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CoolAir Review [2022]: Best Personal Air Cooler

Want to beat that scorching heat of the summer? And that too in the budget? We have the right product for you. CoolAir is a compact air cooler that will cool down your room in 10 minutes. Moreover, this cooler consumes less power and energy so it will not be hard on your pocket.

If we compared this cooler with another air conditioners CoolAir will stand out among all the other coolers. Whether it is portability or compact size or energy consumption or cooling capacity in every aspect CoolAir will stand out. It is the best personal air cooler to lower your bill and give out maximum cooling.

Coolair works by sucking the hot air in and replace it with the fresh and cool air. In addition to this, CoolAir also removes the unpleasant smell from the room and convert it into the fresh smelly air. This device compact in size hence you can carry it with you anywhere. These add on features make it good for the family especially kids.

What is CoolAir?

CoolAir is a three-speed portable air conditioning unit that helps you stay cool while saving money. Using an air conditioner 24/7 costs a lot of bucks especially if you use the bulky ones that take up so much space. But the CoolAir device is the best alternative to ACs. And it’s a powerful and efficient replacement for traditional fans.

CoolAir Review

CoolAir is a compact and lightweight air cooler that can be placed in any corner of your space. This Lightweight cooler can cool the area around it in just 10 minutes. If compared with other coolers, this cooler is cost-effective and energy-efficient. Unlike other coolers, you can use CoolAir for 24/7. By consuming less power and electricity, it won’t dig a hole in your pocket. This cooler is the best alternative to the traditional one.

With many other coolers, you have to be very vigilant and keep monitoring the water level in the tank. But you don’t have to with CoolAir as it will automatically switch off when the water level comes below a certain level. Refilling the tank is also very easy just open the door at the top of the cooler and fill roughly 300 ml water in it and close it.

CoolAir by design is portable in nature. It is so lightweight and compact that you can carry it with you on your holidays and anywhere you want. Besides its compact size, this cooler is this much efficient that it can cool down your home or office or garage. So with this cooler, you can beat the heat anywhere you want. It is an energy-efficient cooler that doesn’t increase your electricity bill by consuming more power and energy.

Besides cooling CoolAir also clean the air around the area. With a 300ml water tank, it humidifies the air around and that too without making any noise. Unlike other coolers, it does this work silently and efficiently. So it also helps you in cost down as with this you don’t need to buy another humidifier.

It is not enough; this cooler has more to offer. Apart from cooling and humidifying, it also helps in purification of the air. There is an evaporating filter fitted inside the cooler. This filter helps in trapping airborne and pollutant particles. After traping the particles, it aloos the fresh air to go outside. There is also a moonlight setting option that comes in 8 different colors. These lights will help you at night, and some colors are so soothing that will make your body relax.

You can place the device anywhere including your bedroom, bathroom, living room, and office area. It is so convenient to use the cooler that you can place it in any corner of your room and it will fit the space well.

CoolAir Review [2022]: Best Personal Air Cooler 1

CoolAir Cooler Features

  • 3 variants in fan speed.
  • A USB port for easy power supply.
  • Water in the tank has a capacity of 300 ml and can stay up to 8 hours.
  • 8 different LED moonlight setting.
  • Very compact and lightweight in nature.
  • Portable by design and can carry it with you anywhere.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Cost-Effective that will save you thousands on a single purchase.
  • Works as a humidifier and an air purifier for a healthier environment.
CoolAir Review [2022]: Best Personal Air Cooler 1

Product description as prepared by the manufacturer

The dimension of the CoolAir 17cm x 17cm x 17cm. The cooler is compact and lightweight in size and weight respectively. Size is so compact that you can carry it with you anywhere you want. This personalized cooler will cool your space in 10 minutes and you can place it in your living room or office or garage. Feel relaxed and cool with CoolAir.

Best Air Cooler For Home
Best Air Cooler For Home

CoolAir – Design

Most evaporative coolers are fairly large devices that look more like portable air conditioning units. The CoolAir is a small cube-shaped cooler, measuring only 17cm x 17cm x 17cm, making it ideal to be placed on a desk. We evaluated a unit in white color, but there are also options in black and blue.

As this is an evaporating cooler, it has a 750ml water tank aside. It’s a bit difficult to remove, but after a few refills, we figured out how to put the tank in and out without any problems.

CoolAir – Design

The water in this tank is absorbed inside the cartridge, spreading evenly over the surface of the cooling system. As the fan in the back blows hot air over the water, it evaporates, cooling the air and adding moisture to it. The water tank provides three to five hours of cooling and the cartridge can absorb about 400 ml of water; refilling when the cartridge is full extends the cooling time from one to three hours, totaling up to 8 hours of cooling.

Controlling the CoolAir is easy thanks to the buttons on the top panel. Press and hold the center button the cooler turns on or off. Use the speed and temperature adjustment buttons. With 3 speed settings, there is plenty of room to offer between a gentle breeze to a burst of fresh air.

Tap the button once and you will access the main menu. This allows you to adjust the color of the water reservoir light – you can easily match your décor – and the intensity of the light; or you can turn off the light. With Night mode, the reservoir light goes out and the main screen darkens, so do not distract. There is an option to shine a specific color when the cartridge gets dry, so you know it’s time to refill.

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CoolAir – Performance

Once the cartridge has fully absorbed the water from the tank, CoolAir can operate at maximum efficiency. The cooling effect depends on many factors, including ambient temperature and relative humidity. Evaporative coolers work best in hot, dry environments.

CoolAir has a useful guide that shows the expected performance of the cooler: at 25oC with 30% relative humidity, you can expect air output to be 15.4oC; at the same temperature but with 60% relative humidity, the outlet temperature is 19.7 ° C.

Testing in a room with an ambient temperature of 22.8 ° C and 53.2% relative humidity with an external meter, I left the cooler for the first time for 20 minutes to give the cartridge enough time to absorb enough water. When the cartridge was saturated, we measured CoolAir output at 16.3 °C.

The AirCooler reported that the entry was 22.3 ° C and the outlet was cooled to 16 ° C. In other words, the sensors are very visible. You can see the cooler in action with the thermal imaging camera below: the blue part of the image is cold air.

We measured the maximum air speed at 15cm to 2.1m/sec, dropping to 0.8m/sec at 1m. At minimum speed, the anemometer was not sensitive enough to detect airflow. Compared to a traditional fan, the CoolAir does not exchange much air, but it does not have to. I found myself surrounded by a draft of cool air that refreshed me much better than a fan.

Being too far away from the device means that you can stop feeling the maximum benefit. CoolAir  was able to make my desk much more comfortable. Similarly, it is extremely useful for sleeping, keeping your body cool on a hot night.The noise is not bad at all; It measured 53.9dB at 1m with maximum power. At minimum power, the noise levels were 33.4dB, which is just the room background noise.

The power consumption is excellent. According to the plug-in power meter, the CoolAir was consuming 2W at minimum speed and only 6.2W at full power. This is much less energy than an air conditioner would consume. The power consumption is so low that the CoolAir is powered by a standard micro-USB cable, so it can opperate connected to your computer.

How does the CoolAir Function?

As discussed above CoolAir has a 3-speed fan setting so that you can change the speed according to the temperature outside. This fan works in accordance with the induction motor. There is a USB port for its working you can also use that to power it. This just for the convenience of the user.

CoolAir not only cools the air but also filters it. There is a Filter inside the cooler which traps the pollutant and airborne particle to give you clean and fresh air. The water tank of the cooler will also amaze you with its capacity. This small cooler can work for straight 8 and a half hours without refilling the water tank. If you use cold water then it can work for more hours also. So with the cooling feature, this cooler also acts as a humidifier.

There is a small door at the top of the CoolAir through which you can add adequate water. Generally, the capacity of the water tank is 300ml. You can add water or ice as per your choice in it. Once you have added the water you can close the door at the top.

CoolAir Review [2022]: Best Personal Air Cooler 3

What Can It Do?

CoolAir provides a number of ways to provide instant relief during the hottest days.

  • It has a three-speed controlled fan. Whether you are sitting at your computer or working out in your living room, the CoolAir has the right setting for you. 
  • It is USB powered. 
  • The CoolAir is a 3-in-1 gadget. It cools, purifies and humidifies the air around you, making your personal space fresh and clean. 
  • Its built-in water tank lasts up to eight hours. 
  • The CoolAir is sleek, compact, light-weight and portable. It can fit in your workspace, at home, or anywhere you are traveling. 
  • It has a moodlight setting with seven different color options that helps set the tone that starts and ends your day. 

Just Add Water!

While it resembles a smaller air conditioner unit, the CoolAir does not require any convoluted installation steps. As a matter of fact, this 6×6 air cooler is user-friendly and requires only a few easy steps to use. 

  1. Simply fill the tank with cold water. The small tank allows the CoolAir to act as a humidifier and purifier in addition to cooling you down. 
  2. Plug the CoolAir’s USB cable into a power source. 
  3. In less than a minute, you will be surrounded by cool, clean, and fresh air. 

The CoolAir essentially pulls warm air through its evaporative water filter and pushes out cooler, clean air. Do not be fooled by its size. Small but powerful, the CoolAir will continue to pump out cool, fresh air for eight hours.

What are the CoolAir Benefits?

Mentioned below are the benefits of the CoolAir –

  • You can manually control the speed of the fan of the cooler. It has a 3-speed setting that will help you set the temperature of your choice.
  • This cooler consumes less power and energy. A USB port is given for the power unit.
  • Apart from cooling the air, it also helps in cleaning and humidifying that air. You will, as a result, get fresh and clean air for your family.
  • The water tank of the cooler lasts for at least eight and a half hours. No need to refill the tank often.
  • The cooler is compact and lightweight in nature hence you can keep it in any corner of the room. This will also enable you to take it for your vacations.
  • You can choose from 8 different settings of the moonlight. Dim light for the night and bright one for the day.
  • CoolAir helps in cleaning the air hence, it will prevent your kids and family from getting any allergy or viruses. This also filters the polluted air from the bedroom.
  • Filter in the cooler helps in trapping the airborne particles. It will hold the particles and circulate the fresh and pure air outside the cooler. Hence it will best cooler for those who have asthma and other respiratory problems.
  • The cooling effect of the CoolAir can cool down the room in just 10 minutes.
  • CoolAir is cost effective and energy-efficient.
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For Whom the CoolAir is Best Suited?

Due to increase in Air pollution the respiratory problems are on rise. You can hear every fourth person in the country has some kind of respiratory isuues. Many people are vulnerable to the allergens and the airborne particles. For them CoolAir is the best product as apart from cooling the space it will also filtered the air. Filter in the cooler helps in trapping all the allergens and the particles and push out the fresh air.

If you want your room to be fragrant always then also this the cooler for you. It will help in sucking out the fresh air and push out the fresh and fragrant air. This cooler is also energy-efficient and cost-effective This will put no burden on your pocket and there will be no increase in the electricity bill.

CoolAir comes with 3 different fan speeds which ideal for every age group. Especially for the kids, you can set the speed to the low and you don’t have to worry all night about the temperature being too low for them. Moreover, there comes the moonlight setting that will ensure your kid will not bang to the doors at night.

Your search for the air cooler is ending here. If you want a cost-effective yet efficient cooler then CoolAir is the product for you. You can cool down your living room or your office or your garage in just 10 minutes. If you have forgotten the benefits let’s again take a short look at them.

Let’s Recap

  • The CoolAir is extremely user-friendly and only requires a few simple steps to set-up and use. 
  • It is fast-cooling. In less than a minute and a press of a button, you can have a comfortable personal space. 
  • It has a quiet, three-speed fan and relaxing moodlight that helps you relax anywhere. So, no noise pollution at all. 
  • The CoolAir is compact and portable. You can move it anywhere in the house, which makes it very convenient. 
  • The water tank lasts for eight hours. 
Who Benefits from CoolAir?

How To Use CoolAir?

There are very imple steps to follow-

  • Unwrap the CoolAir carefully and take out the device out of it.
  • Place the cooler in your bedroom or anywhere you want it to be.
  • Fill the tank by opening the door at the top of the cooler. Fill 300ml of water or equivalent ice in it.
  • After doing all of this just plug in the cooler.
  • You can also plug in the USB port for the power supply.
  • That’s all you can now enjoy the cool and fresh air coming out of the cooler.
  • You can change the setting of the cooler like fan speed and moonlight anytime you want.
  • Refill the tank after every 8 hours.


Dimension174 × 170 × 170mm
Speed20 Speed Settings
Water Tank Capacity750 ml
Power SupplyA USB port for easy power supply.
LED lighting8 different LED moonlight setting.
Fanthree-speed controlled fan

How to Maintain CoolAir?

Maintenance of the cooler is very easy, in fact there is nothing as such to maintain. Keep in mind these point while using the CoolAir

  • Always remember to refill the tank. Refill the tub after every 8 hours. Never turn on the cooler with an empty tank.
  • There is an evaporative air filter that requires cleaning periodically. With dirt and pollutant particles, it will dirty often. So, Clean it for its long life.

How long can CoolAir last?

We use the product first and after that, we provide a review on it. With normal cooler, you have to refill the water tank in an hour or so that is a task in itself. But when we tested CoolAir for its water taking capacity and cooling capacity, we noticed that in 4 hour period it consumes only half of the water tank. And the room was completed chilled. This means it can further work for 4 hours in a row till the water tank gets emptied. That’s amazing right?. You have to refill the water tank on an average after 8 and a half hours. So, CoolAir has good capacity and can run continuously without consuming much water.

Another special fact about CoolAir air cooler is its clever mix of portability and functionality – while standard air conditioners are quite expensive, come with installation nightmares, often take a significant amount of space, require constant monitoring and increase energy bills, Cool Air has the size and energy consumption of a small fan, could be taken exactly where you need it the most, and saves a lot of money at the same time!

Some tips of using the Air Cooler in the right way-

  • To cool the room quickly placement of the cooler must be like it will be easier for you to move it. CoolAir hardly took 10 mins to cool down the room but for better results place it in the right corner.
  • Fill the tank with ice chilled water so that the cooler will take less power to cool down the room. Moreover, with chilled water, it will cool the room faster.
  • The display panel comes with different LED light options. There are 8 color options you can choose from.
  • For better results when you switch on the cooler try switching off other cooling devices. One will save you money and second is CoolAir will work better.
Buy CoolAir Portable AC

Where To Buy

To buy CoolAir click on  Coolair Here. Through this link, you will get 50% off and free shipping facility. Free shipping is available around the world with no hidden charges. Don’t worry about the safe delivery of the package. It will be delivered to you on time and safely.

CoolAir Price

The actual cost of the CoolAir is Rs 1200 but if you buy from this given link you will get a 50% discount and the price will reduce to Rs 6210. If you buy 2 sets of the cooler then after the discount the price will be Rs. 9699 that is you are getting a single unit at the price of Rs.4849. The may vary as per the availability of the product.


Is air cooler worth buying?

Because of the way it operates, an air cooler offers better quality of air for your room. So much so, that the air circulated from an air cooler is preferable for people with asthma or dust allergy. When it comes to value for money, an air cooler definitely scores high over an AC

Can Arctic air cool a room?

How exactly does it work? On its website, Arctic Air says it pulls warm air from the room through its evaporative water filter to humidify while it cools. … It says the product can cool kitchens, living rooms, offices, bedrooms and even outdoor spaces.

What is CoolAir?

CoolAir is a three-speed portable air conditioning unit that can help you stay cool in summer days while saving money along the way. Using an air conditioner for 24/7 can cost you a lot of bucks especially if you use the bulky ones that take so much space. More so, this CoolAir device is the best alternative to ACs as well as a powerful and efficient replacement for the traditional fan we use today.

Who Benefits from CoolAir?

Heat does not discriminate against anyone. As such, anyone and everyone can benefit from a CoolAir in their lives. If you work in a tight, stuffy cubicle or office, the CoolAir can save you from having to compromise your comfort for a centralized cooling and heating system.

How long can CoolAir last?

Initially I left it running for the day. I wanted to see how quickly the water tank empties out. After four hours, I came back to room and immediately notice that my room was actually cold and that the tank was half empty. So a quick calculation and assumption states that about eight hours will be its full running capacity. I left it running on the lowest level, so it can be assumed that using it on a higher level will empty it faster. After eight and a half hours, the CoolAir stopped working and I had to put more water in it to continue running.

What Makes CoolAir Special?

What’s special about CoolAir is its combination of functionality and portability – while standard air conditioners are quite expensive, come with installation nightmares, often take a significant amount of space, require constant maintenance and increase energy bills, CoolAir has the size and energy consumption of a small fan, could be taken exactly where you need it the most, and saves a lot of money at the same time!

How Does CoolAir Work?

All CoolAir needs is water and little bit of electricity to keep you cool for up to 8 hours! It provides you with the same effect as standard air conditioning devices but at the lowest expense and without dealing with annoying installation procedure. How, you’d ask? Just place CoolAir wherever it’s convenient to you, fill the tank with water, plug the conditioner into a wall outlet or use USB port (power banks, laptops work just fine) and enjoy the fresh air around you in no time!

How Much Does CoolAir Cost?

SPECIAL OFFER: for a limited time, CoolAir is running a promo that allows you to get this amazing cooling device 50% OFF, for only $89 with FREE SHIPPING!”

Is air cooler worth buying?

Many people always think about the worth of the product in which they are about to invest money. In the case, AirCooler is worth the purchase because of its price and the brilliant features provided in this personal cooler.

How to return CoolAir?

If you received this gadget a bit broken or doesn’t received what you were looking for. You can simply contact the support team to look into this matter.

Are coolair units any good?

This coolair unit is good for small size rooms. If you are thinking to use it in a big room and doesn’t get the room fully cool. It is due to the small size of the unit.

How to Maintain CoolAir?

CoolAir air cooler is very easy to maintain; in fact there is nothing as such technicality in maintaining it. You just have to remember these points-
Always try to refill the tank after every 8 hours. Never turn on the cooler with an empty tank.
There is an evaporative air filter that requires cleaning periodically. With dirt and pollutant particles, it will dirty often. So, Clean it for its long life.

How to order CoolAir?

You can directly order from the official website or from the link given Order your CoolAir.

Special offers and discount depends on the availability of the product. You just need to press the 50% OFF offer and you can redeem your unit from there.

Limited time EXCLUSIVE OFFER for our visitors:

CoolAir Review [2022]: Best Personal Air Cooler 3

Any Queries or Need Technical Support?

For further queries about the product you can send your questions directly on their official email account: And if you want to reach Hyperstech CoolAir’s customer service, you may connect to the team via dialing the following contact numbers. For international: +44 20 3808 9234 and for Brazil: +55 15 98147 1395.

Contact Information

To contact the customer service team of Hyperstech CoolAir, you may dial the following contact number.

  • International: +44 20 3808 9234
  • Brazil: +55 15 981471395

If you have further query, you can also send an email to


No doubt the standard cooling appliances cool down the entire space but they are also expensive and consume more power which in result increases your electricity bill. CoolAir is the small compact cooler that can fit any corner of your room. This cooler helps to cool down the entire room in 10 minutes. Moreover, this cooler consumes less power hence, save you from the big electricity bill.

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