BarXStop Review – Best Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device 2021

BarXStop Review: Having a dog is a matter of joy for everybody. They’re loyal, protective, and loving. Unfortunately, sometimes they just don’t listen to us. If you are a newbie dog owner or have adopted a dog from a shelter, taken one in from the street or bought one from a breeder, there’s always a chance that you’ll get a loud one. Generally, barking is a natural communicative system of dogs. But excessive barking seems very irritating and sometimes unbearable for everyone.

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Can be the neighbor’s canine kept barking day and nighttime? BarXStop Ultra Sonic Dog Bark Controller can Aid You. This bark collar control employs a high-quality noise that performs to cut back excess bark of consumers in hearing scope, however, has got no destructive effect on human beings.

What is BarXStop?

The BarXStop is a highly developed device that uses ultrasonic sound and high-pitched tones to get your dogs to stop barking and be in a calmer, more relaxed state.

BarXStop Ultrasound Dog Repelling Device is an effective range of up to 50 feet. And there are three range levels and a test mode; you can use the test mode to verify the microphone and speaker are working properly. The ultrasonic frequency is not harmful to pets and completely inaudible to human ears yet safe and effective training tool for your dog or the neighbor’s dog to disrupt the barking. Buy one now to live happily and harmoniously with your lovely puppy!

The sounds produced are completely inaudible to humans and are guaranteed to have absolutely no harmful effects for your dogs or any other pets you have in your home.

BarXStop Review
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To start with, the tones produced are actually too high for cats and other domesticated pets to pick up on, and the sounds your dog will hear only cause a slight discomfort, and nothing that could cause any sort of damage or pain. It’s kind of like a focused dog whistle and it is perfect for dog owners and anyone who fears dogs.

The so-called BarxStop is a special anti-barking device that only helps with ultrasound and LED light to stop your dog from barking. Even strange dogs that meet you on the way and scare you, can be immobilized using this special device. According to the manufacturer, this is safe for dogs, it does not hurt them. For humans, it is also harmless.

The trainer is based on the theory that ultrasound (ultrasonic wave reaches up to 125db) is above the upper limit of human hearing and super ultrasonic and 28000mcd strong white light. It can activate visual and additive activation to dogs, cats, and other animals, but there will be no effects on people. There are three modes for use: Training dog, Banish dog, Illuminating.

BarXStop has three different settings:

  • LED Light: This makes the device work as a torch, great for when you are walking your dog at night.
  • LED & Training: Here the LED lights up and it uses the ultrasound to train your dog.
  • LED & Stop Barking: Here the LED lights up and it uses the ultrasound to stop your dog from barking. We have tried different settings and were amazed by the results.
BarXStop Settings
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BarX Stop Ultrasonic Dog Repellent Device Feature

  • Super-fast Performing Gadget
  • Highly Effective Canine Disturbing Ultra-sound
  • Protected To Utilize For Men
  • Harmless To
  • A Single Button Operated
  • Mobile, Convenient to haul
  • Great Things about utilizing Ultra Sonic pet bark management apparatus

What makes BarXStop special?

BarXStop is a lightweight, pocket-sized device that you can carry around at all times and use whenever you need it the most to control your dog’s aggression. Don’t get us wrong – it’s completely harmless and doesn’t hurt animals at all. BarXStop creates high pitch frequencies that simply cause irritation and discomfort without being painful. It catches your pet’s attention, gives you the control, and allows you to fix the occurred issue. If your dog responds better to visual training, there’s also an integrated LED light that is a great alternative to get your dog distracted. Fast-acting, powerful, and effective!

Do My Dog Need an Anti-Barking Device?

For Chronic barking, we need anti-barking devices as a solution. These devices eventually train your dog not to bark unnecessarily. It can help dogs that bark for long periods of time or when it is not necessary.

Nobody want to teach their dog to stop barking altogether. This type of training is only designed to help keep excessive barking at bay.

You can start training your dog by using the device when they start to bark the most. This could be when you leave the house for work or at night when they’re alone in their crate.

Eventually, your dog will start to learn and stop barking excessively.

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Much like products, you can find pros/cons to making use of the following Ultra Sonic apparatus. And within this portion may temporarily discuss either the advantages and the downsides of they that will assist you in selecting whether buying one particular is wise.

Benefits of using ultrasonic dog bark control devices

One of our dogs (Jack) has a bit of a habit of getting overly excited when we have visitors. By using the Stop Barking setting we were able to calm him down within seconds, have a look at the short clip.

As with all products, there are pros/cons to using these ultrasonic devices. And in this section will briefly go over both the positives and the negatives of these devices to help you decide whether or not buying one is a good idea.

  • Can use it on annoying neighborhood dogs
  • Portable
  • You can’t hear it
  • Less expensive than other options
  • Four different types allowing you to choose your personal preference
  • Non-Violent Pet Training Device
  • Works On All Breeds
  • Recommended by The Best Dog Trainers
  • Easy to Use
  • 50% Discount Currently Available
  • Triggers for all nearby dogs.
  • The device can’t differentiate between different reasons of barking.
  • Stock is Limited
  • Discount is Applicable Only for a Few Days
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How does BarXStop ultrasonic dog bark control device work?

Regardless of the type, the way each device works doesn’t change much. Therefore, I’m merely going to go over the basics of how these devices work in general. It will help you further understand the exact training experience your dog will encounter.

In the simplest terms, an ultrasonic dog bark control device works by using a tone to deter your dog from barking. Whether a microphone on a collar or a remote control in your hand controls this, these devices use this sound to stop the barking from continuing. Over time, the hope is your dog will start associating the sound with the barking. In doing so, they’ll soon understand that barking is what makes the sound enter their ears and avoid doing so unless necessary.

How does BarXStop ultrasonic dog bark control device work?

In the end, these devices call on negative reinforcement to curb your dog’s barking a lot like a spray collar or shock collar would. However, the use of negative reinforcement with these devices can be considered a lot more humane than either a spray collar or shock collar. In my personal opinion, I would consider these devices to be the most humane with the right model and manufacturer. But if you end up buying a low-quality version, I could see how these devices could be a problem.

>>Save Yourself from unnecessary loud barking noise<<

See, the main problem is the owners can’t hear the sound. Due to this, it’s impossible for us to evaluate how much damage the noise could do. But high-quality manufacturers employ smarter people than you or me to research this issue.

Therefore, if you buy a high-quality manufacturer such as the ones mentioned in this article, you shouldn’t have any worries about these devices damaging your dog’s ears.

  • Illuminating: Slide the function switch to the first site, press the BEAM button, the machine can be used as a light.
  • Training dog: Slide the function switch to the middle site, and then press the button switch BEAM on the top of the product.
  • Banish dog: Slide the function switch to the last site and aim at the mad dog, press the BEAM button, the dog will run away.

BarXStop Specifications

BarXStopTechnical Specifications
Battery 9-volt battery (not included in purchase package) 
Dimensions12.5 x 4.5 x 2.6 cm
Weight18.1 grams
Range of Output:10 meters
Colors:Black or yellow
Settings3 (LED, training, bark prevention) 
Frequency25 kHz

Why do I need this device?

The device addresses itself to all dog owners, who would like to train their four-legged friend a few behaviors. However, we would like to point out here that the device should only be used by dog owners who know how to use it. Just because the device emits a sound that stops the dog’s unwanted behavior doesn’t mean it has to be used in every situation. Accordingly, it should be used primarily by responsible people. Age does not play a role, nor does gender. In addition to the user, the dog itself is also important. If this is extremely sensitive, an application may not be recommended.

BarXStop anti-bark device buying guide

BarXStop Review Online
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If you have been looking for a means to deter your dog from meaningless barking then indeed the noise has become a nuisance. This buying guide should help you make sure the specific requirements have been met before making your final call. And, that is why you should not ignore checking out on what you should have already known.

It is essential to know whether your dog’s barking is normal or excessive. If your dog barks at a stranger or another pet, it’s lovely. It’s probably a communication for you to look at what it’s trying to show you. So, before you take a step to a purchasing zone, try to understand your dog first. Most dog owners tend to misinterpret the barks, especially when the barks become voluminous. This is entirely a misconception.

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Depending on the type of dog bark deterrent you wish for, it’s essential to consider having a remote controlling device to ensure correction levels can be induced even when the dog is not responding to the automated signal correction. For instance, when using the collar method. This goes for the newly trained dogs, especially when they are half-baked and not yet used to the correction mechanism. If you put this into play, you will face less resistance from your dog.

Sensitivity levels are another critical area to keep eye on. Like it is obvious, you cannot induce the same correction level to all your dogs; especially when using the collar method. This is the main reason why you should consider selecting a specific correction. But you cannot achieve it minus adjustable sensitive levels.  If you wish for a budget-friendly bark deterrent, sound-sensitive devices will work exclusively well with puppies and small dogs.

Lastly, it is about the ease of installation and use. As simple as it may seem, it is a factor to put in mind. While all these products are destined to correct enumerated barking, installation requirements may put you down and eat your time. However, this should not force you to choose the easy to install and end up with an inferior gadget, be more vigilant in maintaining the purpose rather than the hassle.

BarXStop Reviews: Most Effective and Safe Training Device on the Market

The BarXStop ultrasonic training device uses the most humane method possible to effectively train your dog to stop barking. But keep in mind, you never want to prevent your dog from barking indefinitely, only when it starts to get out of hand or happens at the wrong time.

Let’s see some of the features that make BarXStop so popular among men and women all around the world:

100% Harmless to Dogs, Humans and All Animals

BarXStop uses no chemicals or physical contact that can be harmful to dogs. You can be confident that your dog will not be harmed by the ultrasonic and visual stimulation that has been developed.

Ultrasonic Sound

BarXStop uses high pitched tones, not detectable by humans, that specifically target a dog’s hearing. Use the ultrasonic sound to stop your dog in the middle of unwanted behavior, like barking or chewing on shoes.

Bright Flashlight

A high-power LED light is included. Helpful as a flashlight on night walks or use it to add visual stimulus for more stubborn dogs. Just slide the function switch to “Light” and press the “ON” button.

Easy To Use

Simply point BarXStop and press the button. The ultrasonic sound will get your dog’s attention and allow you to train away from the behavior. The convenient size makes it very portable, fits easily in a pocket and can go anywhere with you.

Works On All Breeds

BarXStop works on different kind of dogs including big dogs (e.g. Akita, Labradors, etc.), medium dogs (e.g. Barbet, Dalmatian), small dogs (e.g. Beagles, Bolognese) and more aggressive dogs (e.g. Pitbulls, Boxers etc).

How to train your dog with BarXStop?

  1. When your dog starts barking, remain calm and get near them. Do not yell, it only gets the dog more wound up.
  2. Position yourself so your dog can see you and Point BarXStop at your dog and press the button to emit the ultrasonic sound.
  3. You may take a step toward your dog, which may force them to take a step back or sit down, enhancing your instruction and training.
  4. If you have a more stubborn dog, the LED light can be used to add visual stimulation to the audio output.
  5. As BarXStop helps your dog calm down, release the sound and/or light buttons and allow your dog a moment to remain calm.
  6. Always reinforce good behavior, whether with pets, praise, attention, or treats. Making sure your dog knows you are happy with their behavior will help them understand what you are expecting from them.
  7. Keep BarXStop handy so it is ready for any training opportunity or to avoid a stressful and embarrassing situation.

Is BarXStop Worth Buying?

After putting this device through a series of testing, it passed with flying colors. Our entire staff was blown away by the BarXStop.

It is true that dogs want to please us and make us happy, but sometimes they don’t understand what they should and should not do. It can be challenging and embarrassing dealing with unwanted behaviors. Training is the best way to stop bad behavior and encourage good, but it isn’t easy to communicate with our furry friends. That’s where BarXStop can help.

It allows you to give immediate feedback and helps your dog focus on the instructions. Take control and you can train and reward, making your dog the perfect pet you always wanted.

Here is our internal assessment of the Pros and Cons:

  • Non-Violent Pet Training Device
  • Works On All Breeds
  • Recommended by The Best Dog Trainers
  • Easy to Use
  • 50% Discount Currently Available
  • Stock is Limited
  • Discount is Applicable Only for a Few Days

Our Verdict: When we first researched BarXStop, we were sure it would cost at least $100 or even $150. However, we were surprised to find that you can get it right now with a 50% discount for just $39.

It’s an amazing deal as usually, such training devices are relatively expensive. BarXStop is affordable and a great option to prevent dogs from barking too much or causing damage to your home.

Is BarXStop Safe For My Pet?


Without a doubt! The creators of BarXStop would never hurt an animal and made this device out of unconditional love for our furry friends. The thing is – dogs are able to hear sounds between 67 and 45,000+ Hertz (while humans can only hear ~23,000Hz). Noises that are above that limit cause irritation and discomfort, which is not painful although it definitely catches their attention. This means that BarXStop is completely non-violent so there’s no need to worry about your pet’s health and wellness at all; it will never make your dog go crazy or hurt him in any other way. It’s also totally inaudible to human ears so you can stay calm about your own well-being, too!

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Does BarXStop Work on All Dogs?

Thousands of dog owners around the world are now using BarXStop not only to keep their dogs well-behaved but also to keep themselves and their pets safe from other aggressive and unfriendly canines. BarXStop is reported to work on almost all breeds, including:

  • Dogs like German Shepards, Labradors, Huskies;
  • Smaller dogs – Yorkies, Spaniels;
  • Active ones like Beagles and Boxers;
  • Breeds that tend to be more aggressive, such as Rottweilers, Pinschers, and Pitbulls;
  • Poodles, Shih Tzus, Dachshunds;
  • And even some evil cats!

BarXStop vs Barxbuddy

Both of these products are anti-barking dog device. On comparing these two, we found that BarXStop is comparatively better than other. Some complaints has been seen around the internet for BarXBuddy. You can go for this without any doubt.

Should I Get BarXStop?

If you’re having trouble with your pets at home, or you’re worried that you or your dog may be attacked while you’re out for a walk, carry BarXStop to make sure every dog around you, will behave appropriately.

This device has been selling out regularly since its debut. It really is that popular. The amazing reviews and sharing by word of mouth or social media are selling it out since it hasn’t even been advertised yet. It’s affordable and a great option to prevent dogs from barking too much or causing damage to your home.

Should I Get BarXStop?
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Our BarXStop review

The BarXStop is a must-have device for the dog owners or anyone living in a neighbourhood that has lots of dogs. With this device in your hands, your attitude towards dogs will drastically change even if you don’t like dogs.

Also, we have a surprise for you! All readers of this BarXStop review get an exclusive 50% off. Click the button below and place your order. The delivery is totally free. Your BarXStop will be delivered to your doorstep without any hidden fees.

How to Buy BarXStop?

If you’re ready to purchase the BarXStop pet trainer, you can order it from their official website. When I purchased mine, they were all sold out, so I highly recommend buying more than one if you get the chance. If you have other dog owners that could benefit from this training tool, you could buy a few at a great price. The more you buy, the better the deals are. What’s really great, is the 30-day money-back guarantee. That way, if you don’t feel like BarXStop is for you, there’s no risk and you can return it right back.

It is finally time to gain control of your misbehaved dog and make him your best friend again! For a limited time, BarXStop is running a promo that allows you to get this pet-friendly device 50% OFF with FREE SHIPPING! BarXStop can be purchased in All countries: 

BarXStop can be purchased in 4 SIMPLE steps:

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Who is the supplier of the product?

The following information can be found online about the supplier/manufacturer: Address of the company:Novads OUNarva Mnt 7 Tallinn, Estonia  


Telephone customer service:International: +44 20 3808 9234 (available 24 hours a day).Brazil: +552135003992 (reachable between 9am and 2pm from Monday to Friday according to Brazilian time (GMT-5)). 

Electronic customer service: support(at)hyperstech(dot)com

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the back deterrent device work?

This is modern equipment using advanced technology in silencing your dog from unnecessary barking. Feel good to get covered? Yes, you should. Multiple products work similarly, from the collar to the ultrasonic mechanism. However, let the one you’ll choose depending on how effective you wish the device to be and the calculated risks as well as budget management.

How extensive (range) can the ultrasonic method sense/transmit the barking of a neighborhood dog?

This question has been asked severally, and the answer is “it’s written in the product details”. Before you take any anti-barking device, make sure it is effective to the boundary stipulated. Otherwise, you’ll be doing some zero work budgeting on something that won’t be of any help to you.

How safe is the anti-barking system for my dog?

As much as people have this kind of worry, especially when it comes to the safety of his/her canine friend, you should know that these gadgets were made safe for use. However, before you take it home with you, make sure it’s tested and verified first.

Can the barking device be used on cats too?

Not all of them in particular, but some products have been specially designed to work on cats. These are the example of the upgraded collars. However, chances of cats to misbehave are minimal.

Is the battery included?

No there is no battery included. BarXSstop runs on a 9 Volt E battery. You need to purchase it separately.

How long does delivery take?

Due to the ongoing pandemic there might be a slight delay in your delivery.

How much does BarXStop cost?

The product normally costs €78 / $78 / £60 but if you take advantage of our exclusive discount you will receive 50% off and free shipping.

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BarXStop Prices in Australia

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BarXStop Prices in Austria

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BarXStop Price and order details:

You can place your order from official website, There is a special offer by the company which offers the product just at $39. The original MRP of the product is $78. If you are looking to buy an anti-barking device,BarXStop should be on your list.

What is the range of the device?

BarXstop works on dogs that are within a range of 10 meters.

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BarXStop is a must-buy for all dog owners. You can use it to train your dog and keep it from barking away incessantly. The device is safe to use and does not harm your dog in any way. Since the frequency is inaudible to humans, it is safe for us as well. The product BarXStop is available for purchase online from the official website.

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