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Hoomband Wireless Review – Does it really work?

Each person is unique. This is why for the Hoom project we have studied the landscape of existing sound methods in order to create the most complete content library possible. Get the Hoomband Wireless today.

All our content is exclusive and studied especially for inducing the deepest and quickest sleep possible. You may be easily carried away by hypnotic documentaries, while your partner is fascinated by binaural frequencies offered in guided meditations.

Behind each content, there is a voyage … and a secret! These are the 5 elements on which the Hoomband team and sleep experts (hypnotherapists, sophrologists), have worked for creating a new experience every night.

What is Hoomband Wireless?

Hoomband Review
Hoomband Wireless Review - Does it really work? 1

HoomBand is an innovative sleeping aid that is unlike any other. Instead of relying on dangerous chemicals that may have severe side effects, this product uses the power of guided meditations.

It is basically a headband with built-in earphones that allow you to sleep well. It does this by playing meditative verses and hypnotic documentaries.

At first, I was skeptical about the entire thing. How will I be able to sleep with something playing in the background? Well, after trying this product, I was taken aback and it just plain works.

HoomBand is described as an innovative headband. How is it innovative? The device is the first audio headband that whispers guided meditations written by sleep specialists so that consumers can fall asleep. Made with comfort, flexibility, and mobility in mind, consumers can choose between a diverse collection of hypnotic stories and guided meditations to listen to as they drift into a healthier, deeper sleep.

Who is This Product For?

This special headband is created specifically to help insomniacs of people who have a naturally hard time to sleep.

This is a more safe and effective way to induce sleep because it doesn’t make use of any harmful chemicals or whatnot.

Features of Hoomband Wireless

  • Hoom Flat speakers – HoomBand’s headphones are ultra thin so you can’t feel them. They’re placed under a soft foam, which is itself concealed under a breathable fabric. No intrusive and uncomfortable earbuds, perfect for side-sleepers.
  • 3D Foam – For even more comfort, the fabric includes a (thermoformed) foam, which itself embraces the ultra-thin earphones. You can any time remove this foam to adjust the position of the earphones accordingly to your ears.
  • Hoom band Breathable fabric – Tailor-made from a technical 3D mesh used for its softness and thinness (Spanish manufacture since 1954). It regulates temperature and keeps your head cool. Flexible, solid and washable by hand (low temperature).
  • Hoomband is Limitless – HoomBand works like headphones and can be used with all your apps (Youtube, Spotify, Headspace, Calm, etc.) perfect for airplane, train, yoga, meditation, etc.

Hoomband Wireless Sleep Techniques

  1. Hypnosis – Basically, the recordings we have created naturally reactivate the sleep mechanisms that we all possess. In form, it’s unprecedented! For the first time, hypnosis sessions become metaphorical stories in which you are the protagonist. The result is striking
  2. Cardiac Coherence – Cardiac Coherence is probably one of the most effective tools for getting to sleep or simply relaxing. It’s used in relaxation therapy, but also in mindfulness meditation or other approaches to relaxation.
  3. Meditation – Guided meditation is a great tool to get started with meditation and enjoy its benefits quickly. How does it work? A narrator guides you to relax your body and mind to help you reach a deep meditative state, conducive to sleep.
  4. 5 senses stimulation – We use visualization techniques, by stimulating the 5 senses (sight, hearing, kinesthetic, smell, taste). This method is ideal to prepare the mind of our users and to distract them from the thoughts that are keeping them awake.
  5. Binaural Frequency – Binaural beats harness the power of your left and right brains to reduce stress and improve sleep. I use these frequencies mixing them with chords to dress up our stories and make them immersive.
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HoomBand Benefits

HoomBand Benefits
  • Better Health: Better quality sleep leads to better overall health – physically and mentally.
  • Self Confidence: Being able to fall asleep on your own again helps gain confidence in your abilities and overall self. Better, higher quality, fully restorative sleep leads to feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. You feel sharper, more focused, and in control of life. 
  • Better Appearance: Your skin, hair, eyes… everything about you looks and feels better once your getting a full nights sleep.
  • Avoid Discomfort: Lack of quality sleep makes you feel tired, slow, and unfocused, and when you’re over tired, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than trying to keep your eyes open. 
  • Avoid Pain: It’s an understatement to say that lying in bed trying to fall asleep is frustrating. The flipping and flopping in bed can be downright painful and depressing, knowing it’s going to be another night without decent sleep followed by a LONG day of feeling tired and miserable. 
  • Avoid Embarrassment: Being tired can cause you to do things you might not normally do in a social setting like drive erratically, fall asleep in a meeting doze off during a date, etc.
  • Bluetooth: It has the version of Bluetooth 5.0. it connects with any Bluetooth supporting device.
  • Charging time: With 2 hours of charging, you can use a wireless headband for 10 hours.
  • Audio jack: It supports mini-jack. You can contact that headband as headphones with any mini jack support device.
  • Price: The price of this innovative product on its official website is 79.9 United States dollars for the wireless headband.
  • App Supported: This headband is connected with an app. In-app, you will get hypnotic stories with guided meditation audios. You can activate them by access the card in your box.
  • Speakers: This hoomband headband has a pair of flat headphones. These headphones are ultra-thin.
  • 3D foam: Speakers are enclosed in thermoformed foam for soft comfort.
  • Breathable fabric: It is made from breathable fabric to regulate the temperature of technology and your body.

How Does the HoomBand Help You Sleep?

HoomBand Help You Sleep
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A lot of people suffer from Insomnia; me included. There are just so many things that are on my mind that keep me from getting a good night’s rest. I know that I am not the only one suffering from this. If you happen to have the same condition, you know that it is hard to operate the next day. Our bodies actually require us to sleep. In fact, we sleep a third of our lives. So, without this natural process, we may not be able to perform in the best possible way.

That being said, while there are a lot of treatment options out there, most of them do not work. Believe me, I’ve tried everything- sleeping pills, foods, counting sheep, and so much more. None of them work the same way as the HoomBand did. This product is simply a headband that you wear just when you are about to take your slumber. It has special earphones that are embedded in the fabric itself that you should position on your ears.

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The fabric uses 3D breathable mesh that helps regulate temperature while the headband is on your head. It is also flexible so that you won’t be annoyed by any stiffness or whatnot. If you want more room for adjustability, the product also includes some 3D foam that will allow you to position the earphones more securely in its place. You can also choose different sizes that are appropriate for you as well.

The HoomBand also comes with a 47-inch cable that you will connect to your smartphone. This is important because there is a companion app that you will need to download on your device for the entire thing to work. Keep in mind that your phone has to have a headphone jack, otherwise you cannot use it. Hopefully, the company will release a wireless version soon.

Anyway, after wearing the headband, fire up the application and you will find different documentaries, calming sounds, and guided meditations to help you sleep. The choice is entirely up to you. Personally, I go with the immersive stories and roleplays. You can go off on a cosmic journey or perhaps hop on aboard the Orient Express.

Logically, this might not make sense because how will you be able to sleep if there is something that is bothering you (the sound). Well, do not worry as the app was made by certified sleep experts. The sound that comes from the device is actually quite soothing and the way it presents its content helps you relax. This is the kind of sound that you thought would hinder your sleep but it actually helps you get your well-deserved rest.

It is also worth noting that once you’ve downloaded the application, you can turn off the WiFi as it works completely offline. In other words, there will be no distractions from any other app on the device. The only thing that they could have improved with this product is its cable. Sometimes, it can get tangled up but I like the fact that it is relatively long, so you can easily toss and turn without hindering your sleep.

How Does Hoom band work with Hypnotic Story

  • STEP 1 – IntroductionThe story begins, make yourself comfortable.
  • STEP 2 – Get in condition to sleepProgressive relaxation using techniques that involve breathing, cardiac coherence, body scan and stimulation of the 5 senses.
  • 3rd Step – Get deeper into hypnotic alpha states your conscience state has changed, you are in another world.
  • STEP 4 – Relaxation and sleep deep relaxation. Quiet our busy mind and get ready to sleep effortlessly.

What makes HoomBand Wireless unique?

There are a number of features that make HoomBand unique. First, it is expected to induce sleep 2.5 times faster than any other solution that exists by retraining your brain to fall asleep faster and deeper. The reason for the solution’s success rests in the way the stories and guided meditations are written by sleep specialists to prevent you from focusing on various stressful thoughts that would normally keep you awake. Second, the process encourages users to fall asleep naturally without the need for pills or supplements, many of which often come with unnecessary side effects and dependencies. Finally, HoomBand is comfortable, meaning that its structure won’t keep users from falling happily asleep.

How can consumers ensure that they will get the right size for their HoomBand?

Presently, there are two sizes – S and M/L. The S size will fit heads that are 22 inches or less in circumference, while the M/L size is for anyone above this measurement. Users can wrap a measuring tape around their head, going over both ears, the nap of the neck, and the forehead to measure where the HoomBand should fit.

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How much does HoomBand cost?

With the purchase of HoomBand, consumers are also provided with an access code for the application and user guide, which provides detailed step-by-step instructions on how to get started. Bearing this in mind, prices are as follows:

  • Single Pack: $49 each
  • Family Pack: $39 each
Where can I Buy Hoomband Wireless?

If you are ready to make a purchase, click the button below to buy at discount price. 20-Day Money – Back Guarantee. Some of the things you stand to gain when you buy Hoomband now

  • 100 nights trial money-back guarantee
  • 100% safe and secure check out protected payments
  • +20 hours of exclusive premium content

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HoomBand Wireless work with all mobile phones?

Yes! HoomBand can be connected with any mobile phone. Make sure that your Bluetooth is on! The HoomBand app is available on : – Android 4.5 and higher – iOS 10+ and higher (iPhone 5S)

What happens when the sleep story is over?

If you choose to play a story or a guided meditation, the app will automatically shut down once it has finished. You can also choose to listen to a white noise loop or relaxing soundscapes. In this case, the app will stay open to block out surrounding noises for the whole night.

What exactly does the HoomBand app contain?

The Hoom app gives you access to hypnotic stories, guided meditations and ‘white noises’ (like the sound of rain against a window) – everything you’ll find there is designed to make you fall asleep more easily. You will be able to program and personalize your evening session according to your desires. Note: the content of HoomBand app is reserved for HoomBand users. They benefit from free and regular updates.

Can my children use my Hoomband Wireless?

We recommand not to use HoomBand under 12 years of age. Just like conventional headphones, it is not advisable to expose the ears of young children to sound content for a whole night.

What smartphones can HoomBand be linked to?

Users can sync HoomBand to any mobile phone or smartphone; all it needs is a Bluetooth connection. The app itself doesn’t work on all devices. Instead, users with at least an Android 4.5 or an iOS 10 should be able to download it. Even if the user isn’t connected to the internet, the app will still allow the user to play audio.

Final Thoughts (HoomBand Wireless Review)

Sleep is instrumental to a healthy body and mind. Without it, both productivity and mood should drop. Unfortunately, a medical world focused on medicating rather than treating sleep problems naturally means that users often have to take expensive, sometimes addictive pills in order to obtain the sleep they need.

What’s the point of trying something temporary when steps can be taken to permanently resolve an issue? With HoomBand, all consumers have to do is pick a story or meditation of their choice and listen away. In a matter of time, sleep is expected to be attained. Moreover, after consistent use, falling asleep is said to become a quick and much easier task.

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