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Vita Hair Brush Review -Laser Hair Stimulator

Vita Hair Brush Review: Is your hair looking a little flat and not as voluminous as it used to? Do you leave a trail of hair wherever you go? Is your scalp exposed in places where there used to be thick hair? Up until now, early primitive laser devices have only been made available to hair clubs and salons that charge ridiculous amounts. Luckily, this same technology is now available to everyone!

Scalp massage is not only relaxing but as well as beneficial for the scalp. From increasing the blood flow to the follicles to promoting hair growth, eliminate dandruff, boost shine, and distribute natural oil. That is why getting a scalp massage as often as you can is ideal, some people go to the spa, but not a lot has the time for that. Fortunately, you can now get a scalp massage at the comfort of your own home using the Vita Hair Brush.

Vita Hair uses cutting-edge micro laser technology that blocks the “hair killing” DHT hormone instantly, so you can stimulate NATURAL healthy hair regrowth. Look and feel younger and regain the youthful look you thought was gone!

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What Is Vita Hair Brush?

Vita Hair Brush Review -Laser Hair Stimulator 1

Vita Hair Brush is a compact and small device, that is used to help massage the scalp during bath time or any time you please. The Vita Brush is not your ordinary brush because it will keep your scalp and hair healthy without having to go to the salon. One of the good things about Vita Brush is that you can focus on the specific area of your scalp to help stimulate the blood circulation in that area. Whether you are suffering from hair loss, dandruff, or just want to relax at the end of the day, Vita Brush is perfect for you.

Vita Hair Brush Features

Vita Brush has a lot of features that will surely be beneficial not only for your scalp but as well as for your hand because it will be easy for you to hold it. Here are the features that you need to know about Vita Brush:

  • works with an innovative technology (micro laser technology)
  • promotes healthy hair thanks to the blockade of DHT
  • suitable for all hair types
  • can also be used together with other products
  • stimulates hair regrowth
  • works naturally and without chemicals
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Why does Vita Hair Brush Help?

The production of DHT is inevitable in old age and leads to more and more hair loss over time. Basically, it is a hormone that causes the hair roots to die and is overproduced after a certain age. The opposite ATP, on the other hand, decreases, which usually ensures that the hair grows healthy and looks good. There are many products on the market that prevent this process, but work on a chemical basis. They are often taken or used in the form of tonic and applied to the hair.

This not only leaves an unattractive film, but is also very time-consuming in the long run. In general, such treatments put more strain on the user than they use. The Vita Hair Brush, on the other hand, ensures that you can even relax during the treatment and uses an effective method to stop this process.

Why do I need the Vita Hair Brush?

VITA HAIR Brush Online Review
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The head massage device is basically suitable for everyone who wants to give their hair new impetus and more health. Those affected by the hair loss problem can use the device without any problems. As a rule, these are older people, but even younger people can prevent hair loss by stimulating hair growth with a brush. It does not matter whether it is a man or a woman. Men in particular like to suffer from hair loss in old age and then become inventive when it comes to the use of additional products.

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Vita Brush Rating And Recommendation

We want to make sure that we are providing you with accurate information that is why we decided to let our editors try the Vita Brush out. We made sure to choose the ones who are experiencing brittle and frizzy hair. We also choose editors with thinning hair and the ones who are suffering from hair loss.

We gave each of them with Vita Brush and decided to let them use it for two weeks to a month. They started using it once a day, at night, after a long day of work. The first few days of using the Vita Brush only provide them with a more relaxed and comfortable feeling. This is normal since nothing good happens overnight. That is why we let them use it for two weeks to a month.

After two weeks, everyone was raving about how it helped reduced hair loss. There was less hair on the bathroom floor compared to before, when they weren’t using Vita Brush. Our editors who have brittle and frizzy hair also reported how manageable and shiny their hair is. We even noticed how their hair improved after two weeks of using it. After a month, the Vita Brush continued to improve their hair, which made them decide to continuously use the brush for good.

General Vita Hair Brush Test and Quality Features

VITA HAIR Brush Features
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Of course we wanted to know more about it and we took a closer look at the device and tested it. After the arrival we tried it for ourselves. The application runs without complications and is pleasant on the skin. We then gave it to a few testers over a period of eight weeks, who documented the effect for us. Within the first two weeks they used the device daily and described that they felt good after the treatment, but no effect was visible yet.

After about four weeks we got first positive feedback from a tester who had the impression that some hair had regrown in places where he had a slight deficit before. Since we know that hair takes a long time to regrow, we waited a little longer. At the end of the eight-week test period, we all received good reviews of the device from everyone. It was pleasant to use, had led the testers to feel that the hair had become fuller and those who showed bright spots had had their hair regrowth. All in all, this was a very positive result.

Benefits Of Using Vita Brush

  • Conditions And Lubricates The Scalp – Two of the main benefits of using Vita Brush is that it helps condition and lubricate the scalp. A well-lubricated scalp will avoid flaky and dry scalp, and as well as frizzy hair.
  • Improves Blood Circulation – As mentioned above, using Vita Brush to massage your scalp will help improve the blood circulation. Increasing the circulation in your scalp will also mean that your head and neck will get the proper blood circulation that they need to avoid tight areas. It can also help boost the growth of your hair.
  • Softens The Hair – When massaging the hair using Vita Brush, it also means that the oil can properly be distributed in your scalp and hair. This will help soften your hair in no time. Also, massaging your hair can help your scalp to easily absorb the natural oil that can help soften your hair.
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How is Vita Hair Brush used?

The head massage device is shaped like a brush and is also used similarly. But instead of brushing through the hair, it is mainly the scalp that is treated. The pimples massage the skin and the underlying tissue. Operation is child’s play, which is why it can be used by everyone. In addition, the device is designed for daily use, so you don’t have to worry. However, too frequent use is not recommended. It is therefore always advisable to use it daily, preferably in the evening before going to bed.

  • Promotes Hair Growth: The product is initially designed to promote hair growth by keeping the scalp healthy. The user can use add-ons like oils or shampoos to get better results and in less time.
  • Easy to Use: The product is comfortable and easy to use. The user can use his/her index and middle finger to hold the brush comfortably and use it without having any discomfort. The grip of the product also provides enough friction making it easy for the user to use the product.
  • Stimulates Blood Circulation: The brush when used properly can stimulate blood circulation, so the more oxygenated blood is reached at the surface of the scalp. The blood also carries healthy nutrients to the scalp.
  • Less Flaky Scalp: The massage also moisturizes the scalp with natural oil produced by the body. The increased blood flow and moisture will make hair healthier and eliminates most of the flakiness from the scalp. Hence, it helps in reducing dandruff.
  • Detangling Hair: Vita Hair Brush helps in detangling hair. The smooth and flexible rubber tips make it easier to detangle the hair with less pain.
  • Not Enough Vibration: As the product is designed to promote hair growth. It doesn’t provide enough vibration to give good and faster results for users who are looking to grow their hair in less time. This factor may vary user-to-user as some users may get good results with fewer vibrations also.
  • Changing of Batteries: Though it does require very little power to work, sometimes it is a bit difficult for some of the users to change the battery of the product. If the product could be made rechargeable, it may have made it easier to use.


The users have reported brilliant results that the hairbrush has given to them. It includes the following:

  • Relaxation: It provides a soothing massage to users which helps in relaxing and reducing stress. In the long-term, it keeps the body fresh and healthy as well as away from tension.
  • Hair Growth: The product is primarily for growing hair at a faster rate. Many users have experienced increased hair growth while using oils with the brush.
  • Reduced Hair fall and Dandruff: The brush increases blood circulation leading to healthy nutrients in the scalp and roots of the hair. Healthy nutrients eliminate dandruff as well as hair fall.
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Vita Brush Reviews

With the benefits that Vita Brush can have, it’s not surprising that there are a lot of positive reviews about the brush. The majority of the users are saying that it truly improved the condition of their hair and scalp, eliminating hair loss and dandruff. They also love how the Vita Brush helped them feel relaxed after a long day at work. They swear by the goodness of Vita Brush, which made them purchase not only for them but for their families as well.

Vita Hair Brush Price

For now, the Vita Hair Brush can only be purchased from the manufacturer’s official website. The product can be delivered to home. There are several discounts provided to the buyers of the hairbrush. If a person buys two brushes at once, he/she can get a discount of up to 45% and up to 50% discount on the purchase of three brushes.

The price of one brush is $99.99 and the buyer has to pay additional charges for shipping and handling. If a buyer buys two brushes, the price comes down to $183.99 giving a 45% discount as well as free shipping and handling. While buying three quantity of brushes, the price comes down to $249.99 providing a 50% discount along with free shipping and handling.

There are several alternatives also at cheap prices but they don’t provide the same quality and service as Vita Hair Brush gives. Other alternatives have hard bristles which can cause rashes and uneasiness on the scalp.

Where Can I Buy Vita Hair Brush

You can directly purchase the Vita Brush on their website. They are currently offering discounts from 40% to 55%. The more Vita Brush your purchase, the higher the discount. You can pay for your purchase on the site using PayPal or any major credit cards. You don’t have to worry because the site is secured with SSL encryption.


In human beings, hormones are very active all the time. Most women face a hormonal imbalance regularly and it keeps increasing day by day. Stress gives the body more reasons to fall sick and shed hair from time to time. The hair fall can also be caused by vitamin deficiencies because the scalp and roots of hair stop functioning normally as there is a lack of healthy nutrients.

The solution to the problem is a massage. Hair massage can help in removing flakes, dirt, as well as chemicals contained in other hair products. This leads to healthier hair follicles and regains the ability of scalp to grow hair and keep the scalp moisturized. There are no harsh chemicals and technology is used which may harm the scalp or any part of the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vita Hair Brush really work?

Vita hair brush works very well in helping you to re-gain your lost hair. Using Vita Brush will help improve the distribution of the nutrias in your hair follicles. It will also increase blood circulation in your scalp.

How do you use a laser hair brush for hair regrowth?

The laser when being used on the scalp helps you to improve blood circulation and which in turns gives out your hair back!

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