Peace Play Review 2021 – The 2021 Boom Box Without the Box!

Listen to your favorite music anywhere with Peace Play while maintaining perfect awareness of your surroundings.

With Peace Play, you can have the best of both worlds – incredible sound quality and complete connection with your environment. All this innovative technology resting on your shoulders, literally.

Every year, more and more people are injured or even killed in accidents involving earbuds. These days, it’s hard to even listen to your favorite playlist while crossing the street. Your kids, traffic, important phone calls, could all be neglected when you have your headphones on drowning out the noise around you.

What is Peace Play?

Peace Play

Peace Play is a speaker system that wraps around your neck, delivering music to your ears while still allowing you to hear background noise.

You could call this gadget a speaker system. You could also call it a wireless headset or a set of headphones. Peace Play is like a combination of all of these systems.

According to the official website, Peace Play delivers an “immersive, hands-free listening experience” while resting comfortably around your neck. Peace Play has a streamlined, lightweight design while delivering crystal-clear audio quality without being disruptive to your surroundings.

Peace Play is exclusively available through, where it’s priced at around $70 per unit.


  • Hands-free speaker – Thanks to its round shape and modern design, it will fit comfortably around your neck. It leaves your hands completely free so that you can write, type, cook, and more.
  • Make & receive phone calls – You can make phone calls and talk to your friends or family with Peace Play. It won’t stop your phone calls from coming through, but instead, it will alert you.
  • Durable – It will fit around your neck and stay put. It won’t fall. You can go jogging and don’t have to worry about it falling into the ground.
  • Simple installation – Pair your device to it with your music playlists. Turn the volume up and listen to music while being aware of your surroundings.
  • Listen to your favorite music – Gather your loved ones, and enjoy listening to music together while partying and chatting.

Specifications of Peace Play

  • These speakers are completely wireless and super light in weight.
  • It has a good battery capacity that ensures your device has a standby time of 72 hours and playtime of more than 8 hours non-stop
  • It has a “fast super charge feature” that allows you charge your speakers within 2 hours
  • Pairing is very easy and this earbud works perfectly for up to 10 meters
  • It makes use of a V4.2+ EDR which ensure that your listen to rich quality sound
  • It has a Bluetooth for connecting or pairing with any smartphone, smartwatch or laptop

Speakers That Make Your Life Easier

Peace Play found a way to deliver crystal clear sound without drowning out the background completely. So, you can shimmy and shake and still hear the kids playing in the yard. This innovative, advanced technology is designed to fit comfortably around your neck, leaving your hands completely free and giving you the ability to hear what’s happening in your environment.

Boost Your Workouts, Amplify Your Music, and Talk To Your Loved Ones Hands-Free

You might think that once you’ve tried one pair of wireless headphones, you’ve tried them all. But there are no headphones on the market like Peace Play. This is a truly unique listening experience. Unlike other headphones, the Peace Play pumps your favorite tunes out of external speakers. Pairing it with your smartphone allows you to talk on the phone without having to put a speaker next to your ear. You can wear it all day comfortably without worrying it will slip out of your ears while you’re working out and drenched in sweat.

Peace Play delivers audiophile sound quality

Get Better Beats, Deeper Base, and Bigger Boom in Three Easy Steps

  • STEP 1 Pair your Peace Play to the device with your favorite playlist.
  • STEP 2 Turn the volume up so you can hear the audio and still hear your surroundings.
  • STEP 3 Place your Peace Play comfortably around your neck for all-day listening.

Enjoy Your Favorite Music While Keeping Up With Your Busy Life

Of course, there are places you might not want to wear these. Any place where people need peace and quiet or concentration like the office or the gym. But they are perfect for so many other scenarios and places:

Outdoor fitness doesn’t have to be boring anymore

Going for a run, hiking, or outdoor group fitness workouts are probably the number one use for this device. Music is an important part of working out, some people even refuse to work out without music. There are some people who don’t feel safe going for a jog alone, so they don’t wear headphones or maybe only wear one earbud so they can stay alert for their own safety. But Peace Play solves this issue by giving you the ability to listen to your music while still being aware of your surroundings.

Improve any gathering by playing your favorite tunes

The beach, park, and barbeques are places you want to listen to music with other people. If you would typically bring a speaker, you can easily bring the Peace Play. Some people even like to take them off and set them down as speakers while controlling the music from their device. And when its time to pack up, just simply place Peace Play around your neck so you have more hands for carrying things back to the car.

Turn mundane house chores into fun tasks

No one likes doing chores, but they might be more tolerable when you’re listening to your favorite playlist or maybe even a podcast. Peace Play is convenient for this situation because it allows you to have an ear open for your kids, the doorbell, or your friendly neighbor who likes to pop in every now and then.

VR and gaming that doesn’t cramp your neck

If you’re familiar with virtual reality or online gaming, you know what it’s like wearing all that gear around your head. Peace Play is a great alternative when you’re fighting off a zombie apocalypse. You can still enjoy complete immersive gaming while keeping a foot in reality.

Make important speaker calls without having to stop what you’re doing

Because of its Bluetooth technology, Peace Play can also work as a hands-free phone. The audio is crystal clear and with its easy connection, you won’t miss a single call. Perfect for days you have your hands tied and need to keep up with work calls from home, your car, or when you’re running errands. Basically, it makes your life easier and much more efficient!

Watching the kids without driving yourself bonkers

This reason may be one of the most obvious ones, but it’s still worth mentioning. Kids can be a handful and its nearly impossible to have earphones in when you’re trying to keep an eye on them and their mischievous ways. Peace Play lets you listen to your favorite calming music without being too distracted.

How Does Peace Play Work?

Oddly, the Peace Play website provides limited information about how the system works, what type of technology it uses, or the size of the battery inside. Typically, you want to know all of this information before buying any type of wireless device or speaker.

Instead of giving specific technical details, the Peace Play website makes vague claims about delivering “crystal clear audio”, for example. We don’t know the bitrate of that audio, nor do we know how that audio data is delivered to Peace Play.

We do know, however, that PeacePlay connects to your phone via Bluetooth. PeacePlay has a Bluetooth receiver, and you can stream audio, phone calls, and other data from your phone directly to Peace Play.

How Does Peace Play Work?

You recharge PeacePlay via a micro-USB port – similar to the port on most electronics, smartphones, and tablets.

To use Peace Play, follow these steps:

  • Step 1) Connect the speakers to your device.
  • Step 2) Turn the speakers on to your preferred volume.
  • Step 3) Drape Peace Play around your neck and start listening to music.

We’ve seen other speakers use bone induction technology to deliver audio data without covering your ears. Some headphones rest on your outer ear, for example, leaving your ear uncovered while still delivering audio data. Bone induction technology uses vibrations within your ear to deliver sound without actually covering your ear.

Peace Play Technical Specifications

The makers of Peace Play provide limited information about the tech specs of the headphones upfront, making it difficult to compare the speakers to other units in this price range.

  • Audio Quality: “Crystal clear, precision audio”
  • Battery Size: Not listed (recharge via micro-USB)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth LE
  • Control: On-board volume controls
  • Mobile Support: Works with any Bluetooth Apple or Android device

How much does it cost?

Two pairs of Peace Play headphones sold for $99.98

Three pairs of Peace Play headphones sold for $118.24

Four pairs of Peace Play headphones sold  for $137.47

Above all, all orders come with a 30-day guarantee, allowing users to get a refund of their money if the product doesn’t suit their lifestyle.

Who’s Behind Peace Play?

It is made by an eCommerce company named Quality Performance Limited. That company claims to be based in Clifton, New Jersey.

Quality Performance Limited does not claim to manufacture the headphones themselves; instead, the company seems to source the headphones from cheaper Chinese manufacturers. You can find similar headphones on Alibaba and other Chinese marketplaces for under $10 per unit.

You can contact Quality Performance Limited via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 855-219-4892
  • Mailing Address: 377 Valley Rd #1123 Clifton, NJ 07013

There is no business address or office at that location; instead, it’s the address of a postal service.

Where Can You Get Peace Play?

Simply place an order from the OFFICIAL WEBSITE. You can search for other hands-free headphones, but why bother? You’ll be paying premium prices for something that’s heavy, clunky, and inconvenient. And when it breaks, you will have to spend hours on the phone with their customer service team that will redirect you to another person until you finally give up and call it a loss.

Peace Play Online Review

The longer you wait to get yourself the Peace Play, the greater the risk of them selling out. And with the weather heating up, you’ll want to be outdoors enjoying your favorite tunes with your friends. You won’t come across another product like this. This truly unique listening experience will change the way you work out, enjoy the outdoors, and live your day-to-day life.

Frequently Asked Question

When can I expect the delivery?

There might be a delay in your delivery due to the corona pandemic.

What’s the price of Peace Play wireless headphones?

The price for single product is $69.99 and if you purchase two, then it will cost you $139.98.

Do the speakers need to be connected to the neckpiece?

Not at all. Whether they are held on the neck piece or kept in a pocket, the speakers will still work.

Does Peace Play damage the ears?

No, because the portable speakers are not louder than ordinary headphones. In addition, the music is also emitted into the environment, but not directly to the ear.

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