AirBolt Smart Lock Review 2019 – Is It That Good?


Every person’s worst nightmare is losing their belongings or worse yet, having something valuable stolen from a checked piece of luggage.

When you’re out on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is your luggage. It is definitely annoying to constantly think about your belongings and worry about them being stolen. That would really dampen the mood of the trip significantly if you are always stressing about luggage.

Even when you’re not on vacation, a simple trip to the pool or gym can result in you worrying about your locker or bag.

Fortunately, nothing is impossible in this day and age. In this AirBolt review, we’ll discuss how you can use a smart lock that you can control using the free app.

In this review, we’ll talk about how the device works, how much it costs, then compare the AirBolt to similar products.

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What is it AirBolt?

What is it AirBolt?
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AirBolt Smart Lock is a technologically advanced lock system that helps you keep your things safe during travels or in day to day life. The major differentiating feature that distinguishes AirBolt Smart Lock from the competition is the lack of traditional locking mechanisms. 

You won’t need any number combinations or a key to unlock the AirBolt Smart Lock, instead, you will use your smartphone. That’s right, the system completely removes the need for memorizing combinations or keeping the key safe in your pocket adding to the bulk.

AirBolt Smart Lock uses Bluetooth connectivity and your smartphone to secure and unlock the lock. 

We all have our smartphones on us almost all the time, AirBolt is simply bringing our locks up to date. Not only the lock has a small footprint but is also chock full of smart features that will help you keep your stuff secure.

To use it, you have to download the free app on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. You can use it to lock your suitcase, backpack, gym bag, purse, briefcase, locker, and door — basically, anything used for storage. Plus, the lock works as a tracker so you can locate your bags in case you forget where it is. It’s a worthy investment not just for people who travel a lot but for anyone who wants to keep their valuables safe and untouched.

AirBolt Smart Lock Features

Of course, this wouldn’t be a genuine AirBolt review without trying it ourselves. I used this nifty smart padlock during the recent holidays and here are the features what I love about it.

    • Easy phone access – One of the problems that I have is keeping track of the mishmash of keys in my keychain. It currently has different sets of keys for the house, the car, and the motorcycle. It’s already mind-boggling enough to try to figure out which key fits which keyhole. And I don’t want to add an extra set of keys in there. Fortunately, it doesn’t require keys. It can be accessed and controlled using the free app. I’m less likely to lose it since I always have my phone with me. And if anything does happen to my phone, I have a backup code with me.
    • One app, multiple locks – A lock for my suitcase? Check. One for my gym locker? Check. One for my backpack? Check. No matter how many of these luggage locks I have, I can keep track of them all in just one app. No need to get confused with which one’s for which.
    • Proximity alert – This Bluetooth lock also features like an alarm in case someone tries to walk away with your belongings. Thankfully, it didn’t happen to me in real life, but I tested it out to see how it does it. The alarm works well and it sounded as I tested it by directing someone to take my bag and walk away. If the sound of the alarm can’t jolt you to your senses alerting you that some stranger is stealing your bag, then I don’t know what will.
    • Share access with friends or family – Sending your baggage to someone else? No problem! Lock it with this travel padlock and grant access no matter where you are in the world. You can configure the security settings and permissions through the app.
    • AES 128-bit encryption – You’ve probably heard it in the movies: “As long as it’s made by man, any other man can figure it out.” Hmm, not really. It’s true that anything can be hacked, but this Bluetooth lock is encrypted with AES 128-bit encryption. It’s similar to what banking institutions use to guard their money and data. If banks use it to guard money, then you can definitely trust it to guard your suitcase.
    • TSA approved All the fancy travel padlocks in the world would be useless if it’s not accepted by the TSA. Worry not, because AirBolt is approved by the TSA. Bolt cutters are not involved, don’t worry, because the TSA has a unique key that will allow them to open your luggage.
    • Unlocking notifications – It notifies you whenever your smart travel padlock is opened, how long it was unlocked, as well as the location of where it was unlocked. You can totally track it no matter where it lands and if anyone messes with it. Cool, right?
    • Rechargeable battery It’s small and it packs a punch, but it doesn’t require too much power to function. This Bluetooth lock has a rechargeable battery that you only have to charge once a year. It comes with a micro USB cable when you buy it so you can charge it anywhere.
    • Access Sharing – The smart lock offers access-sharing with friends or family. If you are sending locked stuff to someone else, all you need to do is configure the settings and give permissions by using the app and you are all set. Your packages will arrive at their destinations safely and securely.
    • Complete Log – The AirBolt Smart Lock is capable of informing you whenever the lock is opened, the duration for it was unlocked and where it was unlocked. This makes it super easy to track using GPS and you will have a complete log of when and where the lock was opened. Convenient right?
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    I definitely had a great time as I was testing it for this AirBolt travel lock review. I used it to lock my suitcase as I went home for the holidays and it worked without any mishaps. It makes for a great gift to family members and friends because it’s worth every buck.

    Here’s a summary of AirBolt’s Benefits

    • Unlocks with Phone (No Keys!): The AirBolt is a Bluetooth enabled travel lock so you’ll never need to worry about losing your combinations or keys again.
    • Long Lasting Battery: AirBolt’s battery life is astoundingly long despite the fact the device remains on constantly. Dependent upon how often you travel or use the device, you may only need to charge it once a year: and when you need to, the battery charges quickly. It comes with a micro USB cable you can use to ensure your AirBolt stays juiced up.
    • Weather Resistant: This stroke of genius has been manufactured using tough and weather resistant material, which explains its impressive durability. Rainfall is not a problem.
    • 100% TSA accepted: The AirBolt is officially TSA approved and meets all relevant legislative requirements for the device to be flight ready. AirBolt also comes with a timed Airplane mode that allows you to turn off the BT transmitter for a specific amount of time amidst flights.
    • Shared Access: If you are traveling with family or friends, you can grant everyone else access to the device so you won’t be the only person managing the luggage situation. If something shady happens, you can always check the lock’s access history within the app to find out who the culprit is. But note: you can only access AirBolt with one phone at a time. If you lose your phone, or your battery dies, you can download the AirBolt app on a different phone, sign in to your account, and unlock the AirBolt.
    • Extremely Secure: The AirBolt utilizes a state-of-the-art Bluetooth LE chipset and is secured using AES 128-bit industry-leading encryption which provides ample security. When you unlock the device from your mobile phone, it will relock itself after a specified period of time if you do not remove it, preventing accidental unlocking. Moreover, AirBolt is not a hefty or overbearing device. In fact, the device won the 2017 Good Design Awards in Australia thanks to its hard to beat aesthetic appeal. Welcome to the future, my friend!
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    How Does AirBolt Work?

    The premise is simple, you pair the lock with your smartphone via Bluetooth and that helps the lock identify original owner and lock.

    There is also a mandatory companion app that gives you full control over the AirBolt Smart Lock. There is a small setup that you need to go through before the smart lock starts recognizing your device as the “owner” device and unlocks accordingly.

    How Does AirBolt Work?

    It all starts with a simple app. After receiving your Airbolt, you can download an app completely free that gives you full access to all of the lock’s features.

    The second step is pairing your Airbolt lock to your phone via a wireless Bluetooth connection before adding in the backup code.

    Finally, you can simply lock up your personal belongings and be able to control whether it turns lock or unlocks virtually anywhere.

    The lock has an LED light that indicates whether or not the lock is paired with a Bluetooth device. This makes the connecting and reconnecting process much simpler.

    AirBolt Smart Lock Review – Packaging

    AirBolt Smart Lock Review
    AirBolt Smart Lock Review
    AirBolt Pros
    • Braided stainless steel cable which is covered.
    • Great companion app.
    • TSA approved and accepted.
    • Exceptional security.
    • Zinc die-cast body.
    • LED indicators.
    • Proximity sensing alarm system.
    AirBolt Cons
    • Signal interference slows down app performance

    How To Setting up AirBolt?

    Setting up AirBolt is pretty straightforward. Simply download the application from App Store or Play store, install it in your phone, and open it to sign up for an account.

    Once you’ve created the account, you need to set up the device by pairing it with your handset. To do this, hold both the left and right buttons on your AirBolt for a few seconds to wake it up and follow the prompts.

    AirBolt will require you to turn on your phone’s Bluetooth signal so the device can pair and connect to your phone automatically.

    AirBolt Notifications

    Your AirBolt has a light on it that will emit various colors at varying rates depending on what it’s trying to tell you. Here are a few of those light-based notifications:

    • Two green flashes: Device is unlocked
    • Steady red flash: Battery is low
    • Quick yellow flashes: Phone isn’t communicating with a device

    How much does Airbolt cost?

    The AirBolt retails at a hard to beat price of $78.99 on and comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee & 1-Year Warranty. Better yet, if you buy 2 pieces, you Get 1 free, and if you purchase 3, you get 2 free. Note though; this deal won’t last forever. For more information, head over to

    AirBolt Smart Lock Review Conclusion

    AirBolt was a successful Kickstarter project and reached 4 times of its original goal. AirBolt Smart Lock protects your luggage with a durable lock without the frustration of having to remember where you put your tiny padlock key, or the number combinations.

    More than that, there is a smart, manual unlocking should your phone runs out of battery, or when the Bluetooth connection somehow gets flaky (my fiancee’s sister had this problem the other day where she could not open the LockSmart Travel from Dog & Bone with her phone app). Relying on a phone to unlock smart locks is one of the reason why I’m still afraid to use a smart lock for my luggage, but thanks to the manual unlocking option in AirBolt, I’m fully converted.

    With long battery life, smart locking/unlocking mechanism, ability to share lock access, TSA-approved, and a built-in tracker, AirBolt is when security meets convenience in a nice package. I’m definitely going to use the AirBolt on my next overseas flight and beyond. AirBolt can also be used for storage lockers or boxes, which can then be shared to your colleagues, or people who can get access to the locked items.

    AirBolt is available at Fone King in Cape Cod Grey colour for AU$119.95 – which is much more expensive than a traditional luggage padlock, but you’ll get what you are paying for. If you reside outside Australia, you can also get it from Amazon.

    AirBolt Buy Now
    AirBolt Review: Excellent!


    The AirBolt itself is actually a pretty slick little luggage lock even before you get to the digital features. It uses a steel cable that you thread through the zipper tabs, and you lock it down through a sturdy casing. So even before you get to the fun part, it’s a great lock for your luggage.

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