south. I used to have a pair of binoculars that were like, I dunno, x50 zoom? On paper? Nothing I ever had even came close to the quality of this ultrazoom. I could spot a bird perching atop a tree from distances I didn’t know were possible without some military grade stuff three times the size. Amazing stuff.”

Martin Taylor

“WOW. Just. WOW. We wanted to make our trip to the safari unforgettable and found this while looking for cameras. The lion is sleeping far away from the vehicle track? No problem, zoom right in. can’t seem to find the cheetah hiding in the grass? No problem just look around with this one. Struggling to take a photo of the bats coming out at night? Easy, nightvision! Ultrazoom really made our trip so much better than it would have been, and it’s so cheap but so goood!”

Long Brown

How much does it cost?

On the official website, people can place an order for the UltraZoom telescope.

If you buy a lot of telescopes from the company, you can now get a discount. All orders from the company that makes UltraZoom come with free shipping. Each Ultra Zoom is $64.95 2—$114.95/$57.48 for each Ultra Zoom 3: Ultra Zoom: $164.95 each/$54.98 total On the checkout page, customers can choose to buy an extended warranty:

  • 2 Years warranty $ 9.95
  • 1 Year warranty $ 5.95

Where To Buy UltraZoom Monocular

To get yours, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Add the product to the shopping cart
  2. Fill in the shipping and payment information and select the country of delivery.
  3. The limited time offer is only available for a limited time, so don’t miss out.


For people who need to see far distances, would this monocular be suitable?

I know that it’s easier for me to focus and that the view is brighter than when I use binoculars. There is only one window of vision, instead of trying to use two eyes to combine two windows of vision into a single view. I only use this and won’t bother with binoculars anymore because it gives me a quick single line of sight.

Does this fit an iPhone X?

Yes, it works with most smartphones, like the iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, and so on. You only need to adjust the angle and fit the phone’s lens to the telescope.

Can it be used without a phone?

The telescope can be used with the eyes positioned in the eyepieces, just like any other telescope. The purpose of a mobile device is to take pictures and make videos.


The monocular distant viewer that you’ve been searching for is here: UltraZoom. A product with the UltraZoom Monocular’s level of durability, versatility, and complete set of features should cost more than it does.

This is the case, but only because major tech companies want to define what exactly a telephoto lens is for your smartphone. The superior engineering of this device astounds you with its high-quality video recording.

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