Top 10 Best Goalkeeper Gloves 2021 – Review & Buyer's Guide

Unquestionably, the goalkeeper is the most difficult position played in soccer. To be a goalie requires mental and physical agility, confidence and superior hand-eye coordination. Goalkeepers are required to inspire others and push them to play their best as leaders by example.

A goalie’s hands are the most important physical attribute for success to the game after one’s mental support. Therefore, the most important equipment facing a goalie is their gloves. However, currently, several brands and styles are available so goalies can customize their needs at each level.

List of Top 10 Best GoalKeeper Gloves

Are you looking for the best goalkeeper gloves? You have come to the right place. has a professional team that reviews the best products in the market on a daily basis.

Finding the right goalkeeper gloves can be a tough task as there are so many options available in the market that sometimes it gets so confusing. We have compiled a list of the best soccer goalie gloves reviewed to pick the right brand for comfort, durability & boost your performance for clean sheets:

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Best Soccer Goalie Gloves Reviewed

A goalie’s hands are the most important physical attribute for success to the game after one’s mental support. Therefore, the most important equipment facing a goalie is their gloves. However, currently, several brands and styles are available so goalies can customize their needs at each level.

Goalkeeper Gloves
Goalkeeper Gloves

Besides being immensely talented, a good goalkeeper also needs a great pair of goalkeeping gloves to reach his full potential. Not only just legendary goalkeepers need it, but any goalie of any difficulty level needs this essential piece. And, here are our selections of best goalkeeper gloves.

10. UHLSport Next Level SuperGrip

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9. Joma Premier 19

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8. Puma Future Grip 19.1

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7. Reusch Pure Contact G3 Fusion

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6. Sportout Youth and Adult Goalkeeper Gloves

Sportout Youth&Adult Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves,Strong Grip for The Toughest Saves, with Finger Spines to Give Splendid Protection to Prevent Injuries,3 Colors (Black, 7)
  • FOR THE TOUGHEST SAVES:- These goalkeeper gloves have the wear-resistant latex palms which can give you the extremely strong control and grip when handling the ball. Meanwhile, the unique positive...
  • FINGER AND PALM PROTECTION:- The new improved BACKBONE finger save system of these goalie gloves helps you protect the Hyper-Extended finger injuries which frequently occur in competition or...
  • DOUBLE WRIST SAFEGUARD:- These soccer gloves have a double-designed wristband whose lining layer is elastic stuff and the outer is close-fitting velcro bandage with stretch-strap, so they can...

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5. UHLSPORT Radar Control SuperGrip

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4. Storelli Exoshield Gladiator Pro 2

Storelli Gladiator Pro 2.0 Goalkeeper Gloves | Professional Soccer Goalie Gloves with Finger Spines | Superior Finger and Hand Protection | Black | Size 10
  • TOP-TIER GOALIE GLOVES WITH FINGER SPINES: Reinforced pro-level soccer gloves for goalkeepers, armored with top-grade German latex and 5 removable finger spines (including thumb). Features 2 gloves (1...
  • PROFESSIONAL-STRENGTH PROTECTION: Designed for competitive goalkeepers with heavy-duty impact protection and grip. Includes 3.5mm of the highest-grade German latex trusted by the pros and 3mm of...
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FINGERS & SUPERIOR GRIP: Negative cut with roll thumbs (extra latex thumb wrap) ensure superior ball grip. Removable, ergonomic plastic finger spines prevent finger jams and backward...

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3. Puma One Grip 1 (*Best Budget Option)

Puma One Grip 1 RC
  • Package length: 9.144 cm
  • Package width: 18.796 cm
  • Package height: 32.004 cm

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2. Reusch Fit Control Pro G3 Fusion

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1. Adidas Pred Pro

adidas Pred Pro, Khaki/Trace Olive, 10
  • Body: polyester / elastane / nylon; Palm: rubber / polyurethane / cotton
  • URG 2.0 latex for grip and cushioning
  • Negative cut for tight and snug fit

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What to Look in GoalKeeper Gloves?

One general rule of thumb to remember is that the the big players — Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour, Umbro — don’t dominate goalkeeping like they do in the rest of football.

The goalkeeper gloves produced by many smaller, specialist brands offer equal (and often better) specifications — without the premium price tag. Whatever brand of GK gloves you decide to buy, look for the following attributes.

Buyers Guide for Soccer Goalie Gloves

A soccer team’s best chance at winning ultimately can come down to a singular player; the goalie. The saying that a team’s best offense lies within its defense is clearly seen in the field sport of soccer where the majority of the defense is upon the goalie.

A soccer goalie must exude confidence and have skills as the highest level to provide a winning defense. Therefore, to properly equip a goalie for this premium position, he/she needs to be outfitted with the proper equipment. A soccer goalies top priority lays in his hands; therefore, the leading necessity of sports gear is placed on a superior pair of soccer goalkeeper gloves.

Knowing what the best glove for your team’s goalie relies on several components, as well as personal preference in some situations. Our Buyers Guide will outline the characteristics that game-winning gloves should have to help in your selection.

How To Choose Goalkeeper Gloves?

Types of cut

The cuts refer to the way the material in the palm is constructed. It is the very first thing to see at a goalkeeper glove.

  • Flat cut – The flat cut is the traditional one and it means that the palm has only one piece of flat foam. This type of cut is very popular among young players who are starting their career.
  • Gunn cut – Gun cut or rolled cut has the seams on the back of the finger in such a way that it makes the fingers roll forward. This offers the goalkeeper a larger contact area and a snug fit to catch the ball. The gunn cut gloves do not have enclosed protection of the top half of the fingers.
  • Negative cut – The negative cuts have their seams placed on the inside of the glove and they are made of latex. These cuts also have gussets between the backhand and the palm. The gloves with negative cut are the snuggest and have a huge contact area. That is why they are great for the players with slim hands, youth and women.
  • Hybrid cut – This cut is a mixture of all the other cuts or the gunn cut with the negative cut or flat cut.

Parts of the glove

Materials and where they are on the various parts of the glove is also an important feature to consider.

  • Backhand: The backhand’s design should be adequately and considerably padded to help protect the entire hand when the goalie is forced to punch the ball. Price does not always dictate padding, but you want to ensure double or more padding as you train and play. The best models will provide a durable latex padding.   
  • Fingers: The fingers are a goalie’s best line of defense; fingers should be supported as they permit the gripping and holding or the ball. Some gloves are equipped with spines or stays for sturdier support, located along the inside of the finger. The material along the fingers reflex and tighten as force is directed, this flexibility and support help prevent bone breakage and hypertension. Gloves come with and without finger stays as well as removable finger stays with the ultimate fit and design depending on the goalie’s personal preference. For the greatest finger protection, search for products providing flexible stays as an alternative to padding only.      
  • Palm: After the fingers, the palm provides additional help in receiving and safeguarding the ball. Two types of textures are available among palm types: an embossed or ridged and smooth. Each has their prime characteristics depending on need. Smooth palms are ideally matched for game day; they are usually equipped with a sticky neoprene material or clinging element. However, this sheen can and will wear off with use which is why smooth palms are best for game day. Not to be punny, but on the other hand, the dimpled or embossed palms are the idea for practice days. Generally, these are more durable but less adherent making them more suitable for practice.       
  • Wrist Closure: The wrist is the final part of the hand that needs security and protection. The closure, which again is goalie preferable comes in 3 major types for different uses and needs. A hook-and-loop closure is usually more elastic and has an adjustable strap that is specially designed for flexibility of the wrist. V-notch closures permit ventilation, allowing for your hands to stay dry. Some palms come with ventilation holes, this allows the player to opt for different closure. Bandage closures are usually closed with Velcro and wrap one or twice around the wrist to provide high-quality wrist security and support.

Types of gloves

  • Training – The training gloves are for beginner players and are perfect for practicing. Although they have less grip, they are made to last longer than the match gloves.
  • Match – The match goalkeeper gloves are created for competitive soccer players in both high school and adult leagues. They are manufactured with quality latex to protect the fingers and to provide maximum gripping.On the downside, these gloves do not last long and require a lot of care.
  • Weather – Weather gloves are designed to be worn only on windy conditions or extreme weather. Their palms are made from special latex and get stickier when wet, a very important advantage when playing in the rain.

Goalkeeper Glove Care Tips

As a goalkeeper, you can do your best to take of your gloves, but latex is a soft product that inevitably shows wear and abrasion after time. This should not stop you from taking care of your gloves. The better you care from them, the longer they will last.

  • It is a good idea to have two pairs of gloves, one for match play and one for training. This way you do not wear out your match gloves during training.
  • To get the most grip out of your gloves, prior to use you should dampen the palms with water.
  • Avoid unnecessary abrasion. Do not allow the latex of your palm to touch the Velcro on your wrist strap when taking off your gloves. In training, do not get up using your palms, instead push yourself up with your fist.
  • After training, wash your gloves in warm water and allow them to dry naturally. It is important to treat your gloves gently. Do not use a scrubber or apply heat to dry your gloves. Drying out natural moisture from your gloves will weaken their durability and grip by making them brittle.
  • Store your gloves in a cool environment. Do not leave them out in a hot, dry environment (such as the hot car or laying out in the sun).

Conclusion – Best Goalkeeper Gloves

We hope that you have found this article to be helpful. And you learned some valuable knowledge to help you decide on the best goalkeeper gloves.

There’s literally hundreds of comparable goalkeeper gloves that could have made this top ten list. I selected current, varied, well-received gloves to offer you some potential options. If you can recommend a particular pair of gloves, please suggest it in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Clean Goalkeeper Gloves

Keeping your goalkeeper gloves clean is essential in regards to ensuring that they are effective. They give you more grip on the ball and also protect your hands, so keeping them clean and well cared for is important.

Why You Must Keep Your Goalkeeper Gloves Clean?

There are a number of different reasons as to why you should keep your gloves clean. They are what protect your hands from getting hurt by the immense impact of the ball hitting your hands at massive speeds. Additionally, they will give you more grip, which will help you to protect your team’s goal. As such, maintaining their condition is vital if you are to stay safe during your matches.

How To Dry Goalie Gloves Fast?

Ideally, you should never try to dry your goalie gloves fast as doing so can cause them to become dry and brittle. However, in an emergency, you might find yourself considering the need to dry your them quickly. In these cases, you should try to dry the pair quickly but carefully.When drying your gloves quickly, you should first start by ringing them out and then patting them dry with tissue. Next, fill the pair with old newspaper and place them in a warm environment, such as an airing cupboard or in a warm, sunny spot.Even this is not ideal, but should be okay if done very occasionally. However, every time that you do this you will be further destroying your goalie gloves, so always try to wash and dry them in advance instead.

How To Make Goalie Gloves Sticky And Better?

If you want to make your goalie gloves stickier, you should try one of three different things: wet the palms of your gloves prior to a match; apply sticky glove adhesive; or spit on them and rub them together. These will all help you to make your pair stickier and better to use in your next match or game.

Should I Wet my Goalkeeper Gloves?

Yes, you should wet your gloves. Wetting the latex palms will greatly help with your grip, but it is important to remember to wash the gloves immediately after use and then dry them slowly. Otherwise, the water on the palms of your gloves can actually start to make the gloves rot!

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