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QB Kraftz Review 2023: Best Clear Ice Maker

Bars closed, clubs closed? Mixologist shares secret of cocktails at home. QB Kraftz is here for you! If your city is in a major crisis, you know that almost every bar and club everywhere might be closed. Not just in the USA, but in major parts of Europe, too, all in an effort to support the concept of “Social Distancing”. The idea is to limit people to gather in groups of less than 10 so as to limit the opportunity for things to spread. It’s a conscious effort to reduce close contact in large groups. Is our social life over or has it just changed? Is social drinking over during quarantine?

In many cases, social distancing means serious change, but having a relaxing cocktail is still in the cards. Staying at home with just close family and friends does not mean you can no longer indulge in cocktails like that served.

QB Kraftz clear ice cubes can enhance any drink, not just cocktails. If you’re a whiskey drinker, and you like your whiskey “on the rocks”, you might already be familiar with this type of ice mold. These ice cubes are usually meant for alcoholic beverages, but ever since getting a mold for myself, I have been using them for so much more.

QB Kraftz Review 2023: Best Clear Ice Maker 1

What is QB Kraftz?

QB Kraftz Ice Maker
QB Kraftz Clear ICE Ball Maker

QB Kraftz is an ice cube maker that comes in different molds, so you can use them for any occasion to enhance your drink. I like to drink casually and I love hosting parties and get-togethers at my home. Trying out different molds, I can truly say that the QB Kraftz clear ice ball maker makes the purest, crystal clear ice cubes, even better than expensive ice molds.

Here’s what you can expect from the QB Kraftz:

  • Professional quality ice making kit
  • Patented design to ensure best quality ice
  • Insulated for purity
  • Slow freeze ensures clarity
  • Hundreds of molds to choose from


  • Top Tray/Stacking Tray
  • Middle Tray
  • Bottom Tray/Reservoir Tray
  • 2 basic sphere molds made from silicone.

Why QB Kraftz?

QB Kraftz Clear Ice Maker

Many QB Kraftz reviews are from bartenders, mixologists, or people like myself who just like to entertain. So they know what it’s like to build the perfect drink out of the equipment they find in their own kitchen. You might have wondered “how do I get high-end lounge quality ice cubes?”. If you’ve ever been to a fancy bar or lounge that specializes in cocktails, you may have noticed their ice cubes are different. Some places even hand carve their own ice cubes to get the perfect mold for your drink!

But if you’re just a cocktail connoisseur or enthusiast, you could benefit from something like the QB Kraftz for your home bar.

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What makes ice clear?

Unlike other ice cubes, the QB Kraftz clear ice cube maker uses a method called slow freeze. When ice freezes too quickly, the air bubbles don’t have a chance to escape, leaving a cloudy appearance in the ice. By freezing the water at a slower pace, it allows the air to escape, giving your ice the crystal clear look that every high-end drink needs.

There are also other ways to get that crystal look in your ice, but they are very labor intensive and inconvenient. Some QB Kraftz reviews mention boiling your water first, freezing your water in salt water, or using an insulated cooler in your freezer. You could also order these types of ice cubes from businesses that specialize in ice, but it seems pretty costly considering water is free!

Who needs a QB Kraftz Clear Ice Maker?

QB Kraftz Review 2023: Best Clear Ice Maker 2

Anyone who likes making cocktails or is interested in picking up a new hobby! You don’t even have to drink alcohol to enjoy the benefits of this device. There are some great drink recipes with frozen cubes for different styles of drinks. Here are some favorites from other QB Kraftz reviews:

  • Coffee cubes – If you have leftover coffee, wait for it to cool and make coffee cubes for a refreshing iced coffee in the morning. Add this to your favorite milk base. It works well with dairy, oat, or nut milk. This recipe is my favorite because I generally prefer cold over hot drinks. To enhance my drink, I will drizzle a bit of chocolate or caramel on top.
  • Cream cubes – This works great for iced coffees or if you want to cool your hot coffee down. If you have kids, this is really good in hot chocolate as well.
  • Fruit cubes – Freezing fruit in an ice cube is a nice touch to a bowl of punch or individual drinks at a small, but special dinner party or gathering. Just be sure to wash and trim your fruit of any stems or inedible skin. Once the ice is fully melted, chances are, you are going to want to eat the fruit!
  • Lemon cubes – Perfect for water! For people that like a slice of lemon with their water or fizzy drinks, this works great. It will last for a few drinks and it’s a resourceful way to use your leftover lemons if they are about to spoil.
  • Infused water cubes – When I have people coming over, I like to use fruit cubes in a big jug of fresh water. It’s a playful way to give your plain, boring water a bit of flavor, without processed sugars or sweeteners. If people want to sweeten their water, they can add a touch of sugar to their own glass.
  • Juice cubes – I like juice cubes for kids. Sometimes an entire glass of juice has more sugar than I’d like, so I let the kids pick out what kind of juice they want and let them add it to either a cold glass of water or sparkling water. Letting kids get involved in the process will also encourage them to drink what they made.
  • Herb cubes – These work best for homemade ice tea. Herbs like mint, basil, or even a bit of rosemary bring out the natural tea flavor. You could also have some simple sugar handy to balance the flavors.
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How to Make Clear Ice with QB Kraftz?

QB Kraftz clear ice is easy to use. When you make traditional ice cubes, the ice is cloudy because of the non-directional freezing that occurs. Small bubbles and gas are frozen in the ice and this leads to the cloudiness in regular ice.

But as you’ll find after reading through QB Kraftz reviews, the patented solution uses an insulated freezing bar that requires:

  • Pouring water into the top filter
  • Slowly lowering mold into place
  • Placing the unit upright in the freezer
  • Allowing to freeze for 2430 hours

How to use QBKraftz Ice Maker?

Follow these 4 easy steps mentioned below:

  1. Boil and cool your filtered water.
  2. Pour your cooled water into selected mold.
  3. Place the QB Kraftz Engine into the freezer.
  4. Pop out ice and make your cocktails

How to get the most out of QB Kraftz ice

Big dominant ice cubes are not for every drink. They are not for any of these that are great drinks:

  • Blended margaritas
  • Daiquiris
  • Ice lemonade or iced tea

They do work perfectly for dominant cocktails involving:

  • Rum
  • Whisky
  • Gin
  • Bourbon
  • Tequila
  • Rye
  • Vodka

You have seen in cocktail bars those giant ice cubes that fill up most of the glass. The ones that shine like jewels, are bold in shape, and are crystal-clear and pure. When you use this kind of ice produced by QB Kraftz, serving a spirit-forward cocktail over a large rock ice will add less water to your drink over time, and really bring out the flavor, but at the same time, keep the power of your drink. QB Kraftz lets you make big ice, “which allows cocktail temperature and dilution to stay consistent for an enjoyable and extended period of time”. This allows you to enjoy the best whisky and the best cocktails.

Cocktails that are strong we call spirit-forward drinks, and these are best over big ice, as the flavor is enhanced. Mixologists prize their clear pure ice because of the texture of the finished drink and the dramatic look. Many bartenders just say, “Bigger is better, I don’t know why the big cube does a better job, but no one denies it, it just does”. Big ice rocks look dramatic but also don’t move around as much and keep your cocktail unbruised by the dilution of small rock ice.

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Here’s my experience with QB Kraftz
  • I placed my order online and got a big discount!
  • The product came fast, about a week from order to delivery
  • It was well packaged and it came in perfect condition
  • I followed the easy instructions and soon I was enjoying crystal clear ice!

QB Kraftz Cons

After testing the QB Kraftz clear ice cubes trays against other products, I see nothing wrong with them. However, they are only available to purchase online. If you like to test things out before buying, unfortunately you can’t. If you’re on the fence, it doesn’t hurt to do a bit of research or read up on some QB Kraftz reviews.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Professional quality ice in no time
  • Patented design to create quality ice cubes
  • Insulated material allows for slow freezing and slow melting
  • Cube making does take time


Getting a QB Kraftz Professional Ice-Making Kit

One Professional Ice-Making Kit, which can make two ice spheres at a time is priced at $29.99. The kit includes stackable trays with hundreds of design possibilities. To have multiple kits on hand, users can increase the size of their order to:

Two kits for $59.98

Three kits for $67.48

Four kits for $82.47

If for any reason, this kit doesn’t work as the user expects, they have up to 30 days to ask for a full refund.

Final Verdict

These clear ice cubes can really change an entire dinner and even set the tone for the rest of the night. They make drinks classier, enhance the flavor, and give your drink more perceived value. QB Kraftz is the best deal you can get out of a simple ice cube tray. Right now, they have them at a great price for XX.XXX for XX units. There is also a money back guarantee, so there’s no risk to you at all.

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