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LingoGet Review – New Language Learning Computer launched

LingoGet Review: We all know this when we go on holiday and would like to have a conversation there, but it usually leads to something other than what was intended. Be it that suddenly a completely different piece of cake lands on your plate than the one you ordered or something else.

Everyone has experienced these things at least once. Learning a language is still difficult nowadays, if you stick to the typical language courses that are offered. Other programs online do not always keep what they promise. That’s why we have now checked out a language learning computer which should make it easy to learn languages.

LingoGetDevice Reviews: Do you have a keen interest to learn multiple languages faster? If it is ‘yes’ then you need to get in touch with LingoGet, an effective language learning gadget.

What is LingoGet?

LingoGet is promoted by its manufacturer as a revolutionary language learning device. It is designed to support more than 30 languages and help you learn new languages even faster than before. This special learning method is based on the principle of repetition and is combined with a new type of speech recognition technology. This should make it possible to learn particularly effectively.

The language learning device is a small, handy gadget, which is equipped with a microphone and a speaker as well as some buttons for setting and changing the language. As soon as you hold the product in your hands, you can already start learning a new language. But before you can, you’ll need to download the app to your smartphone or tablet. Now the mobile device is paired with the speech recognition device and you can select one of over 30 languages and your preferred difficulty level from the app. Now you can start to improve your language skills in English, French, Spanish, Swedish or any other language.

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LingoGet Technical Facts

  • supports more than 30 languages
  • three levels of difficulty
  • more than 10.000 words deposited
  • handy and ideal for travelling
  • attractive design in white
  • Running time of up to 12 hours continuous learning
  • fast reaction time
  • Change the language with one click

Advantages of the Product

This particular device, LingoGet will provide you with advantages in multiple ways in need of language learning. Just have eyes on the benefits mentioned below.

  • Provides options for more than 30 languages
  • Stored words more than 10000.
  • Very portable and ideal for travelling
  • Looking good in its design
  • Runs at a stretch for up to 12 hours
  • Suitable for changing the language for just one click

How does it work?

LingoGet Review - New Language Learning Computer launched 2

LingoGet works very simply. It is a gadget that is set with over 10,000 words in different languages that are used in casual conversation. These words are divided into various difficulty levels from the simple, intermediate, to challenging levels. The device works by being linked to a smartphone that it uses as a user interface. The smartphone allows you to select the difficulty level you are comfortable with, the lesson you want to learn, as well as the mode you want the device to work in.

There are 2 modes, the translator mode, and the teacher mode. The translator mode allows you to translate whatever is spoken around you. There is a speech to text tool that converts the spoken word so you can get a representation of it on your phone. This tool helps you learn the language even faster. The device has over 30 languages you can choose from. It allows you to learn any one of them in any combination that you prefer.

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The device is Bluetooth enabled. It works by syncing with your smartphone, allowing you to choose any of its functions.

Why should LingoGet help me?

In today’s world, it’s easy to get from A to B. Many people use this to go on holiday and get to know the world. But they do not always speak the language spoken in the country they are going to. To counteract this problem, they learn the principles of the language beforehand, but they are not always able to communicate fully. Especially in emergency situations, you always seek the help of a translator who can help you. With the help of this language learning computer, however, this should no longer be necessary. It is possible to learn the language in an easy way and get immediate feedback.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the language learning device?

Like every product, LingoGet also has its advantages and disadvantages, which we would like to list in the following. With the help of this list, you can get an exact picture of the product and it can influence your purchase decision if you are not yet sure whether it is the right one for you.

  • Easy handling
  • Over 30 languages available
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Easy and difficult lessons to learn in a short time
  • Direct feedback thanks to voice input
  • None known

As you can see, the device only has advantages that you can benefit from while working with it. It is therefore ideal for all those who like to travel and also sometimes move around in a country where they do not really speak the language spoken there. As LingoGet can be used everywhere, it is also possible to learn the language lessons on the road. Simple and uncomplicated.

Benefits of LingoGet

This personal language assistant has various benefits it offers you off the bat.

  • Diverse Language Selection: The device comes with more than 30 languages to choose from that you can learn. This selection allows you to get all the knowledge that you need about these languages and practice to perfection.
  • Suitable For All Levels of Learners: LingoGet is suitable for learners of all levels, whether it is beginner, intermediate, or advanced. This range allows you to fit in where you are most comfortable.
  • Fast-Paced Learning: The mode of teaching implemented in this device is repetitive. This mode allows you to quickly grasp and understand the words of the language you are learning. You can learn any language 8 times as fast as conventional modes of teaching would teach it.
  • Extensive Vocabulary Coverage: The device has a vast vocabulary of more than 10,000 words taken from different languages. This large store ensures you have all the words you need to engage and converse with the people in that foreign country.
  • Enhanced Battery Life: The gadget has an enhanced battery life that ensures that you can use it for close to 12 hours. This extended battery power allows you the freedom to use the device for as long as you want without the fear of it dying on you.

How can it be used?

To use this language learning device, first of all, you need to download the app of LingoGet on your mobile. After that, you need to make paired your mobile with the device using Bluetooth.

When the setting is in the right process, just you need to switch on the device for starting to take the learning process. Press the button to select the language one after another whatever you like as per your choice.

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Here are the steps that you can follow to use this effective language device-

  • Step 1– After receiving your order, put the device on charge for at least 3 hours
  • Step 2- Once the device is charged, you can start using it by switching it On
  • Step 3- Download the LingoGet app on your phone
  • Step 4– Select the language that you want to learn or want to listen to
  • Step 5- The buttons for “speak” and “listen” are available on the device, you can press the one as per your need
  • Step 6- Once done, you can turn it OFF and place it aside

How to Set Up Your LingoGet Device?

Once you receive your LingoGet, you will have to charge the device completely. Meanwhile, you need to download the LingoGet app on your phone. It is compatible with Android, iOS, and other common smartphone software. Once the device is completely charged, simply unplug it and connect it to your phone through Wi-Fi. You’ll also need access to your phone’s internet connection to start using the device. The device will only operate with an active internet connection.

Using your smartphone, you’ll be able to select the language and other settings for your device. You can also select from the three difficulty level that you are comfortable with. The device provides you with two different modes to work from. The first one is the translator mode, where you can translate any foreign language into the language you understand using the voice recognition technology. Another mode is the teacher mode, where you will get a complete lesson on the language of your choice.

What are the Different Things You can Do with LingoGet?

Here is a list of the different things that you will be able to do with LingoGet –

  • You can choose from 30 different languages to learn.
  • You can learn new languages from your home and without traveling anywhere.
  • You will spend maximum time learning how to speak the language and not just the words.
  • You’ll be able to save a lot of your time by not going to language classes.
  • The device offers 10-20 minutes of lessons that you can easily add to your busy schedule.
  • Learning through the device offers a more modern and fun method to learn a new language.
  • You’ll have no problem communicating with locals when you travel abroad for work or leisure.
  • You will be able to use the device to change speech to text.
  • You will see a reduction in your stammering since you can practice as much as you like.
  • You develop conversational skills that you can use in real-life situations.

How safe & effective is this product?

This particular device is very effective for people who have a keen interest to learn an international language. Just listen to the process very carefully to be a language expert surely.

It is a very safe device that does not harm you while using this device. It is very simple and easy to operate. Nothing big hassle you do not have to face. 

Why is Product better than others?

This product works better than the others in need of learning a language. It provides you with hassle-free service while operating. Language learners will have the advantage to learn languages more than 30 that is unbelievable.

It makes people comfortable to grab the process of learning and as a result, learners come to be efficient in the language very quickly.

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Why do I need this Product?


The language learning device is aimed at all people who want to learn a new language. It doesn’t matter whether you have done well with your previous learning method or whether you have had problems learning a language so far: The gadget with speech recognition can help you to achieve faster success.

This has already been proven according to the provider. In a study with 1,000 test persons, it was shown that learning a foreign language with the language learning device is up to eight times faster than with conventional learning methods that you may remember from your school days – keyword: flashcards or memorization.

Where can I buy LingoGet?

You want to learn a new language and see in the MUAMA with speech recognition a useful tool that can help you? Then have a look at the official website of the provider. Here you will find more information about the product – but it is in English.

You can also easily buy your own language learning device here. The provider offers great discounts in their current promo campaign:

In the first step of the order process, you select the number of LingoGet you want. Afterwards, in step 2, your first name and last name, as well as your e-mail address and telephone number will be requested. In the third step, you must now enter your address.

In the fourth and last step you will be asked to pay. Here you have the choice between VISA, MasterCard and PayPal. Now you can order your language learning device.

LingoGet Review - New Language Learning Computer launched 1
What Comes In The Box?

The box you get with the product contains the following:

  • The Lingoget device with an in-built Lithium-ion battery.
  • A USB cable to charge the device.
  • A user manual.
Who is the supplier of the product?

UAB EkomlitaGedimino g. 45-7Kaunas, Lithuania 

Homepage * 


Phone: +44 2080 891846

Frequently Asked Question

How Many Languages Can I Learn Using LingoGet?

Purchasing the product gives you access to over 30 languages, which you can learn and be fluent in.

How Fast Can I Learn a Language Using LingoGet?

It takes about 48 days to learn a language while studying it for 10 hours a day using a regular class. LingoGet brings down this time to 5 times less than the expected time you would conventionally take.

Can This Device Work Alone, or Does It Need Anything Else to Function?

The LingoGet needs your smartphone to access all its desirable functions. It uses the smartphone as an interface allowing you to change different attributes like the language learned and level of learning. The device also needs an app that is available from the Play Store or App Store, depending on the device you are using.

How long does it take to see results with LingoGet?

This question is hard to answer. LingoGet helps consumers learn a new language, but precise progress depends on a number of important personal factors.

Final Verdict (Lingoget Review)

Learning a new language takes time and can be stressful. But it can also be an enjoyable experience. The LingoGet language assistant gives you the freedom you need to learn a new language without the pressure associated with a class set up. It gives you the option of learning more than 30 languages with ease. Try it today and enjoy the freedom of being multilingual.

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