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Euphoric Feet Review: Insoles to Eliminate Body Pain for Good

What’s better than a foot massage after a tiring day at work? Getting your feet massaged all day long! There’s no need to spend hundreds on expensive spa. We recently found a product that combines the ancient practice of reflexology with new-age technologies – the Euphoric Feet insoles.

What is Euphoric Feet?

Euphoric Feet is a scientifically designed insole that promises to use more than 400 massage points on each foot, including strategically placed magnets, to help cool and soothe, boost endurance, and relieve overall body pain.

What is Euphoric Feet?

Whether for women or men, the website advertises the insole fits all sizes, can be worn with any shoe (and even transferred between shoes), and features an airflow design and moisture-wicking technology to help keep feet cool and dry, regardless of the activity.

Combined, we’re told these insoles will deliver not just relief from sore feet, but also from back pain, while lowering stress, boosting endurance, strengthening muscles, naturally flushing toxins, and improving blood circulation. But after you’ve handed over your hard-earned money, will you find that MindInsole delivers “total body wellness with every step,” and experience “energy-filled feet,” as advertised on the website?

Give us a few minutes of your time, and we’ll help you come to an information-based decision.

Euphoric Feet Insoles Features

Natural Pain Relief

These insoles give you the equivalent of a great foot massage in every step. Helps you relax by reducing tension, pain and stress. Alleviates soreness or inflammation in the legs. It can even reduce the symptoms of PMS.

Improve Blood Flow

Fights the symptoms of poor blood circulation caused by stress and restrictive footwear. It has an air flow design to let your feet breathe. Stimulates healthier blood flow and reduces the risk of low blood pressure.

Healthier Mind & Body

Boosts the body’s natural energy and physical endurance Prevents migraines, lowers anxiety and improves overall health. Euphoric Feet Insoles can help you maintain a balanced mind and body for a happier you.

How Does Euphoric Feet Work?

The Basics:

Euphoric Feet is designed to fit any shoe (men’s sizes 6 – 12; women’s sizes 7 – 12), since they feature an easy-to-cut material and come with a trimmable pre-marked guideline. You can even transfer the insole between shoes, although the manufacturer emphasizes this won’t provide a precision fit in every instance.

As soon as you put them on, the website indicates MindInsole will start working right away, as the “acupressure massage works to bring harmony and balance to your whole body.”

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Euphoric Feet’s Acupoints

The company advertises they’ve partnered the “long-standing tradition of ancient medicines with scientifically proven innovative technologies.” What does this mean, exactly?

On each foot, Euphoric Feet features more than 400 raised nodules of different sizes, which they refer to as ‘acupoints’:

  • 12 large acupoints for your foot’s arch
  • 120 medium acupoints for general massage and soothing
  • 270 micro acupoints for increasing circulation

There are also five magnets in each insole that are said to produce natural, gentle magnetic fields while delivering a cooling effect. The upper magnet is also said to be directed toward the chakra of personal power, the core arch magnet toward the chakra of body functions, and the lower sole magnet toward the chakra of body energy.

Euphoric Feet Insoles Pros & Cons

  • Low maintenance
  • Adjustable with a guideline
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Doesn’t have an adhesive
  • Need readjustments during exercise

How Much Does Euphoric Cost & Where Can You Buy?

Euphoric are available in men’s shoe sizes 6 to 12 and ladies sizes 7 to 12, priced as follows:

  • 1 Pair: $38.99
  • 2 Pairs: $71.99 ($36 per pair)
  • 3 Pairs: $89.99 ($30 per pair)
  • 4 Pairs: $107.99 ($27 per pair)
  • 5 Pairs: $128.99 ($25.80 per pair)

Are There Other Acupoint Shoe Inserts Like Euphoric?

Searching online for different variations of terms like ‘acupoint acupressure insole magnet’ returned hundreds of different options priced between $5 and $25, many of which also promised to deliver the same core benefits as MindInsole, including a soft, cushioned material, built-in magnets and acupoint nodes or ridges, unisex designs, trimmability, and the option to move them between different pairs of shoes.

Looking at online marketplaces like Google Shopping and Amazon, here were some of the more popular results:

BrandPriceSpecial Features
Euphoric Feet$38.99More than 400 acupressure points in 3 different sizes,
Samwoo Anti-Odor Acupressure Copper Magnetic Massage Shoe Insoles$7Features copper nodes that can help reduce bacteria-related odor
Tropical Shiatsu Acupressure Insoles$10Wide design with extra arch support
AME Magnetic Full Insoles$10Includes eight 800 gauss magnets with North (negative) polarity per insole
Enshey Magnetic Stone Deodorizing Therapy Shoe Insoles$10Features unique raised ridges instead of individual nodules

Given their similar claims but vastly different designs and price points, what’s the first step in deciding which insole is right for you?

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Massage Your Way to Better Health

Taking inspiration from the ancient Chinese practice of reflexology, Euphoric Feet can actually massage your way to better health.

For example, did you know that there are over 20,000 nerve endings (per sole) that correspond to an area of your body?

That’s right, your overall body health directly depends on your feet! Those terrible back pains, digestion problems, and even the level of stress and toxins in your body can be reduced with the help of reflexology.

Euphoric Feet has 407 points for each foot:

  • 12 acupoints for your foot’s arch
  • 120 for general massage & soothing
  • 270 for increasing circulation
  • 5 cooling magnets that produce gentle magnetic waves.

This acupressure technology was created to fully relieve tension and make you feel full of energy even if you have to walk for long hours during the day. You’ll find that Euphoric Feet insoles are light and fit all sizes for both women & men, so it’s a great gift for your loved ones who suffer from any kind of pain.

How Does It Work?

Created to improve your overall body health, Euphoric Feet targets the following areas with precise magnetic acupoints:

Solar Plexus Reflex

One of the most powerful points in foot reflexology – your center chakra. By stimulating the upper pad on your sole, Euphoric Feet decreases stress levels and boost your body’s overall tolerance for stress.

Adrenal Reflex

Your adrenal reflex point is located at your foot’s core arch. When stimulated, it encourages a boost in energy and endurance. That means, Euphoric Feet could actually help you burn calories and feel more alert!

Digestive Reflex

The reflex point located at the center of your core arch is responsible for your digestion. Stimulating it will help you absorb more nutrients, increase healthy bacteria and reduce bloating.

Sciatic Reflex

To relax your muscles from cramping and get rid of back pain, Euphoric Feet directly stimulates your sciatic reflex point. That’s the nerve that starts at your lower back and ends at your heel.

Waste Elimination Reflex

Stimulating foot’s core arch can trigger your waste elimination reflex. That would relieve constipation, release excess toxins in your body and even make your skin clearer!

All in all, Euphoric Feet is an excellent product for people who work on their feet, have back pain, want to have more energy or just get their feet massaged with every step they take. Say goodbye to aches and pains, and hello to your new energy-filled life – no matter your shoe size.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will Euphoric Feet™ insoles fit in my shoes?

Euphoric Feet™ insoles are meant to fit any shoe. They have a trimmable guideline and are made from material that is easy to cut.

How do I clean my Euphoric Feet™ insoles?

It’s easy to keep your Euphoric Feet™ insoles fresh and clean! Clean them in lukewarm water and dish soap and let them air dry.

Can I wear them with any shoes?

Euphoric Feet™ insoles can be worn with any shoe. Customize your insoles to fit any shoe size and any shoe shape with our pre-marked guidelines.

Can I transfer my Euphoric Feet™ insoles from shoe to shoe?

Yes you can! Euphoric Feet™ can be transferred from shoe to shoe easily. Since every shoe is different you may want multiple pairs of Euphoric Feet™ to get the same precision fit for all your shoes.

When will I feel the benefits of wearing Euphoric Feet™ massaging insoles?

Euphoric Feet™ massaging insoles will start working right away! Feel your stress and pain fade away as the acupressure massage works to bring harmony and balance to your whole body.

Are they okay to wear when I work out?

Euphoric Feet™ insoles are designed to be worn during any activity. Whether you are out for a casual stroll or hitting the gym for an intense workout, Euphoric Feet™ massaging insoles will help give you the boost of energy you need. Designed with moisture-wicking technology Euphoric Feet™ insoles are 100% breathable, perfect for warm days or hard workouts.

What Size are Euphoric Feet™ Insoles?

Euphoric Feet™ can fit men’s shoe sizes 6 to 12 and ladies shoe sizes 7 to 12. It’s easy to cut your Euphoric Feet™ Insoles to size! Just follow the marked guidelines on the insoles and cut to fit!

Are Euphoric Feet™ Insoles For Men Or Women?

Euphoric Feet™ Insoles are packed with benefits for both men and women! Just cut to fit your shoe size! Wear Euphoric Feet™ Insoles in work boots, running shoes, and even heels! Euphoric Feet™ Insoles work with any type of shoe.

What is included in my warranty?

Purchase of the LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY assures the original owner that, for the practical lifetime of Euphoric Feet™, if the product fails due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace it, at our discretion. Only original, unaltered and unmodified items and workmanship are covered. This warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, improper care, misuse, accident, neglect, exposure to any substance or an environment that degrades the product, or the natural breakdown of materials over time.

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