BooBuddy Review: World’s Best Selling Breast Support Band


If you are a woman living an active lifestyle, you’ll definitely fall in love with the world’s supreme sports bra. In this BooBuddy review, we will discuss everything you need to know about the best sports bra for girls. We will also note our verdict to see if this product is the real deal or not. So stay tuned and let’s begin.

Stay active doing what you love – not what your sports bra allows you to do. Boobuddy – the world’s first sports bra band – is helping women of all shapes and sizes STOP THE BOUNCE (and all the things that come with it). Just place it over (or under) your existing sports bra, and voila! Running, zumba workouts, HIIT, dance classes, yoga, horseback-riding, combat sports – no matter what you’re doing.

What is Boobuddy?

Whether it be sports or regular day to day activity, you can’t keep your assets from moving. It is especially annoying when you’re running, jumping, or doing anything that requires your body to exert effort and move. For this reason, BooBuddy was developed to help women live a vibrant and active lifestyle without the distraction of their moving breasts.

Boobuddy is a wearable sports bra band worn across the top of the breasts and over your sports bra that allows any woman—no matter her breast size—to do ANY workout OR play any sport WITHOUT PAIN, by keeping her breasts from bouncing up and down (even during high impact i.e., when you run or jump) And apparently, it’s not just you and me! Over 100,000 happy women all over the world—and counting!—have decided they won’t work out without it ever again!

For starters, BooBuddy is a quality elastic sports bra band that includes two velcro ends that are worn across right above the bust line. Moreover, it is designed to reduce the horizontal and vertical movement of the breast. It is made of 41.6% Nylon, 20.7% Polyester, and 37.7% Elastomer that are all high-grade and specially combined to get the best support that is perfect for all women.

This adjustable bra is said to be the world’s bestselling breast support band due to its quality. It prevents the breast from moving and sagging due to active moments such as exercise. With this, every woman can now move with grace all day and night. So, if your assets make you feel uncomfortable when you exercise, this is the right time for you to use the best sports bra band.

How Does It Work?

Boobuddy helps prevent excessive movement, and therefore supports breast health – especially as breast size increases. It does so by adding more compression to the top of the breasts. Boobuddy can be used in addition to a well-fitted sports bra to add support, not all sports bras will completely prevent bounce.

How BooBuddy Works

Just to clear things out, BooBuddy does NOT actually REPLACE a sports bra. What it does is that it provides additional support to increase its effect. So, for those who are wondering how it works, here is our explanation. Having an active lifestyle can possibly make your breast sag because of constant movement. But what is the real underlying reason behind that?

The breast has what is called the Cooper Ligaments that keep it looks great. However, these ligaments are thin and not that strong.

So what happens when you move and your breast starts to bounce up and down? Your breast tissue stretches away from the lower layer of the skin. Hence, saggy boobies. This means that women with bigger assets have a bigger problem too because they have more tissue that stretches away.

But with BooBuddy, all women will be able to take better care for their breasts regardless of what breast size they have. Activities such as gym sessions, HIIT workout, running, Zumba, yoga, dance classes, combat sports, and horse-riding can now be enjoyed without worrying about pain and breast sagging. This product makes sure to keep the girls firmly in place in order to prevent stretching.

This product helps in preventing the breast from moving up and down the moment you start to move. As a result, you no longer experience awkwardness and pain the next time you work out. Also, it is very easy to put on. In less than 10 seconds, you can easily fit it perfectly at the top of your breast.

BooBuddy is easier to use than that super tight bra you see in stores. Since it is made with high-quality Velcro and elastic, you will be super comfortable when you wear it.

BooBuddy Band

The Key Features 

  • ZERO bounce. ZERO Pain 😍 – Go ahead, live it up. Boobuddy stops all unwanted horizontal and vertical breast movement, so you stay comfortable doing what you love.
  • Stop Stacking Sports Bras – Ditch “two bra torment” for good. Boobuddy stops bounce much better than layering sports bras – which means workouts just got a lot easier.
  • Save $$$ on Activewear – How much could you save if you didn’t need one (or several) overpriced high-performance sports bras? Even an average sports bra can provide ultra-effective support when worn with Boobuddy.
  • Slow Down Breast Sagging! – Exercise can strain the ligaments that suspend your breasts. But studies show compression devices like Boobuddy actually reduce ligament strain that causes sagging.1
  • Storage For Your Phone or Keys – Just slip your valuables under Boobuddy during low and medium impact workouts to keep them safely tucked away!
  • Stop the Gawkers 👀 – Seriously, who likes feeling watched? With less bounce, you can concentrate on your workout without feeling like all eyes are on your chest.
  • Less Chafing and Irritation – Boobuddy is made with premium materials – there’s no stitching or tags to rub against your skin and ruin your workout!
  • Fits ALL sizes! – Adjustable velcro keeps Boobuddy tight enough to prevent bounce, but never too tight to feel uncomfortable.

What else do you need to know about Boobuddy?

It does not matter how big your breasts are. The tape is elastic and adjustable for women of all sizes. In addition, you can choose what colors you want for the belt to be able to match it with your clothes. Every day you can wear a different color so you do not get bored.

Even if it’s a band that hangs over your breasts or under your breasts, it depends how you prefer it, that does not mean it will be inconvenient during your physical activity. It is necessary to secure the tape for good support.

What other women say about the Boobuddy band?

You will find many positive feedbacks on the product page, but I also wanted to look for opinions from various other sites and found that no woman was complaining about this band. Your breast support even makes your life easier and relieves you of pain and discomfort. If at first I was not very sure about the product’s efficiency, I can now say it’s the best decision a exercise loving woman can take.

Advantages of Using BooBuddy for Running

Considering the pros & cons of using and not using a sports bra, what will you choose? Are you going to continue with the bra-less lifestyle? Or, provide yourself with greater support using BooBuddy?

BooBuddy for Running

Regardless if you are an athlete or not, all women need reliable breast support. This is to maintain your breasts natural shape and prevent them from sagging. Here are some of the benefits you get when using BooBuddy:

Avoid Discomfort

Do you love jogging, running, or walking in the park? If you do, then you should definitely use this adjustable sports band to help you avoid the discomfort you get when moving around.

The effective support of this band makes it the best for physical activities. It holds your breasts firmly and perfectly in place that regular sports bras just can’t compare.

Reduce Breast Pain

When women run, jump, or dance, their breasts will naturally move up and down and even sideways which can result in pain in the long run. This is the main reason why BooBuddy was developed – to restrict the movement of the breast and avoid pang of pain within the area.

Because it keeps the breasts firmly in place, it will prevent them from moving about and you can finally work out pain-free.

Avoid Getting Attention

Isn’t it annoying when people stare at your girls while you exercise in the gym?

When you use BooBuddy for running, you will be able to stop the assets from bouncing around. The comfortable band keeps those babies in place to ensure comfort and make sure those prying eyes are gone.

Reduce Sagging

The inadequate support of a regular bra won’t help in handling the movement of your breasts during extreme activities. Apparently, this can lead to long-term sagging of breasts so it is better if you switch now to get the extra hold of this quality band.

Fashionable & Stylish

Just like how fitness watches have become a fixed part of a workout OOTD, sports bras are also one of the features that make the outfit. While major sports brands produce their own set of expensive bras, the BooBuddy is one that stands out. Why?

It is made with quality materials and stylish design that fits any breast size. You can easily match it with any of your tops or bras and be the most fashionable girl at the gym. It’s no wonder why over 16, 000 units of this product were sold.

Great for Everyday Use

You can also use this product on regular days! Who said BooBuddy for running is its only use? Wear BooBuddy under your office clothes, school uniform, or even under your pajamas and get the best support throughout the day.

Since this bra does not include straps or anything fancy on it, you can easily take it off and slip it on again without leaving marks on your skin. It also provides great support that is so comfortable, you won’t mind using it every day. Get your own BooBuddy now and enjoy comfort with no bounce.

Where Can I Get Mine?

So are you ready to get yours? Simply click the button below and you will be directed to their official website. There is where you can choose the ideal package for you. Given that this excellent product is greatly loved by consumers, you can expect the stocks to run out fast so better be quick and order yours now.

Upon landing on their page, just scroll down and select the deal you want. Click the button under with the label “order now” and you will be required to fill up a short form for your order details.

BooBuddy Band

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