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InHeat Review 2023 – Does this latest mug warmer work?

Recently, I decided to look into some of the latest technology trends, and one particular device stood out to me the most: the InHeat USB cup warmer. On the website, it said that this device could keep my favorite beverages hot and charge my phone at the same time.

Not talking about the old fashioned wired charging, loaded with Qi charging features operates wirelessly, also compatible with every android and ios device at anywhere. The InHeat coffee mug warmer operates on wireless Qi-charging. This means that you can charge your phone’s battery anywhere — literally. Plus, it is compatible with most smartphones that operate on either iOS or Android systems.

inheat mug warmer

If you’ve had one too many cold teas or trips to the microwave to reheat your coffee, a mug warmer that’s called InHeat could save you time and keep your taste buds happy. When you’re looking for one of the best mug warmers, the goal is to find a reliable device that does what it says it will do: keep your beverage toasty for as long as you need.

The principal thing to consider is the place you’ll in all likelihood utilize a hotter and how significant temperature control is to you. On the off chance that you drink your espresso at your work table, you may need something that is minimal, with a string sufficiently long to keep it close enough. An auto-off capacity is additionally an invite security highlight for any individual who gets diverted and neglects to complete their beverage and this is the thing that InHeat offers and considerably more like remotely charging your cell phone.

Lets introduce this innovative device that looks like coffee cup with strange coaster called InHeat; a cup warmer and a charger for all kinds of mobile phone. This cup warmer would keep your coffee warm even all morning if necessary. You can use it as a drinks warmer or as a powerful charger for cell phones as it enables you to warm your drinks (coffee) and charge your phone wirelessly. Before we dive into InHeat Review proper, let’s get the used and effectiveness of taking early morning coffee.

What is InHeat Mug Warmer?

In today’s world of rapidly changing technology, where more and more innovative products are being generated day by day while surfing on the website, the In Heat USB Warmer Cup is the expected recognition. It claimed to keep the drinks hot and charge my phone at the same time. If you travel and busy and want to save time from keeping your drinks warm while working and charging your phone, on the other hand, this product is the one that one should give a try.

InHeat is a product that is difficult to describe in just a few words. To put it as simply as possible, this is a multi-purpose cup warmer that can also charge your phone. However, there are way more benefits to it than just that.

inheat coffee mug warmer

Enrolled with advanced features and sleek design, the product has good performance through the long period and durable with high-quality material wirelessly.

We live in a technology-driven age, so new, rather innovative products are being invented on a regular basis. Thanks to the InHeat USB cup warmer, you can enjoy your morning breakfast or afternoon lunch in both comfort and style. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your phone running out of battery.

InHeat a device that is loaded with various features. It is a multipurpose warmer cup that keeps your drinks hot and charges your phone at the same time. In the busy scheduled life one, if work is made easy at one point, this is one the best product that anyone can go for. 

From reading other reviews of In Heat warmer cup, this is well known that is the product and customers were fully satisfied.

Here is the best review for In Heat Warmer cup.

Why Buy Inheat Warmer?

best electric coffee mug warmer

Before buying any product everyone wants to have full faith and trust in the product and expects money to be worth it.

Having the concern about durability and quality, the product was used for 1 month and it worked very impressively and good at performance, checking the multipurpose working of the product was quite impressive too, charging the phone and keeping my drinks were up to the mark, after using it 1 month the product has always shown up and is worth buying.

Providing a multipurpose platform to charge and keep the drinks warm with an attractive design and smart sensors present inside, this product is worth buying and giving a try.

What are the Specifications of the Inheat Mug Warmer?

  • Rimmed 3.5-inch plate & Noiseless Heating
  • 4 foot long cord
  • Qi Wireless Charging for Android & iOS smartphones
  • 8 Hours long Heating mode
  • Sleek Design
  • Compact InHeat specific Mug

Benefits Of Using inHeat Warmer Mug

Wireless charging –

Loaded with Qi charging technology, enables this device to have the wireless charging designed by Wireless Power Consortium, The In Heat uses the inductive charging to keep the drink hot and battery charged.

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Harmony with iOS and Android Device –

People go for different platforms and keep changing it, but this is enabled with both. One can choose an apple or any other android brand for the same.

Attractive Design –

Aesthetically pleasing and super attractive this product catches the eye for sure. It is formulated with high-quality material works smoothly.

4 Foot long Cord

The In heat mug warmer comes with a 4-foot long cord for your utmost convenience. Just plug in to a power socket and you are good to go.

8 Hours long Heating Mode

It offers a heater mode that lasts you a total of 8 hours in a single time. Thus, your coffee mug can be kept heated for 8 hours. One of the key differences between in heat heater and the Ember smart mug is that it doesn’t not have android/iOS temperature regulator apps.

usb coffee mug warmer

How to Use the InHeat best mug warmer?

  • Put your coffee in the InHeat coffee mug.
  • Plug the charger head to a socket.
  • Place your In heat coffee mug on top of the heating pad.
  • Leave for some time. Enjoy your hot coffee.

Who is the Inheat Best Suited To?

  • Households
  • Business executives
  • Startups executives
  • Bloggers in the Inspiration zone
  • You of course! Who love to update themselves with the latest gadgets.

Where can I Buy the InHeat Tea warmer?

You can easily buy from the official website. There is a 35% discount on single orders and an awesome 50% on ordering 3 In heat warmers or more. There are multiple payment options like Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Amex, etc and the Shipping fee is negligible.

Do not worry about the payment as the payment mode is secured with 256-Bit SSL encryption. Also, the company offers 30-day money back guarenteee if you are not satisfied with it.

Your payment information is secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption plus a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on this product if you wish to return it.

How much does the Inheat Warmer cost?

  • Traditional Price for a Premium Mug warmer like the Inheat is $179.98 however for $89.99 promo price you can now own your personal premium mug warmer.
  • 2 In heat Review Warmers cost $157.48
  • 3 Inheat Warmers cost $202.48
  • 4 Inheat Warmers cost $247.47

InHeat Features

  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE: The manufacturer of InHeat designed it in a very portable and compact form. This means you can take it to anywhere especially at your place of work or office where you need early morning warm coffee to get your day productive and going.
  • WIRELESS CELL PHONE CHARGER: InHeat has a wireless cellphone charger that’s compatible with Qi-enabled phones. This charger is compatible with Android and iOS. With this special feature in mind, no more incidences of your phone running out of battery. Your smart phone is always charged and ready to use.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY: The InHeat consists of high quality components that have excellent workmanship and durability. As an innovative device with the latest technology and made of first class material, this means that it’s robust and can be used for a very long time. You don’t he to replace it after few months of buying it.
  • ERGONOMIC: InHeat is designed in such way that’s very user-friendly. You don’t need to have tech skills in order to know how to use this gadget. Plug it the socket, Connect the power cord to the InHeat socket. Connect the other end to the adapter or a USB port, then place the InHeat cup on the saucer for warming your drink. Sit back and enjoy your warm drink.
  • AFFORDABLE: Regardless of all the special and unique features, InHeat is very affordable to everyone looking for a coffee mug warmer that’s best for them. Amidst this economy meltdown, the makers acknowledged this fact and made it very cheap for everyone.

What do you expect in the package after purchase?

InHeat Features
InHeat Review 2023 - Does this latest mug warmer work? 1
  • InHeat socket
  • Power cord
  • InHeat Cup
  • Saucer or coaster
  • Qi-enabled mobile phone charger
  • USB cord
  • Power Adapter
  • Extra coffee cup

InHeat Benefits

For someone who has to constantly run from one place to another, this appeared to be the perfect choice for me. My thought process for buying the InHeat mug warmer and phone charger was something along the lines of, This might actually be one of those things that I never even knew I needed. And now that I have been using it for some time, I make sure not to go anywhere without it.

If you are anything like me, but you haven’t bought the InHeat coffee cup warmer and wireless charger yet, then you are probably just as interested as I was to find out what all the fuss is about. Luckily for you, I have decided to test this product, evaluate it, and share my honest opinion.

What I gathered from other InHeat reviews was that most customers seemed quite happy with the product. Now that you are about to read mine, you should gain a better perspective on the device and its features.

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To be honest, there’s so much to  praise about InHeat . Every time we discover something new, we appreciate him even more. All the users are impressed with how this little device was able to make a huge difference to their morning routine.

  • Keep your drink warm
  • Always keep your phone charged

Pros and Cons of InHeat Warmer Cup 

Every coin has 2 sides, and every consumer wants to know the advantages and these advantages of the product before buying it.

Even gaining plus points and features, it’s not easy for every person to like this product as it depends upon a person’s lifestyle and way of living.


Mobility – the very basic and advanced feature, one can carry it anywhere, if you travel and keep moving around places, this product very useful and helpful, it will provide a nice warm drink and change to your phone whenever and wherever you want.

Easy to use- Enabled with USB makes it most simple and easy to use anywhere you want. Just take out the charger and plug it in and start.

Comprises of inbuilt sensor – build with supreme high material makes it safe to use, sensors in it cool down the pad automatically when the cup is removed, also goes to standby mode after eight automatically to avoid and problems.

Some other common features of inHeat warmer-

  • It is used to keep the drink constantly warm.
  • Used as wireless phone charger
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • 30-day Money Back guarantee
  • Free shipping fee
  • Discount availability


Full set – although it works wirelessly but has its components which are needed to be carried, you will need a large bag to carry this and have a keep to all components.

Works with Qi-enabled phones- the phone which is Qi-enabled can only be used with this, although it the latest technology and most smart phones are Qi-enabled.

How does InHeat work?

How does InHeat work?
InHeat Review 2023 - Does this latest mug warmer work? 2

InHeat use heating coils in the same way electric kettles do. Once plugged in and switched on (most have an on/off switch on the side), electricity flows to a small heating coil built inside the device. InHeat works by using the simple properties of heat transfer and thermal energy. If we look at temperature on a microscopic scale, a material with a higher thermal energy just means the molecules in that material have a high kinetic energy and are moving around much faster than molecules in a cooler material.

The molecules in a hot cup of coffee, for instance, are moving faster than the molecules in a cold cup of coffee. As the molecules collide, some of that energy transfers, warming up the cooler molecules and cooling down the hotter molecules in a process known as conduction. When you put your cool hands against a warm cup of coffee or tea, your hands will eventually get warmer because heat is transferring from the cup to your skin. So the InHeat coils transfer heat to the base of the InHeat, and once you place a cup onto the device, the heat from the base will transfer to the cup and the liquid within.

InHeat Users guide

  • Connect the power cord to the InHeat socket. Connect the other end to the adapter or a USB port.
  • If you are using the power adapter, plug it into a nearby outlet.
  • Place the InHeat cup on the center of the saucer to warm up. To charge, place any Qi-enabled mobile phone on it.
  • Enjoy your hot drink and the convenience of the wireless charging function.

Why is InHeat everyone’s favorite?

Each of us has a morning routine. And these routines are important to get our day off to the best possible start. With the InHeat you can enjoy your cup of coffee or tea to the last drop and thus also ensure that your mobile phone is always 100% charged before you go out the door.

You just have to put it on the station! This extremely practical beverage warmer with its mobile phone charging function is an indispensable device for every desk or workplace. It’s perfect for home use and even better for office use. The InHeat is the perfect accessory to stay productive every day. This allows you to quickly charge your Qi-enabled device and keep your drink warm without spending a fortune.

Where can I get InHeat?

You can simply get InHeat directly from the official website. The manufacturer is given a 50% discount on every order made today with a free delivery to your home. Try not to miss this opportunity. click the button below.

Multiple payment options are available including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, etc. and your payment information is always secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption. There is a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on this product in case you wish to return it, if it does not suit your performance. You will get back a 100% refund.

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Update: is currently having an ongoing promo. 50% off your order today and free shipping to your door. The promo is on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you delay, you might end up missing out and paying full price.

There are currently four deals that users can choose from.

These include:

  • A single InHeat device is available for a base sum of $89.00
  • Two units are available for $157.48
  • Three devices are available for a 52% discount — $202.48
  • Four devices are available for $247.47

Who needs InHeat?

While reading or busy with your activities in the morning, your coffee gets cold. Unfortunately this is an unfortunate fact of life. Once you start enjoying your coffee, it won’t be long before the enjoyment is completely over. With every second that passes, it loses warmth.

But it just doesn’t have to be! Now you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or whatever you want to the last drop! And when you’re done, you can put your phone on it to make sure it’s charged to get your day off to a perfect start!

Final Verdict

I hope that my InHeat review has been useful to you and that you now have a better understanding of all the benefits that this product comes with. The In Heat warmer cup is no doubt a one the advance technology can be very helpful in day to day life.

The InHeat cup warmer and phone charger is a truly practical gadget to own, not to mention a remarkable piece of technology. Plus, it doesn’t require much maintenance, apart from cleaning and making sure that the components are intact.

On the other hand, it does not require and maintenance rather than just having its components together. To give customers the most trust and satisfaction the product brand provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and a full refund if you do not find the product convenient.

In a nutshell, the refund policy allows you to explore the product’s various features, and if you are not happy with it, you can easily request to get a full refund. Keep in mind, though, that you need to send it back no later than 30 days after it arrives.

Place an order right away!

Frequently Asked Questions on InHeat

Can I use any mug with the InHeat?

The InHeat was specially developed to heat the base of the reinforced porcelain mug included in the scope of delivery. Electromagnetic induction is used here. The included lid ensures your coffee stays hot and ready to be taken with you.

Can I burn myself on the radiator if there is no cup on it?

No. The InHeat recognizes when there is no more beaker on the device. You don’t need to worry about accidentally burning or injuring your fingers while the InHeat is in use.

Is my phone compatible with this charger?

The InHeat is compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphones, regardless of brand, including iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung S6 and many more. Place your phone on top of the device to activate the wireless charging function.

What if I forget my coffee mug and keep it warm all day?

Don’t worry, the InHeat will automatically go into standby mode after 8 hours. The device has a built-in adaptive charge and temperature controller to keep items from getting too hot.

Is there a guarantee on the InHeat?

Yes, you are free to test the product for 30 days without any obligation. If you should change your mind within this time, send the device back to us and we will refund the full purchase price.

Is there any money back guarantee with the inHeat?

You get to enjoy 30 days money back guarantee with the product. You get to make the most of the refund policy of the company. 

How long does it take to set up the product?

The set up process will not take more than a minute to add to your convenience. 

Can I burn myself on the Heating Pad should a cup be absent?

No. The InHeat reviews have a sensor that shuts down the thermal system in case the mug is absent from the heating pad. This is done for your safety.

What if I forget my coffee mug and keep it warm all day?

Don’t worry, the InHeat warmer automatically goes into standby mode after 8 hours. The device has a built-in adaptive charge and temperature controller to keep items from getting too hot. So, you need not worry in case you forget about it all day long.

How risky is the warmer to the user’s safety while not in use?

Not risky at all. The InHeat warming charger can tell when the mug is not on it, ensuring that the user doesn’t get burned if they accidentally touch it.

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