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LiveWave Antenna Review [2020] : Don't Buy Until You've Read This

livewave antenna reviews

Have you ever thought how you can get HD quality channels for free? What if i tell you that you can do that just by installing an antenna in your home. But you may not always get the clear quality reception. Now a days, Antennas require a lot of work to install and to manage but what if you can set it up without any problem. You can find the solution to that problem with the LiveWave Antenna.

The company selling LiveWave is Swell Ecomm Enterprises, a fact that we found while skimming the terms-and-conditions fine print. The company also sells MindInsole, a series of foot care products that focus on compression therapy and dynamic shoe insoles. Both the LiveWave and MindInsole are As Seen on TV products.

What is LiveWave Antenna?

About Livewave Antenna

If you watch television, you should consider the LiveWave Antenna. This device offers free movies, free local television, free news, and several HD television channels. This advanced antenna has been tested and has proven to be successful in homes all across the United States.

LiveWave Antenna is a completely modern plug-in antenna which converts the standard cables and wires in your home into a super antenna for a wider signal range. No special training or equipment required for set up. Just plug LiveWave Antenna and it instantly gives you access to TV channels broadcasted over-the-air for free.

It is designed after advanced military cover technology. LiveWave Antenna can provide powerful and reliable reception wherever and maintains sharp picture quality no matter the weather. It even supports full and uncompressed High-Definition broadcasts. All without Cable TV.

LiveWave Antenna is also a compact and durable device that can easily fit on the palm of your hand. You can install it anywhere in the house without worries. It’s built with a grounded circuit and doesn’t directly connect to live home wiring. LiveWave Antenna is 100% safe to use around kids and pets.

Features of LiveWave Antenna

  • HIGH-DEFINITION CHANNELS – You can get both standard and High-Definition broadcasts with LiveWave Antenna. Enjoy sharp and crisp picture quality every day no matter the weather. And don’t miss out on the latest shows and best programs live TV has to offer.
  • GET MORE FOR LESS – You don’t have to pay expensive cable bills every month. Get full access to hundreds of TV channels broadcasted over-the-air for free. No monthly fees or contracts required. Just unlimited and free TV access for life.
  • NO HECTIC INSTALLMENTS – Setting up LiveWave Antenna is super easy that anyone can do it in less than a minute. You just need to plug it to your TV screen and to an electrical outlet. Then it instantly converts your home’s electrical wiring into a giant antenna.
  • COMPLETELY SAFE – Worried about being electrocuted? Don’t be. Live Wave Antenna works instantly and is 100% safe to use. It’s made with a grounded circuit and doesn’t connect directly to electrical wiring with live current So, it’s completely shock-free!

LiveWave Channel Options

Antenna devices provide your television for free. However, these devices rely on the broadcasting of signals by nearby channels to display audio and video. As a result, the majority of these devices only offer a handful of channels.

Livewave Antenna, on the other hand, is a much more powerful device and can attract signals from broadcasting towers far away. Therefore, it provides more channels than your typical antenna device. You can expect to see the following channels on your television:

  • Fox
  • ABC
  • NBC
  • PBS
  • Decades
  • Ion
  • BET
  • CBS
  • Bounce 
  • FXM
  • MeTV

Besides these basic channels, users will be able to view a number of news channels, Spanish channels, shopping channels, and weather and sports channels. Compared to typical antennas, Livewave Antenna is great as it can pick up 30 or more channels. In the end, the number of channels you receive depends on how many channels your local broadcast tower broadcasts.

How the LiveWave Antenna Works

Our team of specialists have researched and compared LiveWave Antenna with dozens of TV antennas that claim to provide free HD cable. What makes LiveWave Antenna different from other basic antennas is that LiveWave TV Antenna works by converting your home’s built in electrical wiring into a giant antenna by plugging this antenna into any AC socket and then it starts picking up signals and broadcasts free HD channels.

LiveWave is designed with advanced military cover technology. It is capable of providing reliable and powerful reception wherever and maintains good picture quality even if the weather is not good.

To make this work, all we have to do is to plug Livewave Antenna into the screen of your our choice and select it as our TV source and then we can immediately start surfing channels on our TV.

Instructions to use LiveWave Antenna

  • 1st STEP: Connect LiveWave Antenna to your TV screen using the free inclusive cable cord.
  • 2nd STEP: Plug LiveWave Antenna directly to any electrical outlet to instantly convert your home’s live wiring into one giant TV antenna.
  • 3rd STEP: Scan for available channels then start watching your favorite TV shows and the latest TV news for free.

LiveWave Antenna Pricing and Return Policy

At the time of writing, you had several options for buying a LiveWave antenna. Your main options are to buy one antenna at $39.95 or to buy multiple antennas that become cheaper as you buy more at once:

In addition to buying an antenna or antennas, you can choose to purchase a lifetime warranty for $9.22. The fine print says that the warranty covers your antenna if it has defects in materials or workmanship. If the antenna just stops working one day, then, in theory, you can make a warranty claim.

However, if you spill water on the antenna or break the device through an accident or negligence, it won’t be covered. “Damages due to improper care or accident may be repaired at a reasonable rate and a fee will be charged for return shipping,” the fine print notes.

How LiveWave Antenna Compares to Other TV Antennas

To give you a sense of how this antenna’s pricing and features compare to popular HD antennas, we went to Amazon to find out which HD antennas got the highest ratings from consumers.

What we found is that there were several different antennas that were cheaper than LiveWave. However, none of them claimed to turn your home’s electrical system into an antenna:

  • U MUST Have Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna: $27.95, 4.7 stars from 6,053 reviews
  • LotusBe Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna: $24.99, 4.4 stars from 270 reviews

Both of these antennas received excellent reviews from customers and both are significantly cheaper than the LiveWave. Also, we noticed that both of these antennas are amplified, which means you can plug them in and boost their range to more than 35 miles.

If you live in a rural area where the closest TV towers are more than 35 miles away, this can be a big benefit.

In general, we’d say that the two antennas on Amazon present better value because they’re more than $10 cheaper and, unlike the LiveWave, their technology is traditional and widely understood to work well if you cut down on the obstacles between your antenna and the HD signals you’re trying to capture.

There’s a chance that the LiveWave could work better because of its claim to use your whole house as an antenna but we don’t feel comfortable backing that claim based on what various experts told us during our research of this antenna.

Competitors and Alternatives

LiveWave isn’t the only HD antenna on the market. There are several options that are less expensive than LiveWave, and none of them claim to tap into your home’s electrical system to function.

Two of the most popular devices are the U MUST Have Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna and the LotusBe Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna. The U MUST antenna costs only $27.95, while the LotusBe antenna comes in at $24.99. Both antennas have excellent customer reviews and are amplified, allowing you to plug them in and boost their range to over 35 miles away. This is a great feature if you live in a rural area.

Livewave Antenna – How Is It Different?

A large number of people now look for good content on services like Netflix. However, eventually, these users get tired of seeing the same content again and again on such services.

Instead, they want to see new content to keep themselves entertained, and that content can only be given by your television. As we have discussed before, paying for cable TV incurs an additional cost. Besides that, it doesn’t give you the option to watch HD TV, so investing in these services will not be the best option.

  • Free Services
  • Sleek Design
  • Technology
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Use
  • Picture Quality
  • Channel Options
  • Budget
  • Legality
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Dependence on Signal Broadcast
  • Limited Number of Channels
  • Limited Reviews

Why do I need this antenna?

With this plug from Livewave Antenna you can receive almost any program and don’t have to pay for it. You don’t have to spend your money on expensive cable TV or other expensive offers anymore, but you can now watch TV for free with Livewave Antenna. A small plug and more is not necessary. Anyone who wants to save money is well served with this small plug.

LiveWave Antenna Review – Final Verdict

This device is really fascinating because of the antenna power. It claims to work simply by plugging it into any wall outlet of your home and connecting it to the TV.

Overall the LiveWave Antenna is a good to go product if you are looking to watch HD TV Channels for free.

How Can I Get LiveWave Antenna?

If it is still in stock, here is how you can get this yours:

  1. Order LiveWave Antenna from it’s official website.
  2. Start streaming live HD TV Channels with any paid subscription.


How many channels will I be able to access?

The channels available to you with your LiveWave antenna depend on your distance from the nearest broadcasting tower and other environmental factors. If there are obstructions between your location and the nearest tower, your signal may not be as strong.

Do I need an internet connection for my antenna to work?

No, just your TV.

How can I access more free local channels?

To access more free local channels, we suggest getting the amplifier to boost your range.

Does one LiveWave antenna work for every TV in my home?

No, each TV will require their own antenna to access free local channels.

What comes with an order of LiveWave?

When you order from our website, you get the LiveWave Antenna along with a free cable cord for your TV.

Is it compatible with an Apple TV?

Yes, LiveWave is compatible with a wide range of screens and can work for both iOs and Android operating systems.

What channels can I get?

The channels you get will depend on what’s being broadcasted in your area. You may try looking them up through channel checking websites.

How do I get them in HD?

HD channels are subject to the availability of what is being broadcasted within your antenna range.

How to fix missing channels from the program list?

Reboot the system by disconnecting then reconnecting LiveWave. Then restart your TV screen and rescan for available channels.

Is it safe to use indoor use?

Yes. LiveWave is built with a special grounded circuit which prevents shocking or electrocution. It’s 100% safe for indoor use and around kids.

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