Read This Before Buying – Tact Watch Review 2021

If you’ve ever owned a smartwatch in your life – chances are you will know how fragile, expensive, and how costly they can be to repair.

Having a Smartwatch is a trend these days. If you have ever owned a smartwatch in your life, you might know how fragile, expensive, and how costly they can be to repair. T-Watch is being presented in market as the solution to all your Tactical smartwatch woes.

Maybe this is what is keeping you from getting a smartwatch in the first place. Sure, they’re so useful and feature-rich, allowing you to do everything from answering phone calls to tracking your bodily systems and fitness and keeping up with social media and with work – but sadly enough we all know how easy they are to break or scratch.

They’re hot, hip, and trendy– but their trendiness and usefulness are outmatched by their flimsiness. Even regular wear and tear takes a huge toll on smartwatches. Good for their manufacturers, who want your repeat business on costly repairs and purchases!

That is, until this new,  smartwatch brand came around, they position themselves as a “tactical”, military-inspired smart watch brand.

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Introducing the TactWatch : The Best Army Inspired Tactical Watch!

The TactWatch was created taking in mind the needs of Special Forces and hard-core extreme sports. Thanks to its 4th generation Corning Gorilla Glass and carbon fiber construction, the TactWatch is guaranteed to resist any situation, whether it is water, dust or extreme heat. This rugged, yet stylish, timepiece is built to last!

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The Tact Watch Review

The Tact Watch Review
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The tact watch was designed by a group of former military engineers who were huge fans of both technology and the great outdoors – but also hated having to spend a ton of money to repair conventional, easy-to-break smartwatches. With inspiration from military design and innovation, and a bunch of revisions, the team formulated the Tact Watch’s design. 

That is an interesting story but what really matters to you is if the Tact watch is worth it. Should you buy it? 

We will let you in on what we loved about the watch and what we didn’t like about it and then you decide if its right for you.

The Tact Watch is basically a more durable military smartwatch. Other smartwatches are often rather fragile and can get easily damaged. This is because smartwatches are typically worn unprotected on your wrists so they get easily broken without a shatterproof protective case as you would have on your regular smartphone.

Additionally, they are usually also rather costly to purchase and fix as well. Hence, the Tact Watch is another good option if you would like to make use of some of the perks that a smartwatch offers but also own a product that does not spoil so easily.

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Is Its 33-Month Battery Lifetime Worth All The Hype?

Let’s see some of the feautures that make the TactWatch so popular among men all around the world:

Ultra Resistant to any ImpactIf you like extreme sports, lead an active lifestyle or work a physical job then this is an awesome tough alternative to the normal fragile (and very expensive) smartwatches.Tactical, Practical & Manly DesignWho says a smartwatch should look like a boring, plain smartwatch of those big Brands? Whilst the TactWatch is designed with survival, danger, and toughness in mind – it looks amazing.Suitable for both iOS and AndroidThe TactWatch is compatible with both Apple and Android products. Receive notifications of incoming calls and services like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype on your TactWatch.

However, the best part is its Longest Battery Life. Unlike other smartwatches, you don’t have to charge this one on a daily basis. Ιt promises to always be there for you when you need it as its battery lasts up to 33 months!

What we didn’t like about Tact Watch

The Design.

At first we weren’t huge fans of the design, it looked like other “tactical” watches out there and this really led us to question their claim of making multiple revisions before settling with this current design. But… 

…When we got our hands on one and really appreciated it we saw what they meant, the materials used are so high quality and neatly finished, it was so natural and comfortable to wear on the wrist that it immediately made us change our mind.

What we liked about Tact Watch

Battery Life.

Correction, we don’t like this, we LOVE this feature. You see most smartwatches come with a 10 – 24 hours battery life. That sucks, it means you have to charge it everyday or atleast every 2 days. 

We already have enough things to recharge daily; our laptops, mobile phones, power banks and then a smartwatch adds itself to the list.

Well this smartwatch boasts an unbelievable 33 month battery life, that means you can literally charge this smartwatch once a year and still be good. 

It means you no longer have to stress yourself with making sure you charge your smartwatch, it means no more battery going flat in the middle of the day because you forgot to charge it up the day before.  It achieves this feat because the tact watch doesn’t use a fancy operating system, it doesn’t run android or watch OS, It doesn’t have a touch screen and fancy touch screen technologies like other smartwatch brands, 

you see all these extra features are cool and all but they have a serious drain on the battery life of these smart watches, the engineers purposely left those out, they were trying to build a “tactical” not a “ futuristic” smartwatch, and part of being tactical and rugged includes having a long battery life.


This is also something we love.  This smartwatch is made of high grade military material, it has been dubbed the “military smartwatch”.  Everyday wear and tear wears and tears down anything. It’s an unavoidable thing that should be an accepted fact to all of us. Smartwatches aren’t built to withstand this daily wear and tear, that is why they break down after a while – until the Tact Watch came along. 

It is scratch resistant, dust proof  and also water resistant, what this means for you is that you save money…indirectly, not only is it cheaper than competitors of the same calibre, it is higly durable so you won’t spend extra money down the line making one repair or the other.

Activity Tracker.

With the Tact Watch, you can keep track of the number of calories you’ve burnt. 

So if you are on a weight loss programme or simply wish to know how much calories you burn when undergoing your daily activities, this watch has got you covered. It is more accurate than other alternatives since it is always on your body and records how active you are. 

You can also track the number of steps you make for the day, the distance travelled and all that good stuff.

Night Vision

Many models include a backlight to illuminate the screen. Military watches should also feature legible luminescent dials. This way, you can read all the information in the dark without using a hand to activate the backlight.

Water Resistant

These watches are designed for a variety of outdoor activities, so water resistance is important. The watch must be totally waterproof to ensure the best performance. You don’t want to spend your money on a watch that breaks down because you’ve taken it a few meters underwater. All of them must be water-resistant, with 100 meters being the typical depth they can resist.

Body in DLC (Drilling Carbon Coating): Waterproof 5ATM, does not fear water and dust thanks to the IP67.

Protocol Crystal Corning Gorilla Glass 4: Sunlight-Visible framework, reads the time even in extreme light conditions.

APP Language: English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese

Functions: App Own, Count steps, Burn Calories, Alarms, Save Energy, Remote Camera, Incoming Calls, Notifications (SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat),

Large capacity of Data Storage: Battery life up to 33 months thanks to the energy saving function

Message Notifications and Alerts.

This is a pretty neat feature. You can connect the tact watch to your mobile device, this essentially allows you to sync your notifications such that you get notified from your watch  when you have a message or phone call. No more missed phone calls. 

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  • if you are sick and tired of flimsy smartwatches, 
  • if you are sick of smartwatches with weak battery life,
  • if you want a smartwatch with military grade durability …

…then this is a very good option for you. It is highly durable, scratch proof, dust proof and water resistant. It has a ridiculous battery life, as well as lots of useful features such as activity counting, message and call notifications.

If you’re interested in getting yourself or a loved one a tough, rugged and equally stylish smartwatch then click the link below.

**Note – The manufacturers of Tact Watch reached out to us after reading our post and made an irresistible offer only for our readers. 50% OFF the normal retail price only for our readers and only for a short period. 

So Is It Worth It?

Anyone who likes outdoor adventures, works a job with a high level of risk factors or just wants to have a manly unbreakable versatile smartwatch should own the TactWatch.

Affordable, resistant and with up to 33 months of battery lifetime it is the perfect smartwatch for the modern man.

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How Can I Get a TactWatch?

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2) Start living on the edge!

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