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5 Second Fix Review – UV Light Liquid Plastic Welding Tool

5 Second Fix Review

Breaking anything is a frustrating experience, even when it’s something not particularly important. Damage to a treasured possession is heartbreaking. 5 Second Fix is a great product to help in these situation.

To make matters worse, if you want to fix the item, you need to find the right type of glue. Different adhesives work for different materials.

How do you know what’s best?

In this review, we explore a popular alternative solution: 5 Second Fix®.

What is the 5 Second Fix?

5 Second Fix is a liquid plastic welding compound that allegedly becomes solid when exposed to UV light, which the company claims will allow you to fix, fill, repair, and seal virtually anything in 5 seconds or less. How are customers rating this product?

You probably saw the ad in passing but the 5 Second Fix is an “as seen on T.V.” product from OnTel Product Corporation. This quick fix is a liquid-plastic welding tool.

This compound becomes solid when exposed to UV light. Ontel Products Corporation claims that 5 Second Fix can seal and fix any material such as plastic, glass, wood, metal, ceramic, and stone.

First of all, it’s understood to question the validity of OnTel since the claims assert such fantastic possibilities. Let’s take a more in-depth look at what this product claims to be.

5 Second Fix with UV Light To fix Metal, Plastic, Glass, Rubber Features

What does the 5 Second Fix do?

The company that made 5 Second Fix said it’s a miracle tool which bonds together almost any type of material. The package says it’s useful for bonding together any of the following:

With 5 Second Fix, Use Your Imagination

If you’ve got a broken piece, the makers of the 5 Second Fix says their product can repair it. And, if it’s true, therefore you’d save a lot of money from repairing rather than replacing them.

OnTel claims that 5 Second Fix works better than any ordinary glues you could find at your local hardware store. It is the permanent fix for almost any material that needs repair.

It can fill cracks and stop leaks. Not only that can handle it bond and fix various materials together, but it is also sandable, paintable, and flexible.

If the product does all that it claims to do, then this is an essential low-budget tool you can add to your toolkit. It can work on almost all materials; therefore, it’s the only quick-bonding agent you will ever need.

How to Use the 5 Second Fix

The ultraviolet light activates this compound and comes with a rod attached to the other end of the tool. This unique and novel curing allows the consumer to reposition the item as often as needed before bonding the objects.

If you have used Super Glue and had your fingers stuck together by accident, you understand how this built-in safety feature would be appealing.

The Step-by-Step Instruction for Using 5 Second Fix®

Using the 5 Second Fix is easy, according to As Seen on TV.

Note: You should wait 24 hours before exposing the fixed item to water. After this amount of time, the object should also be dishwasher safe.

What Does the 5 Second Fix Come With

The product comes packaged with the following items:

What are People Saying About the 5 Second Fix?

Real, unpaid-to-review consumers verified users from Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and other sites have given tons of reviews online. As a result, there were mixed reviews, and it seems to split in the middle for 5 Second Fix.

There is no clear consensus on the reliability of the 5 Second Fix because there is a mixed reaction from the consumers who purchased and used it.

Even with this split decision, the reader can still see the pros and cons for them, thus help them decide if this is a product worthy of time and money.

Does It Work?

Various sites have conducted tests and come up with mixed results. One source summed up what reflects the overarching conclusion about 5 Second Fix.

It is excellent for specific materials but mediocre on others. The UV light can’t penetrate opaque materials like wood, dark plastic, and metal.

The following true-to-life examples may give you an idea of whether the 5 Second Fix can help your current repair project or not.

What Makes 5 Second Fix® a Better Option Than Glue?

Based on our experience with epoxy, we’re not convinced 5 Second Fix® is any better than glue, other than the process by which it is cured. If you really need something done in 5 minutes– this may be your answer. If you can wait for it to cure over night, this really isn’t the best option. 

On the upside, there’s no risk of making a mess nor damaging another item. If you spill, you can wipe the product off nonabsorbent surfaces with a baby wipe or other similar cloth. You can use the same product on all types of material — metal, plastic, glass, wood, and more.

For instance, a unique way to use the product is to strengthen or repair damaged fingernails. After, you can use a file to give your nails the proper shape. In fact, you can paint, sand, polish, mill, or vanish any surface with 5 Second Fix® without damaging the object.

The product can also be used as an insulating material for low-voltage circuits and for repairing even very small surfaces of any material. Compact and convenient, you can easily carry 5 Second Fix® wherever you go. It’s a useful product to have with you to make repairs in an emergency.

To modify projects that already have 5 Second Fix®, you can add another coat without causing problems. You can also remove 5 Second Fix® from smooth surfaces using a scraper. Follow up by using a cleaning product to remove any remnants.

What Are some Alternatives to 5 Second Fix®?

As we mentioned in the article, if you can use a two part epoxy, you’re success rates will be significantly higher in most cases. However, below are some alternatives to 5 Second Fix® that work the same way, with light to cure the glue.

Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder

Bondic is basically an upscale, and more expensive, version of 5 Second Fix®. Evidence shows it works slightly better as well. Bondic repairs all types of materials.

The product comes in a starter kit, which includes:

It works best on rough surfaces that are free from grease. Another benefit is that it’s solvent free and claims to never dry out.

Octopus Glue

Octopus glue works much the same as 5 Second Fix® but is designed to bond just replacement glass screens on smartphones. It is an adhesive with super low viscosity. This means it flows easily and has a reduced risk of air bubbles. The product comes in a syringe, allowing you to measure exactly how much adhesive you want to apply.

You then cure the liquid with the LED flashlight for three to five minutes.

RapidFix UV Liquid Plastic Adhesive

RapidFix UV comes in two forms:

  1. A pack with a UV flashlight and 10 milliliters of the clear adhesive
  2. Or a refill pack with the adhesive only.

It takes 10 seconds for the UV light to cure the liquid plastic. You can sand or file the fixed item to gain the right shape. You can also paint it or leave it clear.

RapidFix UV works even better if you build it up in layers.

Where To Buy 5 Second Fix

You can purchase 5 Second Fix on their official website. They are currently offering discounts for people who will purchase one or more devices. You can pay via your credit card or your PayPal without worrying because the site is SSL encrypted.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase 5 second fix near me?

You can purchase the 5 second fix via online website only. Get yours today through official website here.

Is 5 second fix toxic?

We advise you to keep this glue aside from your kids.

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