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TruLight Review Great Offer In The Post -> The article talks about the Professional Lighting For Phone or Computer Conference Calls. The article includes the benefits, customer reviews, where to buy, and how the Trulight works.

TruLight Offer

Boom! It’s happened to many of us all over the world. One day we were working at the office, and the next day we were stuck at home.

Our jobs all went online and we conduct business with our co-workers using phones and laptops. And it’s not only adults. Our young kids and teenagers are all attending classes online.

When you work online, it’s essential that you look your best. Just as you used to dress carefully for the office, it is just as important to look good on camera.

What is TruLight?

What is TruLight

TruLight is a portable ring light fit for ANY smartphone or laptop to achieve easy, flawless lighting!

TruLight also is great for selfies and stills. You can use your TruLight for any photos, selfies for dating sites, videos for your family, and more!

TruLight Features

  • Unique clamp design – clip it on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop
  • The soft light emitted by 36 high-brightness natural LED lights is centered and not dazzling, provides natural fill light when taking a selfie in the absence of light, and makes your selfies shine, all while still maintaining minimal image noise.
  • 3 adjustable brightness levels to meet different shooting needs. You’ll find the perfect lighting for your photos, videos, and live streaming. Take selfies anywhere and never have to worry about the dark environment.
  • Very easy to use. Just put in 2 AAA batteries (not included) and enjoy your enhanced selfies! No more having to run around the house looking for the perfect spot in your house to make your videos!

Here Are Some of The Secrets to Making Great Video Calls!

  • Make sure your WiFi is working as fast as possible. You can go to a website such as FAST.COM and test your internet speed. It is very important to have a high-quality connection.
  • If your speed is too slow, try moving closer to your router, or get a device like Superboost WiFi that will boost your WiFi connection in all the weak areas of your house.
  • Try to make your call in a private area. Set up your call at a desk or table which is away from the rest of the family. If you live alone, you should find a spot where you are comfortable.
  • If you’re using a computer, shut down unneeded applications. Don’t run a lot of programs or apps at once. Shut them down and allow all your processor power to run your meeting app.
  • Check your video camera lens! Every computer or phone has a video camera. Carefully check the camera lens and make sure it is clean! A spot of grease or dirt on the lens can ruin your video. Take a moment to clean it with a little alcohol or a soft cloth!

Look Your Personal Best on Camera!

Even though you’re working at home, you still need to look professional, neat, and clean. In fact, people will be watching you even more carefully on screen.

If you’re a man, make sure you carefully shave and brush your hair. Just because you’ve been at home for a long time, that’s no reason to neglect your appearance.

  • Ladies, it’s OK to wear makeup and arrange your hair. You should take as much care with your “look” as you do when you go to work in the office. A professional appearance is extra important when you’re online.
  • Men and women, dress professionally. Don’t wear a wrinkled pair of pajamas or a casual T-shirt. Put on something work-appropriate and check for wrinkles and stains. You are as professional as you look!
  • Keep your webcam just a little above your eye level. This way, during a normal call, you will look like you are naturally gazing into the eyes of your co-workers, like a normal in-person meeting.
  • WATCH YOUR BACKGROUND! This is obvious! Don’t have a messy bedroom, dirty dishes, kid’s toys, or anything distracting in your bedroom. Some good backgrounds are blank walls, bookshelves, houseplants, or even electronically-generated backgrounds for your apps!
  • Don’t wear jangly or noisy jewelry. It can make reflections or distract your viewers! Don’t spin around in your chair!

LIGHTING – The Most Important Ingredient for Great Video!

Now we come to the most important element of looking super-attractive online: Your lighting! Most people don’t realize, but lighting is the most important part of looking good on video!

A lot of people don’t realize that they are doing it wrong, and it makes them look bad.

Here are some big no-no’s:

  • Harsh direct light – If you use a bare light bulb or a lamp shining in your face, it will create deep shadows and make you look like Frankenstein!
  • Harsh window light – Do you really want sunlight blasting on your face and exposing every tiny wrinkle or line? Too much direct sunlight is a very poor way to light yourself.
  • Not enough light – If you do not have enough light, your video gets grainy and blurry. Not the way to give off a good impression.

TruLight is the Easy Solution to Beautiful Video Calls!

TruLight Effect

RING LIGHTS are the type of lighting that professionals use to illuminate models and actors. It’s used by leading Hollywood cinematographers!

Ring light technology eliminates harsh shadows you’d experience with a traditional flash, ensuring you capture the most flattering selfie possible! LED lights emit the perfect tone to hide blemishes and fine lines while keeping your makeup true-to-color.

How To Get TruLight?

Make sure you get it from the official site. You’ll get the highest-quality, long-lasting, beautifully-balanced light for all your video and photo needs!

How to get TruLight
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