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EverBlade Knife Reviews –Does It Really Work?

Today I review EveryBlade Knife. It is a professional kitchen knife made from German steel. Sold online only, the knife features a built-in sharpener, a convex edge for superior cutting speed, and a durable design to last a lifetime.

What is Everblade Knife?

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A sharp kitchen knife is needed for the preparation of a wide variety of dishes. The Everblade knife should be a good choice for any chef. According to the manufacturer, it is not only particularly sharp, but should also have a good quality. The Everblade knife is said to be optimal for cutting soft and hard foods. Unlike a classic kitchen knife, this knife is supposed to succeed in slicing even white bread and tomatoes without crushing the food. A special feature of the knife is its long-lasting sharpness. You do not have to constantly sharpen the knife, but can cut a variety of foods into pieces or slices day after day. 

How does Everblade work ?

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Many knives made in the prehistoric times and even in the modern era have a ‘V’ shaped edge but the Ever blade knife was made to have a convex edge. The convex edge of the Ever blade knife ensures that the top edges of the knife makes up less surface area and as a result, users will encounter less resistance during the process of cutting and less resistance automatically means more efficient, fine and fast cutting of food items.

Features Of EverBlade Knife

  •  Made From German SteelThe blade of each Ever Blade is made from German steel, and while steel is quite a durable material in general, German steel is particularly known for its durability. Therefore, even if you use this type of knife to cut fairly hard food items on a daily basis, it may last you for decades or perhaps your entire lifetime.
  •  Riveted HandleThe blade of each of these knives has been attached to the handle with three rivets, which means that it’s unlikely that the blade and the handle will become detached. A blade coming detached from its handle can cause safety issues for the person who is using the knife, so this may come as a relief to users who are worried about injuring themselves.
  •  Long BladeSome knives actually have handles that are longer than their blades, which indicates that the blades may not be powerful, but the steel blade of each Ever Blade knife is longer than each one’s handle. However, the handle is just over half the size of the blade in length, so that’s still long enough to accommodate large hands and give users a great deal of control.
  •  Sharpener IncludedAs alluded to above, a sharpener that will also hold each knife securely when it’s not in use has been included with each Ever Blade. To sharpen your knife, all you’ll need to do is stick its blade in the holder and pull it out again. That means you won’t have to take any extra time to sharpen it, as the sharpening will happen automatically each time you put it away and then take it out to use it. The sharpener has a flat base, so it’ll rest securely on a table or countertop with one knife inside.
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Specifications Of EverBlade

  • Built-in sharpener for unparalleled performance.
  • Effortlessly slices through any food.
  • New Convex Edge design for superior cutting speed.
  • Durable enough to last a lifetime.
  • EverBlade is designed to be used right out of the box with no complicated assembly needed. Enjoy it right away.
  • EverBlade is made from the highest quality materials for exceptional craftsmanship and durability.
  • Designed with a self-sharpening holder, just put your EverBlade back in it to ensure a consistently razor-sharp edge.
  • Use it on anything from hard cheeses to soft, delicate fruit like tomatoes. EverBlade is even tough enough to cut through a phone book!
  • German steel is incredibly durable and fantastic for all-purpose use. It makes for the perfect kitchen knife.

For What Reason Do I Need EverBlade knife?

Every kitchen in any household is in procession of a sharp knife, the Everblade kitchen knife is so sharp and, built to standard quality that it can be used for a variety of foodstuff such as vegetables, meat, fish, fruit or bread. It’s versatility can’t be over-emphasised as it reduces the need to have a lot of knives in the kitchen.

Thus, you have enough room for some additional cutlery. According to the makers, the knife is made of a high-quality German steel. The makers stated on their website that manufacturing of this sharp knife is possible because of the exceptional craftmanship involved. The knife is said to remain sharp for a long time and maintain its high-quality compared to other kitchen knives.

How To use Everblade knife:

How To use Everblade knife:

firstly you should properly arrange your cooking station. Keep everything clean and tidy, so that you have space to work. You should also take this opportunity to secure your cutting board by placing a towel or non-slip mat under it — after all, if it moves at the wrong time, the only thing you’ll be cutting is the line at the emergency room.

If you don’t end up looking like a star chef from the Food Network, that’s okay — so long as you don’t end up looking like Captain Hook instead.

Place the knife in your dominant hand, with your fingers choked up on the handle and your thumb and index finger on either side of the blade. This gives you a tremendous amount of control over the chopping action, while also keeping all your flesh clear of the sharp parts.

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Advantages And Disadvantages of EverBlade

Advantages Of EverBlade

  1. This Knife can handle both hard and soft food. This type of kitchen knife is sturdy enough that you can use it to slice through hard foods, such as pineapple or a thick cut of meat, without worrying about it breaking. It is also able to handle delicate, soft food without damaging them (EverBlade Knife Review).
  2. It has a built in sharpener for unparalleled performance
  3. EverBlade can slice through any food effortlessly.
  4. It comes with a new Convex Edge Design for superior cutting speed.
  5. It is durable enough to last a lifetime.
  6. Fast and Easy Setup: EverBlade Knife is designed to be used right out of the box with no complicated assembly needed. You can enjoy it right away (EverBlade Knife Review).
  7. EverBlade is made from the highest quality materials (German Steel) for exceptional craftsmanship and durability. German steel is incredibly durable and fantastic for all purpose use. It makes for the perfect kitchen knife.
  8. If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 60 days for a refund of your purchase price (EverBlade Knife Review).
  9. The Blade is protected by its own holder. If you worry about any children in your home accidentally cutting their fingers on a kitchen knife, then EverBlade is the right knife for you. It comes with its own protective holder which also sharpens it.
  10. Due to its sharpness and the lack of resistance, the EverBlade knife can handle sticky foods.

Disadvantages Of EverBlade

  1. This knife is only available online at the manufacturers official website. You cannot get it anywhere else.
  2. According to EverBlade Kitchen Knives Review online, quantities are limited.
  3. This knife is not very compact. You cannot carry it on a trip to anywhere or use it on your travels. There are smaller knives available that you can use like the Huusk knives.

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Made from the finest German steel with a sharpness beyond compare, EverBlade knives are perfect for all-purpose cutting. Whether you’re preparing pineapples as a tasty treat or delicately slicing ripe tomatoes, it provides the perfect cut, every time.

Each time you replace EverBlade in its holder, the built-in sharpener goes to work, ensuring your blade stays as sharp as the first time you used it!

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EverBlade is made from the highest quality materials for exceptional craftsmanship and durability.


you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 60 days for a refund of your purchase price.


EverBlade is designed to be used right out of the box with no complicated assembly needed. Enjoy it right away!

The EverBlade Knife Price

Despite all the astonishing benefits of the EverBlade Knife, it is very cheap and affordable. Additionally, the producer offers a generous 50% discount to let everyone buy at a lower price. You can get one EverBlade Knife for as low as 39.95 euros. Other available offers include:

However, you should know that the discount will only be available for a limited time.

Where can I order Everblade knife?

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You can order an Everblade kitchen knife directly from the manufacturer. Unlike ordering from other stores, you can be 100% sure that you will receive the original chef’s knife. On the manufacturer’s website you will find a lot of important information about the product. If you are not satisfied with the knife, you can return it within 60 working days. You will get your money back. This offers you the advantage that you can test the Everblade kitchen knife in peace. Thus, you do not take any risk when buying the knife. Ordering via the manufacturer’s website is done within a few minutes. You can place your order using a variety of payment methods.

EverBlade Final Word

EverBlade is a chef’s knife that features German steel and a self-sharpening mechanism. After using the knife daily, you can sharpen it to ensure it stays ready for each use. The knife easily cuts through all types of foods – and it’s tough enough to slice through a phonebook.

Priced at under $40, EverBlade is a reasonably-priced knife that, according to customer reviews, seems to work as advertised to provide effective cutting and performance.

However, EverBlade lacks an actual refund policy when sold through the official website. The company does not seem to back up its products with a moneyback guarantee. If you have used or opened EverBlade and are unsatisfied with its performance, then you cannot obtain a refund.

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