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FIXD Review: Will it actually help You?

Is your car smart? Can your car tell you about any problem? If not then No problem Georgia-based Fixd Automotive brings for you a device that can identify information ranging from when you need to bring your car in for maintenance to why that check-engine light just came on.

Specifically, the website tells us this system can detect 6,800 possible check engine light causes, translate them into simple terms, provide you with a summary, indicate their severity, and then give you instructions on what to do. You’ll even be warned about possible consequences if you continue driving.

FIXD can also provide users with automatic oil change and maintenance reminders, the ability to access data across multiple cars in your family, along with an active timeline.

What is Fixd?

FIXD is a small sensor that plugs into your vehicle’s OBD sensor and then pairs with your smartphone and an app to display information about check engine lights, maintenance requirements, and more.

For those who are not familiar with FIXD devices, these compact modules fit perfectly in the OBD2 port and operate through a mobile application. That means all the tools you need to effectively scan and diagnosis your vehicle can now have on the screen of your handheld device.

Finally, there is an OBD2 scanner that translates engine problems into simple English without breaking the bank.Not only will you be able to understand engine codes with this advanced device, but also learn about the severity and consequences of engine trouble codes.

Additionally, you can expect to be alerted about scheduled maintenance or oil changes needed for your specific vehicle. To sum it up, this FIXD device is a friendly tool that monitors the health of your vehicle and makes car diagnostics seem like a breeze.

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What is an OBD-II port?

Most cars made in 1996 or later have OBD-II ports. The port of the On-Board-Diagnostics (OBD) computerized self-diagnostics system will grant access to the diagnostics data.

The port is usually located under the dashboard on the driver’s side.

The attached sensor will scan and receive feeds from your car’s diagnostics and send you notifications on your phone. You can use the information to show your mechanic or to proceed to take care of the problem by yourself.

You will also receive handy reminders about upcoming maintenance requirements and at the moments when your vehicle needs service of some kind.

So, instead of dealing with complicated and incomprehensible error codes, Fixd will actually “translate” these so that you know what exactly the problem seems to be.

This is pretty useful if you feel like you are being held in the dark or ripped off by car repair services for unnecessary repairs and non-existing problems.

It is also helpful if you happen to be handy enough and willing to deal with the problem yourself, instead of paying a professional.

Which cars work with Fixd?

To use Fixd, all your car needs is an OBD-II port. If you’re driving a car built in 1996 or later, the chances are pretty good that your car will work with Fixd, since any vehicle built since that time has such a port. You’ll usually find the OBD-II port somewhere around or under your glove box.

If you have a car that was manufactured before 1996, you’re out of luck.

Fixd will also work with hybrids, and the company is currently beta testing diesel-based vehicles, and says that it’s “had success with models made after 2008.”

The kinds of car problems which Fixd can identify

According to the manufacturer, the car health monitoring system is capable of identifying up to 6,800 engine problems and other problems which can cause the check engine indicator light to switch on.

Obviously, Fixd won’t list all of these potential problems but will provide you with essential information such as the engine oil temperature running high or failure of the O2 sensor, for example. So, you will be informed if your car has a serious issue which requires immediate or delayed professional care by a mechanic.

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You can also use the Fixd app to clear the check engine light, in case the problem turns out to be insignificant. You can also clear the other dashboard lights via the app as well.

Also, the app will remind you of the milestones of your car and when you should head for periodic maintenance.

How does FIXD work: Features and Functions?

FIXD work
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As you know you can get notified with the help of a mobile app if your car shows any check engine lights. Fixd features a sensor that plugs into an OBD-II port in your car. Once you plug in the sensor, you just leave it there, since it’s powered by your car. In other words, you don’t have to worry about recharging your Fixd sensor.

you can download Fixd app from  Apple App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android), depending on which platform you use. Launch the app, create an account and sit in your car to connect your Fixd sensor to the app via Bluetooth. Once it gets paired. Fixd will send notifications to let you know when something is wrong.

As I mentioned above, that car itself will be powering it to work. Means you don’t need to worry about its charging and nor you need to remove it for charging. The sensor will give you proper notifications with the help of an app on the user’s phone which it connects has Bluetooth connectivity.

The app enables you to update all the activities taking place in your vehicle. Notification to your phone will help you take actions if there is any serious Malfunctions/problem get found in your vehicle. The notification is sent immediately to allow you to act promptly.

It decodes the error message and notify the users through the mobile app. If the issue is manageable, which sometimes only need little adjustments, the user can solve it by themselves.

FIXD saves the user’s time, energy and resources they would have spent at the repair garage. it’s to the point diagnosed points keep untrustworthy mechanics away. And once the your car gets repaired your FIXD clear all the notification.

and apart from the above benefits of having FIXD in our car it also Reminds the user of dates scheduled for maintenance services. Such services include an oil change and change of filters.

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Tell me the Good and the Bad: FIXD Reviews Pros and Cons

Now on the market, there are plenty of Bluetooth devices. However, the compact and sleek design of the FIXD Monitor stands above the others.

  • Handsfree
  • Simple Terminology
  • Continuous Support
  • Video Tutorials
  • Multiple Vehicle Assistance
  • Save Time and Money
  • Application Needs More Buttons

On the application, you will be able to understand the problem codes in plainly stated English and know the severity of the situation.

With FIXD you can leave the device plugged into your vehicle without fearing for a dead battery. Through that way, you can always know the health of your car.

In the case that there is a problem with your vehicle, FIXD support offers videos that can help guide you to a resolution.

Use FIXD as a family maintenance tool to monitor the health of all cars in your garage. FIXD ensures the entire family is driving in safe conditions.

Fixd Online Review
Fixd Online Sale

Can I use FIXD OBD device in multiple cars?

FIXD device can be used in every hyberid or gas-powered cars that were built after the year 1996. Similarly for diesel-fueled vehicles, all the vehicles manufactured after 2008 are also compatible with FIXD.

Additionally, all the the gas-powered trucks weighing under 14.500 lbs can use FIXD OBD device.

Features of FIXD OBD Device

Continuous Monitoring: FIXD obd makes it possible for the user of a car to be aware of all functionality issues in the car. It also sends notifications to your phone whenever there is a defect. It only needs a little energy to keep it running. It uses battery power to recharge. It is, however, wise for a user to disconnect the sensor from their vehicle if they have no plan using the car for a while.

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Multi-vehicle control: FIXD allows you to use one app to diagnose more than one car. It makes it possible for you to check on the health and functionality of several vehicles using one diagnostic app by ordering several devices. When a user downloads the FIXD app you are able to obtain all the raw data they need for their vehicle.

Mileage Detection and Maintenance Reminders: There is an algorithm available within the FIXD app that enables a user to determine the mileage of the vehicle. That is possible when the sensor has been plugged in. Whenever your vehicle covers a distance and gets close to its next maintenance service, the car health monitor informs the user. If a user strictly performs maintenance service on their car as required, they save money in the long run.

Vehicle History: It is a good thing when a user is able to obtain information concerning health and functionality issues on their vehicles as soon as there is a mishap. Having a history of the car’s issues that you can refer back to is more elemental because it enables you to identify a possible issue that has been repeating itself from time to time. FIXD OBD2 scanner is a feature within the FIXD app that records the happenings within your vehicle and keeps them for perusal in the future.

How is Fixd different from other devices?

Fixd isn’t the only device on the market that can track your car’s health. A slew of products — including CarMD, Verizon’s hum+, Zubie Key and others — all connect to your car and use a companion app to give you insight into the vehicle.

The Fixd sensor seems to have benefited from its retail availability at the world’s largest retailers — something not all of its competitors can match. Additionally, Fixd’s app is considered one of the best-designed programs in the space.

The company claims that Fixd stands out by breaking down problems into simple and understandable terms. Instead of giving you a code or technical description, the device alerts you to the severity of the issue, the consequences of continuing to drive and the maintenance timeline for your specific make, model and year.

We’ve tested a number of OBD-II scanners under $100, and the BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool came out on top. It goes beyond basic scanners to show recalls and dynamic data, as well as offer repair suggestions.

What Is FIXD’s Maintenance Club?

Although it wasn’t yet released at the time of our research, FIXD’s upcoming Maintenance Club will allow members to receive the items they need once they reach their next maintenance interval, tailored to their specific vehicle year, make, and model.

The program can be customised as you see fit, and whether you’re a beginner or a pro, they’ll also show you how to complete the maintenance, without having to leave your home and head to the parts store.

Your membership can be canceled or pauses at any time, and no deliveries are sent without your approval.

How Much Does the FIXD App and Sensor Cost?

The FIXD app is free, although you’ll pay the following for sensors:

  • 1 Device: $59
  • 2 Devices: $88 ($44 each)
  • 3 Devices: $118 ($39.33 each)

Once released, the Maintenance Club membership will be free, and you’ll only pay when products are shipped.

For one device, you’ll also pay $5 S&H, while all other options come with free shipping.

Regardless of the number you order, FIXD comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, less S&H, along with a one-year limited warranty. To request one, the sensor must be in good condition (not physically damaged, broken, or altered) and you’ll need to send an email to

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Frequently Asked Questions

Has anyone tried the FIXD diagnostics device?

The information it will give you is what the car tells it. It will not make a “dumb” car “smarter.”If the car’s sensor malfunctions, and is detected by the vehicle – it will be passed onto FIXD. This is legitimate information.If your car doesn’t have a sensor that measures washer or oil level and/or condition – then what FIXD will tell you about is the estimation of levels present in the system. It will simply be an estimation of when they should be refilled/replaced.

Where do I find this port in my car?

It is a good thing when a user is able to obtain information concerning health and fuctionality issues on their vehicles as soon as there is a mishap. Having a history of the car’s issues that you can refer back to is more elemental because it enables you to identify a possible issue that has been repeating itself from time to time. FIXD OBD2 scanner is a feature within the FIXD app that records the happenings within your vehicle and keeps them for perusal in the future.

Do I need to disconnect FIXD from my car when it is not on use?

FIXD sensor consumes very little power when it is not in contact with the app. It, therefore, does no harm leaving it plugged in at all times. It is however recommended that users disconnect the sensor from the vehicle if they have no intention of running the car for three weeks.

Will FIXD Work With My Car?

FIXD works on all gas and hybrid-powered cars built in 1996 and after, and every diesel vehicle built in 2009 and after. FIXD also runs on all gas-powered trucks that were purchased in the US and have a gross vehicle weight under 14,500 lbs.

Can I leave FIXD in my car all the time?

You can leave the sensor plugged in all the time, as it uses very little power when not communicating with the app. If you leave your car sitting for more than 3 weeks, we recommend that you remove the sensor.

Is it necessary to charge the FIXD device?

It is not necessary to charge the device snce it consumes energy from the vehicle. It will however not drain your car’s battery since it is also a low-energy user.Is it possible for the sensor to interfere with other devices that use Bluetooth in my vehicle?The sensor does not interfere with other Bluetooth devices since it is the user who is tasked with the role of allowing connection with other Bluetooth devices with their smartphone.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. There is a warranty for every device sold. It is limited and goes for one year after the sale of the device.

Do you leave FIXD plugged in all the time?

Yes, you can leave it plugged in, but it depends on the period. FIXD doesn’t drain your battery power especially after the communication with the FIXD app is cut off. However, if your car is sitting idle for more than two weeks, then it’s better to unplug the sensor to preserve your battery life. Remember that the FIXD sensor relies on your car’s battery to power up and if left for a long time it may strain the battery.

Can FIXD be used on multiple cars?

FIXD can connect up to 5 cars. Simply buy multiple sensors for each vehicle and link them all to one smartphone. With this innovative technology, you can monitor all your family member’s cars and have peace of mind knowing that they are safe.Can FIXD be used on multiple cars

Does FIXD offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, it does. FIXD offers you a 30-day money back guarantee. The FIXD OBD-II, second-generation scan tool, is also covered by a one-year warranty. If the device doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to call customer service and demand for a refund.

Will FIXD work on diesel?

Nope. This is not a product for cars run on diesel. FIXD only works on hybrid cars or vehicles powered by gas.

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