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ChargeHubGO+ Review: The Most Advanced Wireless Phone Charger of 2021

Mobile phones have become an interal part of our daily routine. We almost use them for every single things whether our work is related to our office, school or social media etc.

Unfortunately, Most of the phones battery cant keep up the pace with the way we use it extensively, and if you are using iPhone then we can feel your pain. but thankfully, for rescuing us there’s a ChargeHubGO Plus in our review list today. let’s see how it is beneficial for all of us.

Mobile phones and devices are a necessity in the modern world. We use our phones to keep our schedule of the day, bank statements and our physical wallet has also become our digital wallet and how can we forget our NetFlix or Amazon prime and much more.

What Exactly is ChargeHubGo+?

ChargeHubGO+ can be understood as a premium, slim, multi-use charger.

Featuring both wire-less and wired charging, ChargeHubGO Plus charges multiple devices including ios/Android based phones and cameras.

ChargeHubGO+ is thin enough to keep in your pocket alongside your phone – no more awkward bulky pockets from fat portable charging banks or a rats nest of messy charging cords.

ChargeHubGO+ Review

Through ChargeHubGO+’s patented SmartSpeed® technology it can intelligently recognize the device you’ve plugged in to give you the fastest possible charge your device will safely allow for.

Doubling as a portable charger and wireless charging pad, ChargeHubGO+ is positioned perfectly as a premium everyday workhorse portable charger – even for the most demanding device-addicted users.

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How ChargeHubGo Plus Works?

Charging all your devices with ChargeHubGO+ is easy.

  • First, you just have to hold the power on button on side of the device to turn on the ChargeHubGO+.
  • Once your ChargeHubGO+ has been turned on, so there are four charging methods you can select any one them. To wirelessly charge your phone, just put your phone’s designated wireless charging area (if the phone is compatible to it) with the circular indicator on the top of your ChargeHubGO+. The phone must lay flat on your ChargeHubGO+ properly.
  • For Smartspeed® charging, plug in your phones using the attached Type-C or Micro/Lightning reversible cables. These cables give you the flexibility to charge any phone and tablet. The USB charging-ports is located on the side of the device makes ChargeHubGO+ more user-friendly.
  • The 4 LED lights on the front of your ChargeHubGO+ will indicate how much charging is left of the ChargeHubGO+. Generally, the 5000 mAh battery can full-charge your phone almost 2-5 times depending on the device. phone with larger battery can get charged 4 times by ChargeHubGO+ and the smaller battery can get charged almost 5 times and if talk about tables get roughly 1.5-2 full charges, depending on the size of the tablet.
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Key Features Of ChargeHubGo+

Keeping your phone fully charged at home, work, the gym – ANYWHERE – is now easier than ever.

ChargeHubGO+ is the ONLY portable charger featuring patented SmartSpeed® Technology and a wireless charging pad for fast, convenient charging.

This all-in-one versatile charger ensures you’ll never have to worry about that ‘low battery’ message freaking you out again!

“The lightweight, slim design and built-in cables make ChargeHubGO+ my new go-to portable power bank.” – Rebecca Armstrong of Mac Sources.

ChargeHubGO+ Reviews

  • Portability – its lightweight and compact design make it easy to carry anywhere or everywhere.
  • Wireless Charging – compatible with both wireless and cord charging.
  • Universal Compatibility – you can Power up almost any device in the market.
  • Quick Charging – The Patent supercharging wireless charger.
  • Safe-Charge Protect – It will not overcharge or overheat the device.

Here’s what you get when you buy ChargeHubGO+

  • The ChargeHubGO+ portable power bank that features a wireless charging pad, a USB charging port, and 2 built-in charging cables that are compatible with Micro, Lightning™, and Type-C devices.
  • A User Manual that explains step-by-step how to use the ChargeHubGO+ with your device.
  • A 20” Micro Charging Cable for charging your ChargeHubGO+ power bank.
  • Patented SmartSpeed® Technology that provides the fastest possible charge for your devices with an impressive 15 watts of total power!

What Makes ChargeBoost Better Than Others?

The special thing about ChargeBoost is that by wirelessly charging the phone it gives the phone an instant improvement in battery life, & also the overall performance of the phone.

ChargeBoost not only charges your phone quickly but also improves the battery life last much longer. So overall, it gives your phone a performance boost as well.

The Ultimate Portable Wireless Charging Solution

More use of phones tends to more use of power banks. However, ChargeHubGO Plus is not an ordinary charging power bank. To use any other power bank you must need two things power bank with a cord.

Although with the new technology, it’s now feasible for charging wirelessly. nowadays Android & ios wireless charger are readily available for everybody to use, but as we know wireless charging is not compatible with the older models.

It is lightweight and compact design with cables are perfectly made for all cellphone devices. And it is very easy and simple to use like any other power charger. No software needs to be installed. Just plug and play to have fun!

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ChargeHubGO+ Ergo Design

ChargeHubGO+ Design
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When you will have a look at the ChargeHubGO+ you will surely fall in love with the amazing device. It comes in a matte black look. It looks premium and sleek and is sure to grab attention. There are 2 built-in USB cables and these are kept in fitted slots (at the side).

 The product is made out of plastic (5.5 x 2.9 x 0.4 in size). Thus, it can e rightly said that it is ultra-light and is nothing like the bulky power banks out there in the market. The 4 LED lights give a clear indication of the battery life left.

How Fast Does it Charges?

Many users claim that ChargeHubGo+ can power almost anything and almost five times faster. You can also charge up to three devices at one point in time.

Now here is the big surprise that you get the complete freedom to use ChargeHubGo+ as a 5W wireless charging pad. What can be better than this!

But you cannot forget that you need to charge this device as well. At the end of the day, you get to charge your phone, watch as well as earbuds watch, and phone quickly and this device is your ultimate partner when you plan to take a long trip.

Note: You need to pay attention to the fact that you will not be able to recharge your laptop with the help of this smart device. It is great for your usual day-to-day power-based needs.

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Features You Need To Know

let me explain its technical features in simple language.

Can Be Used With Any Type Of Device

ChargeHubGO+ can be used to charge any type of smartphone available in the industry because it was designed to keep the things in the mind. Like it has wireless power bank for newer models like iPhone X, iPhone 8, like iPhone XS, and many more which are wireless charging compatible. For earlier models, they can be charged using the built-in cords that come in it. and You can use your own cord if you have and use it as a USB output.

Charging Safety

 When you are charging withChargeHub Go you can stay assured of one thing that there will be no issues related to overheating. It supports smart speed technology. You get to charge your phone almost five times faster in a safe manner.

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Charging Speed

The best part about ChargeHubGO+ is the fact that it supports patented SmartSpeed technology. It is able to recognize the paired devices and is able to charge them without any issues.

Charging Capacity

ChargeHubGO+ is well known for containing a charging capacity of a 5000 mAh. You get the perfect opportunity to charge any device with the help of a 5V/2A wired charging output.

Money-Back Guarantee

When you plan to buy ChargeHubGO+ you will be happy to know that it has a money-back guarantee of 30-days.

It offers you wireless charger and USB chargers at the same time.

Where to Buy?

We personally recommend you to buy it directly from the official manufacturer ChargeHubGO+.

  • Buy 2 – get the other device at a discount of 75% off
  • Buy 3 – you get 2 more units

When you are buying more than one device you get to enjoy free USA shipping.

Limitless Innovations give a 2-port car charger at a 50% discount when you buy ChargeHubGO+.

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What Are The Pros & Cons

  • Affordable price
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Comes with cable of all charge types
  • Fast charge without overpowering.
  • Multiple devices Can be charged once
  • Low battery handling capacity
  • Fast charging can be done with one device at a time


If you are looking for an affordable wireless charger that gives you the perfect opportunity to charge the devices with the help of cords, then there can be nothing better than ChargeHubGO+. It is extremely handy and convenient. There is no hassle associated with carrying it from one place to another. The amazing features like the 5000 mAh capacity give you the perfect opportunity to charge your devices completely once every day. There are no issues related to overheating due to the patented SmartSpeed Technology. The product is totally worth the money. Just go for it.

Get yours Now With 50% Discount and Free Shipping Worldwide!

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