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iMemories Review 2023 [Updated] – In depth Guide to Memory Digitization

In case your smartphone battery dies suddenly in the middle of a party or celebration, you can rely on others as there can be number of smartphone users around you. You can get your candid pictures clicked and shared to you or posted on social media. But what to do with the old memories your parents have on VHS tapes? iMemories is here for your rescue!

A very easy way to maintain your memories is with iMemories. In our iMemories assess, we’ll go over just how this solution works and aid you see why it’s worth the cash.

What is iMemories?

iMemories Can Help You Conserve along with Protect Crucial Video Clip Clips as well as Images. While television stations used camera for years, it had not been up until 1983 that Sony released one created for residence use. You, your parents as well as your grandparents likely made use of other camera to catch essential occasions throughout the years such as a Super 8 camera.

Today’s video cameras consist of ports for SD cards that make it basic to establish copies along with share your videos. Those old video cameras merely moved the information to a movie reel or tape that asked for unique tools to see. Do you remember your family members taking a seat to enjoy old flicks on a huge display in your living-room?


With iMemories, you can assist your grandchildren as well as additionally youngsters have the similar experiences.

The services supplied by iMemories can help you with any kind of video clips or photos that you mean to protect. You can send out all of it the web content that you desire and get a quote to see simply how much it will certainly establish you back to digitize your records. If you determine not to team up with the business, you’ll obtain whatever delivered back to you in its initial trouble. Those that agree to the quote can authorize an online agreement and also spend for the service.

You’ll after that obtain electronic matches of those memories along with the originals shipped to you as immediately as practical.

Why iMemories is Preferred?

This might make it hard for you to remember the initial holidays your family took or loved ones who died when you were young. Taking a seat to see the video taken of your wedding event or an old get-together can send out a flooding of memories hurrying back to you.

With numerous people today attempting to declutter and live just, enjoying that video is hard. You possibly don’t have a working Video Cassette Recorder not to mention devices that can play old movie reels. This firm offers conservation services for a variety of video.

Who’s iMemories For?

We highly advise iMemories for any person that wishes to protect their memories. As opposed to letting them bite dust in a wardrobe or attic, you can send them to iMemories, that sends you back copies that are easier to see as well as share. Others who would certainly benefit from the iMemories service include those who:

  • Do not know what to do with old video clips as well as images
  • Wish to preserve their memories nonetheless aren’t certain exactly how to do it
  • Mean to create a treasure of memories that future generations can utilize
  • Called for to discover an excellent existing for a moms and dad or grandparents

IMemories can assist if you have loads or hundreds of old photos and also video clips of your friends and family. Not simply can you ask for a SafeShip Bundle today, nonetheless you can furthermore begin going through your documents to identify what you intend to send.

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How Can You Make use of the iMemories?

Utilizing iMemories is incredibly basic because of the reality that you can take place the web and order a SafeShip. This kit have water proof bags that keep your records protected from moisture, and foam coating which are used to protect valuable items while shipping.

As the firm uses the services of FedEx, you can feel confident that everything you send out will certainly arrive there firmly and additionally securely. You can fit around seven videos inside a singular box, however that box also holds up to 6 video spindles or countless common images.

When iMemories obtains your box, it will certainly go through the web content and also approximate the cost to digitize those records. When your quote is conveniently offered, you will receive an e-mail. When you go online, you can either confirm that you agree to the cost and also pay for the solution or request that iMemories return your content without digitizing the records.

Regardless of what you choose, you’ll obtain all the preliminary matches returned to you in the very same condition that they were when you sent them. When you use the SafeShip Package as well as obtain an estimate, you are under no obligation to book any one of the services mentioned.

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Tips for Packaging Images in the SafeShip Plan.

  1. Go through your photos to make a decision which ones you desire to send to iMemories.
  2. Organize the pictures right into tiny groups
  3. Securely place those images/tapes in a water resistant bag.
  4. Place foam at the bottom of the packet.
  5. Drop the box/kit off at a FedEx place

Where Can You Utilize iMemories?

You can utilize the digitized web content that you receive from iMemories whatsoever that you desire. You can have those pictures and also video clips saved to either a DVD or a Blu-Ray disc when you authorize up for the solution. The discs will also play any photos that you sent in for conservation.

An additional place you can utilize the iMemories service is online. Let’s state that your family members generates an unique Facebook page for about stay in touch. With your iMemories disc, you can relocate duplicates of images along with video to your computer system as well as additionally conserve copies on that particular tool. It takes just a number of secs to publish photos to the net along with a few mins to submit videos.

Longer clips along with videos can take longer to post. You might desire to share numerous of your memories on an individual site or blog site that you have additionally.

Selecting iMemories Services

-Click on our web link to find out more regarding iMemories.
-Click the order button to buy your SafeShip Set.
-Register for an iMemories account.
-Validate your e-mail address.
-Head back to the iMemories website and log right into your account.
-Click on the Service providers switch to include new alternatives to your order.

What Can You Send out to iMemories?

Among the absolute best advantages of working with iMemories is that you can send out in almost anything that you want. Though some selected to send photos in addition to data from much more current years, the company can take care of documents that are much older too. A few of the tapes that the solution accepts consists of:

  • Full-size videos
  • Mini tapes
  • Movie reels
  • Kodachrome

You can additionally utilize iMemories to conserve images that you wish to share. The iMemories solution warranties that you can send any type of image and also have it contributed to a disc without struggling with the transfer process in the house.

When experiencing those pictures can harm the flick, every little thing from the way you maintain your photos to the food that people taken in. With iMemories, you can stop the pictures from breaking down a whole lot even more as well as likewise make duplicates for each and every person in your household.

Usual reasons Of images damage
-Various other sorts of moisture, consisting of dampness
-Minimized or high temperature levels
-Skin oils
-Incorrect storage space

Services Offered by The iMemories

Disc Transfer

One of the leading services of iMemories is a disc transfer. These discs can conserve countless images as well as also hundreds of videos along with flick clips. You can conveniently have actually copies made from your house as well as let them enjoy the discs the following time they come.

Cloud Storage space

Thanks to the cloud storage made use of by iMemories, you no longer require to stress concerning what could happen if you drop your phone or damage your tablet computer. Even if you drop your phone and also replace it, you can still enjoy all your photos as well as delight in any kind of video clip taken with or preserved to your phone.

iMemories mobile Application

The iMemories mobile application is readily available at all app stores, and additionally at and also is absolutely cost-free to download and install. It will certainly first request permission to access the data on your gadget when you download and also install the app to a device. This enables the application to locate each of the images and video files that you conserved.

Due to the fact that you moved them to a various area or relabelled them, you can utilize the app to arrange those documents as well as additionally find those you assumed went losing out on. It in addition makes moving your information to an outside drive less complicated, which is available in convenient when you want to make duplicates.

Thumb Drive

You can include a thumb drive to your order too when you sign up for iMemories. The 8GB thumb drive can store hundreds of data or even more as well as sets you back only $19.99. All the photos as well as video clips that you send out will appear on the drive.

Time Taken by The iMemories to Complete the Task

This does not count the time that it requires to provide your set or exactly how long it considers you to send the bundle back. It may take you weeks or days to experience your tapes and photos to determine what to send out After obtaining an email to confirm that iMemories obtained your set, it will certainly take 2 to 3 weeks up until business digitizes those photos as well as additionally videos.

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Certain factors affecting the delivery time-

  • The designs that you send.
  • The amount of photos you had really contrasted to your video
  • The length of your video clips or variety of pictures
  • Just how energetic the firm is
  • The moment of the year
  • The procedure takes a bit longer around the getaways as much more people make use of iMemories to make presents for their loved ones. Also throughout the COVID-19 break out of 2020, iMemories maintained a turnaround time of 6 weeks or a lot less.

How to Get Your Completed Video Clips

You can access copies of the video clips that it makes for you online when you acquire iMemories solutions. You can do this with either the iMemories application or with the account you created on the web site.

  • Click the login switch, which is in the upper right-hand edge
  • Have a look at the digitized files to pick the one you desire to save
  • Dual click the files name to download and also set up a duplicate
  • Wait until the download procedure completes
  • Right click the records to relabel it

This needs that you download and install the iMemories application to your phone, however you can also use your web browser to check out the internet site and utilize the above steps. You can after that click the documents name to select and also download a copy where you wish to save it as well as give the data a brand-new name.

The services supplied by iMemories can assist you with any type of video clips or images that you want to protect. The iMemories solution warranties that you can send any type of picture and have it added to a disc without having a hard time with the transfer process at home.

We focused on the pictures that you can send, iMemories will approve more than just pictures as well as duplicates of pictures. You can have iMemories make electronic pictures from those downsides if you ever before discovered an old box of downsides however shed the original images.

All Styles: No issue what your family made use of to shoot video clips and also take pictures, you can send their work to iMemories and also have the documents digitized.

With your iMemories disc, you can move copies of images as well as video clips to your computer system and also conserve copies on that device. After getting an email to confirm that iMemories received your kit, it will certainly take two to 3 weeks up until the business digitizes those photos and also videos.

You can access copies of the video clips that it makes for you online when you acquire iMemories solutions. All Styles: Whatever your household used to shoot video clips as well as take pictures, you can send their job to iMemories as well as have actually the documents digitized. The services supplied by iMemories can assist you with any type of video clips or images that you want to protect.

Can iMemories Repair service Damaged Videos?

iMemories can splice numerous videos with each other to compensate for harmed places. This permits you to check out a full video with no stops briefly or missing out on areas.

What Formats Can You Send to iMemories?

You can send out any one of the film reels that you discover, even if you’re not exactly sure what gets on them. As you have the possibility to watch the web content later on, you may find that you reveal video footage that your household thought was lost years go.

  • VHS
  • 8 mm
  • VHS-C
  • Betamax
  • Hi8

With iMemories, you can send in electronic video clips as well as tapes that you make use of with modern-day video cameras too as well as memory cards. MicroMini, MiniDV, Digital8 and Vido8 are several of the formats that the firm accepts.

Though we concentrated on the pictures that you can send, iMemories will certainly accept more than simply photos and duplicates of images. When you were a child in addition to photo downsides, you can make use of the slides that your dads and moms and grandparents took. If you ever before found an old box of negatives yet shed the original images, you can have iMemories make digital pictures from those downsides.

Is There Anything That iMemories Can decline?

  • Audiotapes
  • Film canisters
  • Videos or images that include grown-up material such as nudity
  • Videos or images shot on tv or via business manufacturings
  • Anything that reveals someone damaging the regulation
  • Copyrighted material unless the sender holds the copyright or has authorization to replicate it

Should You Buy iMemories?

The simplest means to see why iMemories deserves the cost is with a look at the pros of the business as well as what it can do for you, which we listed here.

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SafeShip Kit: Though this package sets you back a percentage, it deserves the cost because it ensures that your cherished tapes, reels, files as well as pictures arrive securely and also in good condition. The packaging maintains those memories safe from dampness and also temperature level changes also.

All Styles: Whatever your household used to shoot video clips as well as take pictures, you can send their job to iMemories as well as have actually the documents digitized. Not just does it deal with styles from North America, yet you can send out in BUDDY video. The company accepts film reels shot on 8 mm, 16 mm and also other formats also.

Rapid Action: It takes a few weeks or less for your package to get here as well as also less time for you to deliver it back. Most consumers had their web content processed in less than 3 weeks.

Great deals of Solutions: Among the leading reasons to pick iMemories is its series of solutions. While some services cost additional such as the cloud storage that bills a month-to-month cost, you get a 20% discount when you use our link to position your order.

What Can You Finish with the iMemories Application?

-Make slideshows that feature your favored photos
-Conserve duplicates of films and also images that you can utilize on social -media sites sites, including Facebook and also Instagram
-Usage cloud storage to develop back up copies
-Stream videos and view pictures when you’re offline
-Upload material straight to the internet

To ensure that you get a total photo of what iMemories can do, we wanted to include a cons section that focuses on several of the concerns you may come across when using the solutions from this business. One problem is that iMemories has some restrictions in regards to what you can make use of and also what it will certainly accept.

You can not send any image/video that shows substance abuse or other prohibited activities in addition to copyrighted content. Just like various other similar solutions, the company has the right to get in touch with authorities if it receives content showing anything prohibited such as abuse of children.

When you buy the SafeShip Package, you need to pay around $15 to have actually the package sent out to you. You additionally need to pay a fee for every tape you desire digitizing along with every image and also 50 feet of movie that you submit. The expense can be rather high if you have a big number of tapes and images.

Various other Problems with iMemories

The top quality may not be as high as you would like
It can take weeks to get the delivery kit
Some located that the processing time took longer than the stated two to three weeks
iMemories does not provide as numerous remediation services as other firms do
The firm can not make copies of all material sent
Some located the website puzzling to utilize

Where to Purchase iMemories?

The expense of digitizing your video clips and also pictures begins at $.79 per photo and $19.99 per tape. This web link allows you conserve an additional 20% off the online cost of all iMemories services. You can send in photos and pay just $.47 per picture.

When you click on the link, you can take a look at the rates and then scroll down to purchase a SafeShip Package The set ships absolutely free as well as comes with all the supplies that you need to securely return your memories. Click on our web link to buy a package as well as have it shipped to your home immediately.

Tips for Packing Videos in the SafeShip Package.

Allot any tapes that you wish to send
Meticulously wrap each tape in one of the waterproof bags
Stack the tapes inside package in addition to a layer of crushproof foam
Don’t bother with labeling the tapes before you send them
Make certain that the box is sealed as well as the tag gets on the top
Use FedEx to send your kit to iMemories

Competitors of iMemories

While this aids you support the local economic climate, you have no guarantees that the individual will certainly take care of your memories or that they will do the work as rapidly as iMemories can. There’s constantly a risk that the person might lose some of the tapes or images that you give them too. We found some other alternatives to iMemories that you may find useful.

ClearClick Video to DVD Converter

With the ClearClick Video Clip to DVD Converter, you obtain a second-generation gadget that permits you to convert videotapes in your home. You can utilize it to make duplicates of gaming videos taken with a console and a wide variety of VHS tapes.

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