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Muama Enence Instant Translator Review [2021] – Read Reviews Before You Buy!

Muama Enence Review: You spend years taking pricey language courses and the result is never satisfactory. Native speakers will always mock your accent, mimic your ways and call you names.

Do you agree that language barrier is one of the greatest challenges when travelling overseas? When was the last time you felt confident asking for directions abroad? How about shopping or taking a taxi? Don’t worry! Everyone knows this feeling! Studies prove that language shaming keeps the majority of people away not only from travelling the world, but also from pursuing an international career.

But how come, politicians and famous businessmen manage very well speaking only 1 language? The truth is, they’d rather hire an interpreter than waste their precious time and money on language learning.

Why can’t you do the same thing – have your own translator? No, not by your side! Inside your pocket! And you will not need to break the bank!

What is Muama Enence Instant Translator?

Muama Enence Instant Translator Review

Muama Enence is a portable translator device. As its name suggests, tourists and travellers use it when they don’t speak a language but need to translate something on the spot.

The MUAMA Enence is a small language computer that can translate into more than 40 languages in real time. Simply speak your sentences into the device and it will instantly be perfectly translated into any language, so you can easily communicate with your counterpart. Without time-consuming and costly language courses, you can now communicate freely with anyone you meet, anytime, anywhere. No matter if he speaks your mother tongue or not. Because with this mini translator you understand immediately everyone of this world, because the device can translate your sentences immediately in real time into each language.

Before purchasing an insant translation device, there are many types to choose from. Most models, like the Muama Enence, works with an internet connection. This is a great choice if you can connect through WiFi wherever you go.

Then there are devices that only work one way, i.e., they only translate one language to another. If I were to buy one of these translation devices, I would have to change the input languages so that my interlocutor can answer my questions. That takes too long. Luckily, Muama Enence is a two-way translation device, so I don’t have any of those problems.

Most of these devices are of similar size. Enence, for example, fits into the palm of my hand. There are others out there that are even smaller than that. In addition to size, most of the translators have a similar shape and design, too. They all remind me of MP3 players from roughly a decade ago. That kind of gives them a neo-retro look, which I love.

Quick Facts About The Translator:

  • Muama Enence is not a stand-alone translation device: you need to install an app on your phone, connect it with Bluetooth, and keep your phone screen on all the time to not interrupt connection with the device. It can be compared to a handheld microphone that will record and transmit audio from a translation app on your phone
  • Muama Enence does not work offline: you need a Wi-Fi connection or 4G in order to translate anything
  • Muama Enence takes 4 to 5 weeks to ship from China, and all returns must be made at your own cost (shipping + additional return fees) to their Lithuanian office
  • Muama Enence may not work (not connect to your phone), if you don’t have a specific O.S. installed, so check reviews first before buying to see if your phone will be able to connect or not

Muama Enence – Technical Facts

Here are the technical facts for a full overview:

  • 4 days battery life 
  • High accuracy in translation 
  • Good quality for audio inputs and outputs 
  • Reaction time of 1.5 seconds 
  • Portable design 
  • Saves time and money 
  • Multiple languages ​​easily translatable (including German, French, Czech, Turkish, Spanish, Italian and Japanese)

In principle, the device offers everyone the right conditions for a relaxed journey, because you finally understand everything that is said around you. In addition, you can communicate a lot better if there are any things that are of high importance. The device translates within 1.5 seconds.

Why do you need Muama Instant Translator?

Muama Enence

The small portable device is particularly useful for men who would want to express themselves in different languages in their professional jobs. Many professions require you to communicate with various people around the world. It isn’t possible to learn every language perfectly. Hence Muama Instant Translator can come to your rescue. This device enables you to have a smooth sailing conversation with your colleagues or clients. There are multiple translator devices available but all of them do not have the powerful features of Muama Instant Translator. This device translates in a short time, both from one language to the other and vice versa which makes life simpler and easier. You don’t need to remember vocabulary or expressions anymore when you have Muama Instant Translator. All you need is this handy device for all of your work, travel, or other opportunities.


The product features the most advanced and newest features that can be available in a translator.

  • Multiple Languages Translation: The product supports more than 40 languages and each one of them can be translated into one another. It is great to have a translator with these many languages.
  • Voice Translation: The device has intelligent voice recognition that understands your voice and interprets it the correct way.
  • Two-way real-time intercom: The device enables two people talking in two different languages at the same time. This makes communication smooth and easy.
  • Bluetooth Wireless Connection: You can connect your smartphone to the device to increase the transmission signal up to 10 meters.
  • Compatibility: Muama Instant Translator is compatible with both Andriod and iOS devices. That is a great plus in the product. There are multiple other translators but they do not come with this fantastic feature.
  • Rechargeable and Durable: Muama Instant Translator has low power consumption which lasts the battery for long which is about 4-5 days. To charge the device, plug it into the USB cable and charge it.
  • Portable and sleek design: The device is small and compact with great looks. We always want to get right looking products with great features. Muama Instant Translator is an all in one package. The device seems expensive and of good quality.
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MUAMA Enence Instant Voice Translator User Manual

MUAMA Enence Instant Voice Translator User Manual

Download MUAMA Enence Instant Voice Translator User Manual

What Else Do I Need to Know About Enence?

  • After receiving the product, make sure to charge the device.
  • Install the Muama Enence application, depending on whatever operating system you use.
  • Then select the languages and settings you need accordingly after connecting the device.
  • Press the A button when you speak and release it.
  • The other person listens to the translation done by the machine, after 1-1.5 seconds. 
  • Please press button B when the other person speaks to translate their language to yours.
  • Keep good practice.

How does it work?

After taking a look at the seller’s official website, you may be entitled to ask yourself exactly how this translator works. The little bit of information on the page about the actual use of the device does not detail anything.

According to explanations found on their official website, you can simply press the main button and start talking to initiate the translation, similar to how you would do with a high-end pocket translator like Travis, Pocketalk or ili.

It is however not that simple or fast. This is not written anywhere on their site, but you will first have to download an application (available on the Apple Store or Android / Google Play Store) on your phone. Among other things, it will be used to select languages ​​because the device does not have a screen.

Your translator will then have to be connected via Bluetooth to your phone to complete any translations. Cherry on top, the screen of your phone should be constantly lit not to cut the connection with the voice translator, and your location information should be turned on (which can drain your phone battery even faster). A very cumbersome detail, requiring you to juggle between two devices when you want to start a conversation with another person. If your phone goes to sleep, you will need to reconnect the device.

  • When you want to speak something, press the ‘A’ button and talk into the device.
  • Thereby release the button and wait for the translation.
  • The translation is usually within seconds. It does not take much time for the conversion.
  • Your counterpart will then receive the answer in his language.
  • It works the same the other way round.
  • The counterpart holds the button ‘B’ and speaks into the device and then releases the button.
  • The device will translate the answer in your language.
  • The mechanism of Muama Instant Translator is pretty simple and easy.
  • The device has the ability and can translate up to 40 languages, for example, Hebrew, Arabic, English (UK), English (China), Korean, Indonesian, Bulgarian, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Thai, Spanish, Hindi (India), French, Swedish, Portuguese, Romanian, Catalan, Polish, Danish, Czech, Finnish and multiple more.
  • Now travel without any worries about communication.
  • The device has a long battery life of up to 4 days.
  • The translation takes about 1.5 seconds which is fast for such a device.

See It In Action – Video!

Which Languages are Preinstalled into Enence Instant Translator?

MUAMA Enence Instant Translator enables you to communicate in over 40 languages. It delivers fast and accurate two-way translation that makes communicating with foreigners a breeze. The device WORKS BOTH WAYS! ALL supported languages are interchangeable.

Ready-to-translate languages include:

  • Tagalog (Philippines)
  • Indonesian
  • Bulgarian
  • Cantonese, Sichuan dialect
  • English (China)
  • English (UK)
  • English (India)
  • Korean
  • French
  • French (Canada
  • Spanish (Mexico)
  • Italian
  • Greek
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Arabic (Egypt)
  • Arabic (International)
  • Romanian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian
  • Norwegian
  • Croatian
  • Hebrew (Israel)
  • Malaysian
  • Simplified Chinese,
  • Traditional Chinese
  • English (US)
  • English (Australia)
  • Hindi (India)
  • Japanese
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Thai
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
  • Hungarian
  • Swedish
  • Finnish
  • Polish
  • Vietnamese
  • Slovak
  • Catalan

Muama Instant Translator is a genius device that helps you talk to anyone in any language at ease. Technology has been so advanced that this is now possible. You need not spend money on learning new languages or completing online courses which are ineffective. This translator will be your guide while traveling, business meetings or for other purposes.

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Muama Instant Translator is invented and developed in Japan and was an instant hit since it was made available to the public. The device is majorly popular in the business world, wherein many people from different nations work together and need to communicate regularly. That is when this device comes handy. It is also vastly used by travelers, where it can use to communicate with the locals and ease up conversations. Now never let a conversation get awkward or misunderstood due to lack of understanding. Use the Muama Instant Translator to talk and understand people when you travel to different countries.

What should you expect from Muama Instant Translator?

  • Muama Instant Translator allows you to understand other people’s languages.
  • Make new friends using the device wherein you can easily communicate with people of different nationalities.
  • With this product, now travel without any fear and be confident on your next trip.
  • The product can also be handy to use as a personal assistant to learn new languages.
  • The device helps you develop better work relations and ease up conversations between co-workers.
  • Get your hands on the latest tech-equip gadget.
  • There is no need to install anything on the device. You may begin to use as soon as you receive the product. No installation required.
  • Have a lot of fun while using the product and learn new languages with the Muama Instant Translator.
Muama instant translator language

Benefits of Smart Translator

  • When you go on business trips and on holidays, you can now avoid embarrassing moments when you try and explain yourself through actions.
  • There will be no communication barrier now between you and the other person.
  • Communicate in 30+ languages with ease.
  • Open your horizons with Smart Translator as it helps you express yourself in other languages, without having to drive yourself crazy.
  • Crack business deals with your foreign clients by impressing them, speaking in their language
  • The product has 12 month warranty.

MUAMA Enence Test

MUAMA Enence Translator Test

The MUAMA Enence speech computer was invented and developed in Japan and is already an international hit. The device is particularly popular in the business world, where many people from different nations often come together to talk to each other. There the speech computer helps enormously to understand each other easily. But the mini translator also helps on vacation if you want to find your way around quickly. That alone is an enormous quality feature and enjoys great popularity!

Can Muama Enence Translate Without An Internet Connection?

The short answer is no, Muama Enence does not work without internet. You will need a constant connection to the internet (in addition to your phone being linked to the device) to be able to start translating anything. This information is not mentioned on their site.

In case of a trip abroad, purchasing an international SIM card (which you will have to install on your phone, as Muama does not have a dedicated slot for SIM cards) is more than recommended.

Rating and Recommendation

Because the Muama Enence language translator can translate both conversation partners and their respective languages, it offers a fluent and easy conversation without misunderstandings. Both sides can understand and help each other without having to speak the other’s language. Something like this is a very good thing if you don’t have the time and money to attend all the language courses or work through several expensive language books all the time. Maybe you don’t like foreign languages in general and find it difficult to learn a new language. The Muame Enence language translator offers a very simple solution and it is also fun to use the little device.

Where Can I Buy MUAMA Enence?

The speech computer can only be obtained from the official website of the manufacturer Enence. There, however, you will receive discounts and other services that you would not receive elsewhere. If you order only one device, you will receive a discount of up to 50 percent. The more devices you order immediately, the more discount you get on your order. If you buy two translators directly, you even get one for free. And if you buy three devices immediately, you even get two for free! In addition, you’ll receive free shipping on every order and a 60-day money back guarantee if you don’t like it. In addition, you will receive a 3-year warranty on your order for a small extra charge if you tick this box before submitting your order.

User Review

Rheo Wasserman – I can say this is the best translator in our daily life works great and easy to use with excellent quality it helps me a lot to do my work I recommend it.

Leroy Under – Undoubtedly one of the best products I have been able to buy, of excellent quality, I recommend it 100%, its prices are special and its customer service has nothing to envy, the delivery service is one of the best that I have contracted I am very satisfied and very pleased without a doubt they are the best option. thank you very much.

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Price and order details

You can purchase Muama Instant Translator on the official website of the company. There are great deals and discounts on every order with free shipping. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee wherein if you do not like the product, and you can return it to the company.

If you order now, there is a significant 50% discount the company is offering. This is a never to miss option. If you are looking out to buy a translator, then don’t let this deal slip off your hands. The original price of the Muama Instant Translator is $178.00, but with the 50% discount, you will be receiving this product for just $89.

There are just four easy steps to lay your hands on these fantastic products.

Step 1: Select the quantity.

Step 2: Enter your personal information. Enter the first name, last name, email address, phone number. Provide accurate details for the fast delivery of the product.

Step 3: Enter your delivery address. Select country, town/city, street, and house number, state/province, zip/postal code. Enter all correct details for the fast delivery of the device.

Step 4: Here, you need to enter the billing information. You can select the payment method, card number, expiry, and CVV.

This completes your order. Your order once raised shall be delivered within seven days with free shipping. Now isn’t that a great deal to get your hands on.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is Smart Translator a miracle device?

Smart Translator can be a miracle device for you if you have been in embarrassing moments trying to explain yourself to others and faced communication barrier with the other person.

How to order the product?

Smart Translator is only available on the official and authentic website of the manufacturer, Ecomerz and can be ordered from there.

Does the company take International orders?

Yes, the company takes orders from all around the world.

Is Money Back Guarantee available?

Yes, there is Money Back Guarantee available on Smart Translator. The manufacturer offers 100% guarantee for meeting your expectation or get your money back.

What is the company’s return and refund policy?

There is a 30-day return policy on Smart Translator. if you are unsatisfied, return within 30 days of ordering and get 100% money back.

How long does it take for the product to be delivered?

Orders in USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and China get delivered in 10-15 business days roughly. Orders in Latin America, Morocco take 15-30 days on an average to get delivered, while orders in Africa and Asia takes 20-30 days. The delivery date may get delayed, if there are custom delays.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, cancellation of order is permitted within 12 hours of purchase of the device.

Is tracking of my order available?

Yes, you will be able to track your order as you obtain a tracking number when you order your device. By using the tracking number, order code and your email used to purchase the device, you can track your order.

Is the product sold in local shops?

No, Smart Translator is only sold online on the company’s official and original website and not sold anywhere else in local shops.

Can I change my address after I have ordered the device?

Yes, you indeed can change your address after ordering the device. However, this comes with a time constraint and that is 12 hours. Change of address after 12 hours of the purchase of your order will not be possible as the company by then, would have already started to process your order and it would be now impossible to amend the address.

What is the company’s terms and conditions and refund policy?

Company’s terms and conditions and refund policy are available online on the official website of the company, Ecomerz. Customer may also call the company, regarding any more queries.

How much does Muama Enence cost?

It is currently sold for $89 on the official website of the brand.

What is the Average Shipping Time for Muama Enence?

If time is of the essence for you, be wary, as based on customer reviews, you should expect a 4 to 5 weeks delivery time. It is not sent from Muama’s head office in Lithuania, but directly from China. That may involve some custom taxes when you actually receive the translator.

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