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Kore 2.0 Watch Review: Does this fitness tracker work?

Kore 2.0 Watch Review: Fitness is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In today’s time and age, if you are active, you will keep yourself healthy and full of life. If you regularly involve yourself in physical activity, the overall well-being of your quality of life increases. The best thing about an active lifestyle is that you will work better, the more efficient you will become and all sorts of diseases will stay away from you.

Indulging in an active and healthy lifestyle plus moving towards fitness is a great and natural mood lifter. Regular working out can relieve stress, depression, anger, and anxiety. It is a sort of a happy pill that lifts up your mood and makes you happy and a go-getter. Many people witness the importance of indulging in physical activity by regularly bringing it into their daily routine.  

But how will you track your fitness on the daily basis? Because the idea behind getting fit is consistency and regularity. We have a solution for this- Kore 2.0 Fitness Tracker. Fitness Tracker is a kind of device that has sensors that will help you track orientation, movement, and many more things. The device has the ability to collect the data and then convert it into the number of steps you have taken, calories you are burning, sleep quality, and many other things.  

Kore 2.0 is trending and many huge businesses in today’s time all the credit goes to the mind-blowing features and benefits it offers. The Kore 2.0 watches are dominating the health and fitness industry. Below let us check out the benefits, features, and specifications of the Kore 2.0 fitness tracker. So, that you can wisely make your decision to buy this amazing fitness tracker. 

What is Kore 2.0 watch all about?

Kore 2.0 Watch

The Kore 2.0 tracker is basically a smartwatch that skillfully tracks your fitness, activity, and your heart rate. Simultaneously, providing all the great features that are usual in an ordinary smartwatch. Exactly like the other wristwatches, you have to wear the Kore 2.0 on your wrist. The fitness tracker manufacturers made sure that it display the smartphone notifications and at the same time monitor sleep. And most important, the Kore 2.0 is so affordable that you do not have to worry much about your fitness. 

The body of the new smartwatch is very powerful, with a sleek layout that is good for integrating with the user’s way of living. The design of the tracker is quite simple, sporty, elegant, and classy. It reduces the difference if any between the smartwatches or the trackers. It uses the technology of biometric for the analysis of the body and then gives you real-time health metrics of fitness.

A quick and fast scan of your body will surely provide you an insight into your heart rate, oxygen levels. With the help of the fitness tracker, you will get a speedy output. The Kore 2.0 fitness tracker is a combination of both the smartwatch and the fitness tracker. You can easily monitor the important signs in no time and the device also has dual sensors. 

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More Information

The worst thing about many fitness trackers was that they do not track people who have darker skin. But even this drawback of the fitness trackers is solved by the Kore 2.0, which has an advanced sensor. That makes it appropriate for all skin tones users, even those who have tattoos. 

With the help of this tracker, you can even check on your heart rate and skin temperature. Measuring on a daily basis the healthy habit, management of the stress.

Also, Kore 2.0 also offers an integrated app for fitness. That automatically will track your steps, calories, and distance you have taken from the moment you are exercising.  Amazingly, you can also analyze your sleeping patterns and quality. 


If you are someone who is looking for an easy-to-use, simple tracking wearable. That features fitness and health. Then this device is for you. Here are many specifications that are quite new in the smartwatch and these are-

  • Battery- Magnetic pogo pin charging dongle with USB-A connector
  • Memory- can hold the data for 7 days.
  • Display- it is an LCD screen and also is a touch screen operation with one home button
  • Sensors-blood oxygen levels, heart rate, oxygen circulation.
  • Waterproof rating- IP67 Rating – splash and sweat resistant
  • It helps you lose weight with ease.

The tracker is a wearable technology especially in healthcare, consumers can easily wear electronic devices. This is helpful in collecting all the personal health and exercising data. A fitness tracker is a wristband that is fully equipped with sensors that are capable of measuring a user’s day-to-day physical activity and heart rate. You can also sync the smartphones with apps that provide advice on health and fitness. This is the simplest and original kind of wearable technology. 

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The Kore 2.0 works great as an option for wearable technology. Most users are attracted to its simple and sleek body and its ability to track their steps throughout the day with the device’s indicator that is of five lights. 

How does Kore 2.0 Watch work?

Kore 2.0 Watch

The fitness tracker that is available in the market today uses sensors to track your movements, store vital information regarding your day-to-day activities with the help of a wireless connection with your computers and smartphones. Monitoring of different data, including the steps that are taken, the hours of sleep, heart rate, skin temperature, and many other things. The additional things that you can do with the wearable tracker are that you can track your pulse while you are exercising, Or while monitoring your heart rate. You can even monitor the oxygen utilization in your body with the help of a blood oxygen monitor. Plus, you can also use a gyroscope so that you can determine whether you are standing up or sitting down, or swimming, dancing, or even cycling. 

The biometric sensors detect specific movements and also determine the direction in which you are moving. The usage of the external monitors of hear, smart scales in bathrooms, and other devices that are capable of providing more precise reading. You can pair all of these things with fitness trackers. Trackers are very useful tools that provide insights into your daily habits when they are combined with the side software or any mobile app. 

Smartwatches are such that it offers alerts such as incoming calls, instant messages, and messages. These provide motivational support while exercising by presenting challenges, different badges, and also give an opportunity to the users to interact with their online friends.  

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Key Features

Below are some of the great features of the Kore 2.0 smartwatch. 

  • The style of the watch is a great health tracker that looks purely functional. It is sleek in body structure. The materials, colors, shapes of the device are such that many fashion designers have designed them. You can choose an outfit and can wear it every day.
  • Display of the product- many trackers that are advanced in technology displays data on the watch’s face, in words, or in figures, and symbols. In many cases, the sharing of the information takes place via an app or a simple LED display. With the help of a companion app, the data in your tracker is stored. You can store it on a mobile app on your smartphone. 
  • Accuracy– Although it is not always foolproof to use fitness trackers. Apart from it, the sensors helps in tracking the punches thrown, this shows that there is some uncertainty. It is usually seen that it is more accurate to use the wrist heart rate monitors than the chest heart rate monitors.
  • Battery Life– depending on the advancement of the device. The batteries may last for one day or several months. The tracker’s batteries especially with touch screens and also a simple band that have a few LED lights on the tracker’s face. They do not have the need to recharge quite often. 

Some of the other features of the product

  • Helps you stay healthy- with the help of the Kore 2.0 dual sensors, you can quite easily monitor your body’s signs 24/7.
  • Faster way of getting fit– Kore 2.0 is a fitness tracker that helps you improve and stay fit and active throughout your day. The watch will push you further. 
  • Goal-oriented– the tracker keeps your data and will help you remember it the next day.
  • Better sleep– with the help of the tracker you can track your sleeping patterns. So that you can get better sleep at night with mornings full of energy.
  • You stay connected- with the help of Kore 2.0, you can read the smartphone’s messages and the notifications very properly.
  • You can go anywhere- Kore 2.0 gives you durable comfort with a long-lasting battery.
  • Affordable- the best feature of the brand is that it is very affordable as compared to the other fitness trackers in the market today. 

For Whom is Kore 2.0 Watch suitable?

The Kore 2.0 is a smartwatch that is suitable for any who always keeps their fitness on the topmost priority. The design of the smartwatch is such that it is usable for the longer run, splash and sweat resistant. If you work in extreme cold or hot weather that is not suitable for many other watches or smartwatches. Then this smartwatch is for you. The brand itself is on the highest rank that monitors your fitness improvements at a lesser price. 

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The best thing about this smartwatch is that is so much so compatible with most smartphones including Android 4.3 and Apple ios as well. And also it has data memory of up to 7 days. The smartwatch takes very little time and effort in setting up and connecting the Kore 2.0 smartphone to any of your mobile phones. 

But to be honest, every device has its pros and cons. So, let us check out the pros and cons of the Kore 2.0 smartwatch. 

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Key Benefits

Below are the benefits and the reasons why you should buy the Kore 2.0 fitness tracker-

  • Tracking of the health- with the help of the fitness tracker you can track your important metrics such as heart rate, and oxygen levels within just 10 seconds. If you are someone who is looking for both a smartwatch and fitness tracker then this device is for you. 
  • Tracking of fitness- the best way you can attain your goals is by monitoring the calories. The smartwatch is light in weight and you can wear it throughout time. You can also wear it while involving in any physical activity. The device can easily track your fitness-related things quite easily.
  • Reminder– it reminds you to get up and work out. If you have a tight schedule the fitness tracker helps you remember that how fitness is important for you and you should start exercising.
  • Monitors your sleep- the device helps you analyzing your sleep patterns and at the same time allows you to get a good night’s sleep. It is nearly impossible to perform efficiently without having a good sleep. You may not find this feature in any of the other smartwatches but you will get it only in the Kore 2.0 fitness tracker. The other smartwatches may cause you an exorbitant price. If you can get the feature in this smartwatch then what is the reason for buying the costlier one.
  • Can connect easily with any of the devices- the best and amazing part about the Kore 2.0 is that it can connect easily with any of the devices. Many people who use the trackers find it very bad if they have to buy another device for the connection. Apart from it, calling and text messaging vibrations will help you concentrate only on one important task at a time. So, everything is included in the fitness tracker
  • Tracking is simpler– tracking your calories intake, heart rate, etc. All can be seen just in one glance at your wrist. Just in one glance, you will check on all the vital information necessary t get an idea of your health. Kore 2.0 removes this hindrance of getting this information from the doctor.
  • Keeping track of progress- the new fitness tracker will keep track of all the activities that you are performing whether it is running, cycling, and climbing. This helps you stay active and full of energy. 
  • Adapt easily- the device adapts to a y environment very easily. The comfortable straps are strong, durable, and splashproof. You can wear them anywhere.

What makes the device different?

The Kore 2.0 is a fitness tracker that will take your fitness to the next level. Whether you are on a weight loss journey or looking for a replacement or a warranty. The device is the best choice for you. The device is capable of connecting to all the other devices such as Android or iOS. Besides helping you to work out more, the smartwatch helps you to establish a very good plan. 

It is necessary to stick to a regular routine of the fitness regime. At the same time, the smartwatches also offer all of the features in a very simple way along with an elegant design that is suitable for all. 

  • The feature of the call and text- the feature of the smartwatch is that it can receive calls and messages notifications. Although the watches that even offer all of these features are a bit pricy that is not the case with the Kore 2.0. For people who cannot carry their mobile phones to the workplace, these watches are perfect for them.
  • Feature of Customization- customization of the user interface is very common these days. Many people just want to have that kind of customization. It depends although from person to person to what customization they want. But you will find this kind in different color faces and changes in the interface.  If you are great at creativity then you can make the customized themes that will suit your preferences. 
  • Controls- the two controls the smartwatches offer are touchscreens and physical touch controls. Some of the others include controls like gestures, which is not the top priority in the market today. 
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How to use Kore 2.0 watch?

Kore 2.0 Watch

It is very easy to use the Kore 2.0 smartwatch. Like you use the other smartwatches, simply you have to use this one as well. First, you have to charge the device, then wear it on your wrist, and then connect it to your smartphone. Kore 2.0 uses a mixture of sensors to exactly track your health and lifestyle data altogether. Some features are such that they rely on the sensors of the phone, while some world independently. The Kore 2.0, has a heart rate monitoring that is helpful in tracking the heart rate of the user relying on the phone’s sensors. Although, they do not have a GPS to exactly track the movement or your location.

After you are done with purchasing the Kore 2.0, charge it completely. After which you can download the Kore 2.0 app to your iPhone or any of your Android smartphones. The Kore 2.0 gives you all kinds of important insights into your health and well-being, that you can choose on the daily basis.  

The making of the Kore 2.0 works with Bluetooth technology so that it can connect to the mobile phone. That means that the fitness tracker comes with an already built Bluetooth sensor. Thus, you can connect it to Kore 2.0 quite effortlessly. 

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Pros and cons

  • The device is highly adaptable and flexible in tracking various kinds of activities.
  • It is highly durable which means the nature of the device is splashproof and lasts for a longer time.
  • It tracks sleep- if you will wear the smartwatch overnight. It can also track your sleep duration and address the quality. The fitness tracker keeps a check on the movement because less the movement more quality of sleep.
  • The sensors in the watch monitor the oxygen levels, and even the heart rate.
  • High fitness- the tracking helps the user to stay updated on his calories intake and all the other activities he is performing on the daily basis. It is the best way to stay healthy and full of activity.
  • It also helps you to stay connected- notifications the messages and the calls that you are receiving
  • The device is highly affordable as you do not have to pay a huge amount for its purchase. The manufacturer also usually gives a 50% discount. Which itself is a great deal.
  • Money-back guarantees- a 30-day money-back guarantee is given to all the customers. If you are not happy and satisfied with the device you can return it too.
  • It can store data, that you can remember the next day.
  • The only con of the website is that it is available online and not in any associated stores.

How much does it cost?

The price of the Kore 2.0 approximate price is $49.95 per unit. Exactly similar to the other low-in-price fitness tracker. The fitness tracker around the world is gradually getting prominence and popularity. The other options available are as follows-

  • 2 unit: $59.99
  • 2 Units: $119.99
  • 3 units: $ 134.99

If you want to buy the Kore 2.0, then book it only on the official website. As the device is available only on the website. The price is not always stable as it can go up or down. To avoid the many transactions, you should buy the product directly from the manufacturer. Also, if you want to avail best of the offers and discounts, buy the product directly from the official manufacturer only.

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Kore 2.0 is the new fitness tracker smartwatch that is trending all around the world. Exhibiting some of the classy and mind-blowing features that are creating headlines around the world. The smartwatch has features such as it is splash-resistant, provides the best performance. I hope the above review is helpful to you in determining why you should buy this amazing smartwatch. For more information and booking your order, you can visit their official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kore 2.0 affordable?

Yes, the smartwatch and fitness tracker is very affordable. You will get all the important features that you will get in the expensive smartwatches of various other brands. 

Does the Kore 2.0 also have GPS?

The Kore 2.0 does not have a GPS of its own, but it uses the GPS of your own phone and then gives you real-time updates of your location and movement. 

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