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iBooster Review [2023] – Does Super Boost Wifi iBooster really work?

Nowadays, the internet is essential for every home. Not only for work, but also for leisure and entertainment. Ultimately, we use it 24/7, so our connection needs to be strong and available at all times, and iBooster are the solution.

The biggest problem with WiFi is its limited range. Even in houses, premises and small offices we find natural obstacles, doors, furniture, walls… WiFi will not reach every corner of our home, we will have cuts or we will have a slower connection speed.

What is iBooster Wifi Booster?

iBooster Review

Annoyed by video and movie crashes due to bad connection when I tried to watch them online, I started looking for a solution to have a better internet connection than I was using.

Researching online I found this Super Boost Wifi iBooster device, developed by an expert, the gadget looked like it could be the solution for the internet at home.In the market it is possible to find routers and even signal repeaters, however, these equipments were not good enough to avoid the “dead spots” in my house, those places of the house where the internet does not work.

Wifi iBooster seemed to have been developed with an effective technology that could avoid these points. So I decided it was time to buy one in order to test at my home and try to use the internet quality for which I pay every month. I saw an ad on the internet and ended up buying it.

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Why should you get a signal WiFi amplifier with iBooster?

Depending on the size of your home, office or local, it is possible that even if you have contracted the highest possible internet speed, the signal does not reach correctly all the areas that you need to have coverage, if we add that you may have more than one device working with Wi-Fi connection, you may have problems that get worse with each user.

Using a signal WiFi amplifier like iBooster, what we will do is increase the speed and reliability of our WiFi, iBooster picks up the router’s WiFi signal and expands it to go further, functioning as a mini modem that you can place anywhere in your home, office to cover areas with less coverage.

You can get a 50% discount by heading to the official product page from this post.Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Get yours before the last units of iBooster are gone.

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iBooster Wifi Booster Features

  • Installation – You don’t have to worry about a complicated set up because the iBooster has a very simple installation. The entire process is done by software, so you won’t run into problems. You just have to plug it in and sync it with the WPS button, which will only take a few minutes. Don’t forget that it’s portable. Sync it with any wi-fi signal.
  • More powerful and intense – Another advantage is that it not only increases the intensity of the Wifi signal, but also its strength. This is a device that makes the signal stronger to reach every corner of the home or office. You can maintain your connection without having to move any furniture out of the way. In fact, this booster’s signal is able to go around these objects without having to rearrange them or make any alterations. No hassle!
  • Secure and Practical – iBooster is a secure and practical option, as well as low-cost. These signal amplifiers have the latest technology in terms of security, with a WPA2 encryption to provide a truly secure solution that integrates perfectly into your environment and offers the best performance. You’ll never need to worry about someone stealing your signal or your device’s data.
  • Low-cost solution – This device costs much less than what you would pay for more megabytes or a stronger signal, so you are saving in the long term. Don’t hand over more money to your internet provider that might be ripping you off!
  • Transfer rate of up to 300Mbps, this wifi signal booster is compatible with any brand of internet or router. RJ45 LAN connection.

What Makes iBooster Special?

If you’re experiencing a slow internet connection, you’ve probably already tried many different ways to fix it. Most of the solutions that might fix WiFi “dead zones”, such as moving your router, switching to a different WiFi channel, or using a wired connection are not only inconvenient, but also complicated or even impossible for some. Calling your internet provider never helps, too, and they always want you to pay more to upgrade your already expensive service… and even then things don’t get better!

iBooster is compact in size but mighty at work. There are usually multiple devices that are using WiFi under the same roof – even this is no longer a problem with this genius device. The best thing about iBooster is that you don’t need any special knowledge or extra equipment to make it work – it connects and works together with your existing router after simply plugging it into the wall outlet.  Your WiFi speed and coverage improves instantly across the entire house and you don’t even have to pay more to your internet provider!

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Why iBooster?

Five reasons:

  • Speed – immediately after connecting, you will be able to play online games, watch movies, YouTube, enjoy uninterrupted video calls and much more with your faster and stronger WiFi connection!
  • Incredibly easy installation – just plug it in, connect, and enjoy!
  • Universal – compatible with any WiFi router, phone, laptop, or tablet;
  • Simple and self-contained – it’s a mini plug-in device without external antennas;
  • Cost-effective – significantly improves your WiFi connection without the need to pay more for your internet provider.

How Does Wifi iBooster Work?

I am no internet expert, but from what I can understand Super Boost Wifi iBooster gets the signal from the Wi-Fi already in the house and increases its connection capacity. Thus, the Wi-Fi signal reaches any corner in the house, even if the router is many walls from where I want to use the internet.

iBooster Review

In addition, Wi-fi iBooster blocks data usage reporting to the ISP. This causes the speed of the internet to increase.

The product does not require installation by a specialist. When the device arrived at home, I simply plugged the Wifi iBooster into the power outlet, set up my home Wifi on the device, and that was it: I started using high-speed internet access throughout the house.

I didn’t even have to use cables, which was really practical.

That movie I wanted to watch lying on my couch, using my smart tv that always crashed, just stopped crashing! In fact, the product surprised me because it worked as described in its advertising.

Who Can Use iBooster?

iBooster brings the benefits that would be highly appreciated by anyone who needs faster and more reliable internet speed and a wider coverage area at their home or workspace. Whether you’re a passionate gamer, lover of the movies, or a simple student who needs all the information to be available at all times – iBooster will help to meet everyone’s needs.

How and Where To Buy iBooster?

iBooster is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality.

iBooster can increase wi-fi capability in your home, work and on the go

One of the best things about iBooster is that you can take faster internet with you. You just plug it in and connect it to a wi-fi signal. It’s perfect for getting some work done outside of your home or office. It’ll amplify the wifi signal in your favorite cafe or a hotel room. If you avoid public wi-fi because of security reasons, now you can finally use it! iBooster comes with its own WPA2 encryption to keep your devices safe. No one will be able to leach off of your signal or access the data on your device.


iBooster is a state of the art technology Wi-Fi booster that removes all of the dead spots from your place. Hence, you can use the internet at any corner of your office, home, etc. without worrying about the internet speeds. iBooster is a powerful Wi-Fi booster that is easy to install and use is the best device for your place. The best part of this efficient Wi-Fi booster is its precision in delivering high-speeds without any disruption and affordability.

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If you are facing issues in using the internet at your office, home, or at any new place, grab an iBooster for you today and enjoy the best internet speeds. No more hassle in waiting for the best internet speeds. Grab an iBooster for you today and start enjoying the safest and fastest internet.

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