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InvisiCharger Review – Does It Work

InvisiCharger Review

InvisiCharger Reviews – Is It That Good? -> This read is for those who are looking for an efficient wireless charger. SPECIAL PROMOTION: For a limited time, get 50% off and free shipping!

We just can’t do without our daily gadgets like phone, laptop and so on. Almost the entire day round, we are hooked onto those professionally and personally. The real problem arises, when the machines run out of charge. We do carry our charging cable but then our movement becomes restricted, work slows down as we have to allow the charging to happen properly.

Wireless charging has certainly become one of the most sought-after features in the latest gadgets. It has been fully integrated to the latest smartphone models, wireless earphones and smartwatches. The technology around it is based on a scientific principle discovered by Nikola Tesla himself called, Induction Technology.

While travelling, it’s all the more problematic, when we don’t find charging points at all. We do have power banks as a solution, but even they need to be adequately energized before using and are just a substitute to chargers, which won’t even last too long. Moreover, prolonged use of the charging wire makes it wear out. So, as an answer to all the above mentioned difficulties, let me introduce the “Best Invisible Wireless Charger 2021” called “Invisicharger“.

What is InvisiCharger?

Invisicharger is an wireless pad or a stand that marvelously charge any device within it’s large bandwidth. The equipment is basically, stuck under a table or any platform made of wood, glass, granite, plastic or quartz. Thereafter the place itself turns into a charging zone. So, whatever you place in there, whether your smart phone, laptop, tablet or any other portable and stationary gadget, it will get charged in a jiffy.

One of the best things about InvisiCharger is that it gas a built-in cooling system. This means that no matter how long you are using this wireless charger or how long it is plugged in, it will never overheat because of the cooling system that it has. It is also certified to be safe, so there’s nothing to worry about using InvisiCharger.

The InvisiCharger works with any device that uses the Qi wireless charging standard, including Apple iPhones, Samsung, LG, and Motorola phones and tablets. It’s one of the most powerful chargers you can buy, and it charges right through tables, desks, glass, or any other non-metallic surface!

Invisicharger is called so because of this reason that it’s wireless and works under surface, so avoids our eyes. The device is extraordinarily popular in United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and other countries because of it’s revolutionary performance.

The InvisiCharger is going to revolutionize phone charging and you can get them right now! It’s absolutely the best and most powerful charger you can buy for your phone today! They are better than charging pads and better than plugging your phone into a wall socket.

How does a Invisi Charger work?

Invisicharger works on magnetic resonant coupling. This scientific discovery was made by a pioneer in the world of electricity named Nikola Tesla. This technology envisages transmission of electricity between a pair of transmitter and a receiver circuits. 

The very scientific basis under a number of wireless electrical applications, are increasingly making our lives day-by-day mess free.

InvisiCharger Features

Technical Feature

Why should I invest in Invisi Charger?

Whether your desk is made of wood, glass, or any other non-metallic material, InvisiCharger can charge your device even through the heaviest and most dense of materials!

Just attach InvisiCharger to the underside of your desk with its reusable adhesive mount and you’ll be able to charge your devices without any ugly cables or charging pads cluttering up your desk. Works through any non-metallic surface up to 32 millimeters (1¼ inches) thick!


Charge anywhere – InvisiCharger can be mounted onto any non-metallic furniture up to 32mm thick, including desks, tables, dressers and countertops.

Maximum compatibility – InvisiCharger works with over 150 smart phones and dozens of other Qi-enabled devices.

Easy installation – InvisiCharger has a reusable adhesive mount that will stick to any surface in seconds without damaging your furniture.

Secret and stylish – Create a secret charging station with the invisible base or show it off with the sleek and slim receiver sticker.

Any average ‘so called’ wireless charger would project a signal length of 5mm maximum but this innovative new product increases the distance by 27mm. 

Who would buy this?

Here, I would say, in today’s busy world, when our motive is only to make our life easy and comfortable, each one of us must get access to an Invisicharger. You don’t have to move from your work place, if you haven’t have a charging point there. Just stick this hugely adhesive disc underneath the table or your seat, if you are couching and lapping your laptop or phone. The charging would take place automatically and instantaneously without disrupting your current position.

Working professionals surely need it placed in your workstation at office for that quick access to energizing your worktables.

How to use it?

If your smart device supports wireless charging, then just position your phone or laptop in a landscape or portrait mode. Invisicharger has a light indicator which turns on for eight seconds and then diminishes. The light turning off means the magnetic disc is entering standby mode and would remain there till the next charging session. 

A blue light indicates charging at high speed, whereas a white light shows weak strength. Once your charging has attained 100% completion, the disc would hibernate automatically.

Customer Opinion

I’m kind of a heavy-handed guy, and I would burn through charging cables like they were going out of style. Of course, you can take the risk of buying cheap chargers and cables, but I didn’t want to burn my house down! I’m so glad I discovered the InvisiCharger – I can’t mess it up because I never even have to touch it! – Aiden P.

There are no cords or cables, but your phone gets charged faster than a lot of these cheap cables could ever charge it! Once I set the InvisiCharger up, I never even had to think about it again – it just WORKS. That’s just the kind of technology that I love! – Jack

Where To Purchase InvisiCharger?

Instantly, you can procure your Invisicharger by clicking on the link provided. As complimentary, you would get a 50% discount on the base price, a free worldwide shipping and a complete reversal of payment on dissatisfaction. These offers, however won’t last long, so hurry!

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know if my phone is compatible with InvisiCharger?

Check your phone’s specifications on the supplier website. If your phone is “Qi-enabled” then it will work with InvisiCharger.

What other devices is InvisiCharger compatible with?

InvisiCharger can charge any Qi-enabled device. This includes tablets, smart watches, and wireless earbuds.

What kinds of furniture will InvisiCharger charge through?

InvisiCharger can charge through any surface that isn’t metal up to 32mm in thickness. This includes wood, plastic, glass, quartz, granite, marble, and more!

Do I need to remove my phone case before charging?

InvisiCharger is designed to charge through most phone cases and pop sockets, but if your tabletop is extra thick, you may need to remove accessories to get a successful charge.

Can I charge more than one device at a time with InvisiCharger?

InvisiCharger can only charge one device at a time, but you can mount multiple InvisiChargers on the same table to charge all your devices at once. 

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