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Coverlastic Review: Should I buy this Sofa Cover?

Coverlastic Review – The article talks about the latest Coverlastic Sofa Cover, which is available with an exclusive offer 50 % discount.

The Coverlastic Sofa Cover is a stretchy fabric that fits almost any couch or chair size to liven up the room and protect the spills’ furniture. This cover is easy to apply, and any excess material can be tucked behind couch cushions.

What is Coverlastic Sofa Cover?

Coverlastic Sofa Cover is a new sofa cover that is designed to protect your sofas and couches from damage, spills and stains while also beautifying your furniture. It is also used to cover up aged couches that you do not want to get rid of. Whether your couch is brand new or decades old, a washable Coverlastic will help to keep it looking fresh at all times. They are the perfect idea if you have kids, have a tendency to spill things on the couch or you just love to spend time while pet sitting your companion.

Everyone’s home needs an update now and then. A living room is one of the most used spaces in a house, acting as a catch-all for conversation, relaxing, and togetherness. However, all of this traffic can cause a lot of damage over time to sofas, chairs, and other seating areas. The price to buy a new couch can be hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars, and most people don’t have this kind of money just lying around. Even if money is no object, getting a new piece of furniture through the front door can be frustrating.

Furniture covers aren’t a new concept. Some individuals probably have older relatives that have kept their living room furniture in plastic for decades to preserve it. As effective as this method may be, a thick plastic cover is practically an eyesore nowadays, and just getting comfortable can be a rather noisy endeavor. Fabric covers have become more commonplace, but they lack plastic covers’ benefits – protection for the furniture underneath. With the  Coverlastic Sofa Cover, consumers get the best of both worlds.

The Coverlastic Sofa Cover’s exclusive material safely and fashionably updates any couch or chair, offering neutral and bold colors. Though it is made of stretchy fabric, the material won’t allow any liquids to permeate it, preventing staining and wet spots on the original furniture. With this protection, consumers can even use it to protect furniture that they may be borrowing or leasing temporarily, saving tons of money on cleaning fees.

Along with its ability to protect from spills, it also keeps odors away. Even the smelliest pets won’t make any mess that can’t easily be cleaned, since the cover protects the furniture underneath from stains. The material is combined with an ammonia-based deodorizer, which means that bad smells won’t cling to the fabric.

Coverlastic Sofa Cover Review

Users have their choice of six different colors, which include:

  • Navy blue
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Sand yellow
  • Dark brow
  • Light brown

If this cover doesn’t suit the user’s needs for any reason, they have up to 30 days to send it back. However, they will need to speak with the Customer Support Team before sending it in.

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  1. Waterproof: Coverlastic sofa cover is made of high quality, 100% liquid repellent materials. Spill and splash away, Coverlastic has you covered.
  2. One size fits all: It has 4 different variations. You can cover your couch, armchair, love seat or even your XL sofa/bed. It is made from a stretchy and flexible material to ensure it covers all sizes.
  3. Pet Friendly: Pets like making a mess on the furniture and they like scratching. Coverlastic prevents stains and it is reinforced with an ammonia deodorizing finish. The deodorant layer protects from foul smells and microbes.
  4. Restores wistful comforts: Replacing your furniture is a huge investment and a daunting task. Using a Coverlastic sofa cover you can make your worn-out couch look brand new and save money at the same time.

Who needs Coverlastic Sofa Cover?

In real life scenarios, these are the people that really need this sofa cover but anybody and everybody can also use this sofa cover due to its appealing and refreshing look:

  1. For Pet Owners: Stains, fur, scratches, tears. We love our pets, but our sofas deserve better. Coverlastic will let your little friends enjoy themselves damage free
  2. For Families: Children and mess go hand in hand. A known fact to any parent. Coverlastic allows your children to play without staining your sofa. Once the cover is dirty, pop it into the washing machine. Quick and simple.
  3. For Smart Savers: Have a favorite spot on the couch? Of course, everybody does, everyone can see the crease. You can now cover it with Coverlastic and restore your sofa’s original flawless look today.
  4. For Tenants: Renting your place for strangers? Frequent house parties and irresponsible tenants can irreparably damage your precious possessions. Safeguard your furniture with Coverlastic.

How to Install Coverlastic?

Coverlastic Sofa Cover is very easy to install. Here is a step by step of installing your new Coverlastic cover:

  1. Step 1: Take away all the pillows that might be on your love sofa. Find the BACK label and place it in the middle of the sofa’s back. Stretch the Slip cover over your love sofa from the front to the back.
  2. Step 2: Spread the cover from one arm rest to the other. Also, pull the slip cover from the back of your couch.
  3. Step 3: Spread the drawstrings to the sides.
  4. Step 4: Tighten the drawstrings on the bottom of the couch for additional support.
  5. Step 5: Tuck special anti slip foam rollers in the gaps of the couch.
  6. Step 6: Make final adjustments by smoothing and tucking excess fabric.

How to Put the Coverlastic Sofa Cover on Furniture

The key to getting the sleek look that the Coverlastic Sofa Cover offers is to apply it correctly. The user must first drape the cover over the entire couch, including the armrests. As they stretch the fabric down to the bottom of the couch, they can line up the arm’s position.

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Once the cover is stretched to the bottom of the sofa or couch, the elastic band will hold it in place. However, the band must be under the edge of the sofa to avoid coming back up.

With the included Styrofoam, users can spread out any extra material from the center of the cover and tuck it between the armrests and the cushions.

Why should you buy Coverlastic sofa cover?

You should absolutely buy this sofa cover. There will be no stains and no hassle. You can reclaim your living room with Coverlastic Sofa Cover. Live free. We get it, it is hard to kick back and relax on your favorite couch while constantly fretting about stains and spillage. Coverlastic helps you forget everyday hassles. Simply pop it on the sofa and enjoy yourself like never before. Coverlastic sofa covers bring back life to your living room. 

Replacing your worn out furniture can be a daunting task. It is even harder if you have to get rid of the old family couch that brings so many wonderful memories. Why throw out the things you love? Coverlastic revives the fading beauties and restores them to pristine condition.

We all know that kids + pets is equal to a lot of mess. It is not easy to keep your house clean as a pet owner and a mother. Nothing brings more joy than seeing your kids snuggling with your dogs. Now that can happen without stressing out about the inevitable mess. Coverlastic is liquid repellent and machine washable and it also has ammonia deordorizing finish protects from microbes. Coverlastic sofa cover lets you enjoy the precious moments worry free. It protects against tearing as well.

Customer Opinion

“Excellent services, very good quality, good prices, you are the best, you have great services and great discounts, the service is very good, coverlastic is the best on the market. I recommend them” – Adalberto Carbera

” I love when my guests ask where did you buy YOUR SOFA? And Coverlastic offers all: design, good quality and service. 100% Recommendation” – Koni Bell

Is Coverlastic legit?

Yes, the the ready made slipcover is completely legit. You can check out couple of review from the buyer’s itself.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Coverlastic Sofa Cover made of?

The creators used spandex Lycra to create the Coverlastic Sofa Cover. It doesn’t shrink unless dried on high heat, and it also is wrinkle-resistant, so users won’t have to worry about disturbing the motif of a room.

What size does the user’s couch need to be to fit?

Technically, there is only one size available for the Coverlastic Sofa Cover, but that size is based on the furniture’s shape. Consumers can choose from a cover for a chair (32-47 inches wide), loveseat (55-69 inches wide), sofa (71-91 inches wide), and XL sofa/bed (91-110 inches wide). The material is extremely stretchy and flexible so that it can create a smooth and refined look on any couch, chair, or even a large bed.

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How does the Coverlastic Sofa Cover stay in place?

The cover features an elastic band along the edge of the material. When it is aligned on the couch, the band is tucked under the edge to hold the entire cover on it.

What if the Coverlastic Sofa Cover becomes dirty?

This cover can safely be washed alone in a washing machine. No other linens or laundry should go in the washing machine with it.

Will Coverlastic fit on my sofa?

Coverlastic comes in 4 sizes: chair (79 – 119 cm) – (32 – 47 inch), loveseat (140-175 cm) – (55 – 69 inch), sofa (180 – 230 cm) – (71 – 91 inch) and XL sofa / bed (230 – 280 cm) – (91 – 110 inch). Coverlastic is made from durable, stretchy spandex lycra, it can accommodate many size variations!

Does Coverlastic protect from liquid and food stains?

Yes it does! Coverlastic is made from 100% waterproof material which is resistant to most of the liquid spillages.

What colors can I choose from?

Coverlastic comes in sand yellow, dark brown, light brown, black, grey or navy blue.

Is Coverlastic pet friendly?

Absolutely! Coverlastic sofa cover is reinforced with an ammonia deodorizing finish which protects from bad smells and microbes. Perfect for pet owners!

How should I clean the Coverlastic sofa cover?

Coverlastic is machine washable; just make sure to wash it separately from your other laundry!

What happens if I receive a defective coverlastic sofa cover?

If you have received a defective item, please contact our customer support at and provide detailed information about the defect as well as the size / color of your Sofa Cover.
We will repair the product, if a repair is possible; or
We will change your purchased product to a new product if repair is impossible.
Please note that your product might be changed to a newer model of no lesser value than the original product if the model that you have purchased is no longer in production.
Please be aware that you will have to return the defective item for quality inspection.


To conclude, Coverlastic sofa covers is the perfect sofa cover for you and your family. It is a perfect fit and gives a brand new look to your old sofas that you so much love. It is a 100% secure such that stain and liquid protection is assured when you buy it. Also you can have your kids playing on the sofas now with fear of a mess and it is pet approved. It safeguards from tears, scratches and foul odors.

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