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Safe Grabs Review 2023: Is it the Best Silicone Kitchen Mat?

Kitchen mishaps aren’t as rare as one may think of them to be. Now and then, one has to deal with burnt fingers or steamed hands. To minimize the possibility of such accidents, the Safe Grabs silicone wear has hit the market.

In this review, we have mentioned everything you need to know about this product.  Safe Grabs are microwavable silicone mats that serve a variety of purposes in the kitchen. Do they work as advertised? Here is our Safe Grabs review.

Safety Comes First

The kitchen isn’t simply a place where taste fills the air. Sometimes the air around it may be filled with agony due to any preventable yet unfortunate mishap. As they say, misfortune often hits the most unpredictable times; however, it presents itself at the time of the catastrophe. Likewise, there may be any mishap in the kitchen, and to save yourself from accidents like burnt hand while fetching the food from the oven, etc., with Safe Grabs

This silicone build microwave is known to set a high bar for food handling with entire safety. Don’t you see how that works? We’ll let you know how! 

What is Safe Grabs?

Safe Grabs Online Offer

Safe Grabs are food grade silicone mats that can be used as splatter guards, trivets, place mats, pot grabbers, jar openers, or food covers. The official website is, with a registration date of December 2015. The screen capture below was taken of the product website in June 2017. Silicone Safe Grabs are reliable and tough entity holders. They are entirely capable of holding slippery and hot dishes. The silicone present in the product easily absorbs the heat after it is distributed or, in other cases, accumulated. The Safe Grabs tend to remain cooler on the edges due to the presence of silicone factor. This way, you can easily touch and take the food out of the microwave. 

Silicone Safe Grabs Mats 

These mats usually measure around 10 inches and 12 inches. They can be used in microwaves to grab the food and are circular and are sold in bundles. The mats can withstand temperatures of more than 450° Fahrenheit. Besides, the material used to build these mats is pure silicone, making them entirely safe for kitchen use. 

For people with a preference for variety, these mats are offered in six varying colors: True red, grey, beige, orange, purple, and ocean blue. 

Safe Grabs Features

  • Securely lift hot dishes from the microwave
  • Remains cool to touch
  • Hold dishes in place with non-slip ridges
  • Doubles as a trivet, splatter guard, and/or food cover
  • Open any sized jar with grips
  • Can be stored inside microwave
  • Made of food grade silicone (free of BPA)
  • Cleaning is simple
Safe Grabs Review 2023: Is it the Best Silicone Kitchen Mat? 1

Safe Grabs Uses

  • Splatter Guard 
  • Food cover
  • Microwave Owen 
  • Food cover 
  • Jar opener 
  • A slip-free mat is used as cutting boards and to grab bowls. 
  • Trivet 
  • Potholders 
  • Utensil rest
  • Protection for surfaces 
  • Pot Holder
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Safe Grabs Review 2023: Is it the Best Silicone Kitchen Mat? 2

Benefits of Safe Grabs

The response these mats have received has labeled them as highly satisfactory. Here are some of the advantages these mats have to offer:

Multipurpose: As mentioned earlier, these silicone mats can be employed for multiple uses.

Variety: These mats are available in a range of colors.

Easy Cleaning: Thanks to the non-sticky nature of the silicone, cleaning these mats is very simple. Simple water rinsing can do the job. 

Ease of storage: you can easily store this gadget anywhere. You can even place it in the microwave oven. 

Fridge-Safe: these mats can also be used as lids for the food to be refrigerated. 

Open Jars: you can also use these mats to open jars, bottles, etc. with ease as they provide a tight grip on slippery entities. 

BPA Free: being BPA free means that the Safe Grabs products are safe to store drinking water. 

Compact and portable: The mats are entirely mobile and portable. You can carry them anywhere with you. 

Where is Safe Grabs Manufactured

Safe Grabs Review 2023: Is it the Best Silicone Kitchen Mat? 3

The person who invented the Safe Grabs is named Cyndi lee. Learning from her own experiences of burnt fingers while working in the kitchen instilled the Texas girl to create this product. For all those who are inquisitive to know more about where is Safe Grabs manufactured it is important to note that initially, it was just a silicone disk that worked and then began the hustle. 

Safe Grabs User manual

This microwave mat is easy to use. All you have to do is situate one mat under the dish when you place it inside the microwave. To avert splatters, you should put another mat on the top of the dish. After the dish is ready, take it out with the help of the two mats and place it on the table to bring the dual usage feature into play by making it a table mat in an instant. 

Besides food handling, you can use these mats to open bottles, jars, etc. Other than that, you can use it to grab hot things in your kitchen, grab slippery bowls, or save your furniture from being tarnished. 

Safe Grabs Cost

A set of 2 large and 2 small Safe Grabs costs $19.99 + $4.99 P&H for a total of $24.98. They are available in three different colors: red, blue, or yellow. At the time of this writing, Safe Grabs are not available in stores.

Money Return Policy 

The safe Grabs silicone mats are fairly inexpensive if compared to other mats of the same feature range. Safe Grabs Amazon is also available, though there are other alternatives available, which may be cheaper but considering the array of benefits they drip off, the price may very well be worth it. View your deals on Safe Grabs and you will be thrilled to see how much money you can save. You may also avail of hefty discounts and offers on Shark Tank and guaranteed free delivery service in the USA.

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Why We Recommend Safe Grabs

The idea behind Safe Grabs is quite simple: A round silicone mat that is placed in your microwave to allow for easily handling once food has been cooked. To use Safe Grabs, you simply place the mat in your microwave, and then place your dish on top of the mat. After cooking your food, you can simply lift from below the Safe Grabs to keep your hands safe from being burned. Transferring the mat and dish to the table will allow Safe Grabs to double as a place mat.

Safe Grabs Review 2023: Is it the Best Silicone Kitchen Mat? 4

My cabinet is full of “microwave safe” dishes that still get unbearably hot, so an item like this is an ideal fit for my kitchen. Cloth pot holders work OK, but they can be too smooth and awkward to hold a glass bowl, for example. The silicone in Safe Grabs grips your dish, so you are less likely to drop it.

There are other advertised uses for Safe Grabs, which may be of moderate use to some consumers. The smaller mats could double as a silicone jar opener, for example. The larger mats can be placed over a bowl to use as a cover in the fridge, although it wouldn’t create a seal, so this would only be useful in some situations. Perhaps the best secondary use of Safe Grabs is that of a microwave cover. Thus you could use the larger mat below a bowl, and the smaller mat on top of the bowl to protect your hands from heat and the inside of your microwave from splatter.

Overall, I think Safe Grabs is a simple and elegant solution for a common problem. For that, I give it high marks. $25 for four silicone mats, however, seems a bit overpriced. It seems more like a $15 product to me, especially when you can find less expensive options on Amazon with little to no shipping. If you aren’t a big fan of Amazon, and want to get the highest quality product, go with Safe Grabs. If you just want something inexpensive that works about the same, you may want to investigate other options.

How Does Safe Grabs Work?

At first, Safe Grabs looks like a simple-looking silicone mat – the kind you find in most people’s microwaves.

But look closer.

Those circular ridges on one-side? These patented ridges are scientifically proven to dissipate heat without letting it seep through to the other side.

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So even though it looks thin, it’s actually heat-resistant up to 475° Fahrenheit and 100% non-toxic at any temperature – which means you can pull that piping hot, freshly-baked lasagna out of the oven immediately with no danger to your fingers or damage to your table/counter.

The ridges are also perfect for getting a grip on slippery stuff, so you never have to worry about dropping a dish or having it slip off the table (it’s also why it makes opening any jar easy.)

Safe Grabs Review


You may be surprised to find that Safe Grabs are not the only game in town. Check out Micro Easy Grab, which looks practically identical to Safe Grabs. An even cheaper option is this $6 silicone microwave mat, which sports a 4.4 star rating among hundreds of consumers. Or how about this $7 two-pack, which also functions about the same? It may pay to shop around.

Why should you choose Safe Grabs? 

The major reason why one should choose the Safe Grabs is its multi-functional nature. Also, the secure build of the mats only adds to its favor. It prevents random burns and helps avoid dish breakage due to its zero slippage design. You may also check out the Safe Grabs product for yourself online. 


  • Tough build prevents hot-spots and wearing down
  • Multi-purpose design
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Heat resistant 


  • If not purchased from Amazon, they are only available in 2 colors. 
  • Heat resistance less than 500° Fahrenheit 
  • Costlier than traditional Pot grabber tools


The silicone build of the Safe Grabs ensures that the heat is distributed evenly through the whole surface. The mats remain cool even after coming in contact with hot surfaces or grabbing something from the inside of the microwave. The tough and safe design averts the possibility of random hot spots or burns. The Multi-purpose nature of the product is also an eye-catching feature. It can be used as a trivet, table mat, food lid, etc. With every passing act, you may find a new use for the gadget. 

Your Safe Grabs Reviews

What are your thoughts about Safe Grabs? Drop a comment below and a star rating above to let us know what you think about it.

Frequently Asked Question

How to wash away food stains?

Rinse, dry, and expose to sunlight for some time. All the food stains will vanish.

Why is the popcorn made in microwaves not okay?

Microwaves emit rays to generate heat with hydrogen oxide molecules, which forces the popcorn to be kept dry. Also, the popcorn stains the silicone on the microwaves.

Is it safe for children?

Yes, it is fully tested and is considered safe for children. All the tests have rendered it as better than plastic.


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