Dartle Type Keyboard Review 2021 – Does Dartle Keyboard Work?

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If you travel a lot and also need a keyboard and mouse at home that work well and are also very space-saving, you will find numerous alternatives for the standard equipment on the Internet. A special feature, however, is the laser keyboard, which is equipped with a mouse and is projected onto the table. Anyone who has such a product not only gets there much more space-saving at home, but can also benefit from it on the go. At this point we would like to introduce the Dartle Type, which combines both and also works on Android and iOS, PC and Mac.

In countries like United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Canada, the Dartle keyboard is trending like anything. It has become increasingly popular among the working class and young students who have to travel for longer distances.

What is the Dartle Type Keyboard?

Dartle Type is a virtual laser keyboard and mouse. Instead of using a physical keyboard it is simply projected onto a table or other smooth surface with the offered product, according to the manufacturer. Whether at the kitchen table or in a café, this product allows you to continue working without having to take a keyboard or mouse with you. The device is simply connected wirelessly via Bluetooth HD. Thanks to its handy dimensions, the device fits into any pocket and does not take up much space. Except for a few hints on how to use it, the use of a laser does not pose a health risk to your hands or eyes.

Dartle Keyboard is small and lightweight which means that you can bring this anywhere you go. It is perfect if you often go out to work on your laptop at a coffee shop. You no longer have to bring your keyboard and mouse with you because the Dartle Keyboard already has a mouse as well. Your bag will surely be lighter without bringing a lot of things.

The Dartle Keyboard is a battery-powered laser device, which will surely replace both your keyboard and mouse. You don’t have to worry about dust on your keyboard because there will be no actual keyboard and mouse, to begin with. All you have to do is to wipe the device itself and you’re good to go. With its fully portable feature, you will surely be able to remotely work anytime and anywhere you, please.

Dartle Type Laser Keyboard
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How does it work?

How does virtual keyboard work?

The Dartle Keyboard uses laser technology to produce a red colored hologram. When projected to any flat surface, it can be used as a keyboard that is very easy to use.

It connects through the Bluetooth and can be switched to the Dartle mouse mode as required. As it gets connected, as you start typing on the hologram, letters will start appearing on the screen just as typing on a standard keyboard.

Advantage of Using Dartle Keyboard

  • Battery life lasts for two full days
  • Built-in speaker for the keying hectic sound
  • Shipping is fast
  • Lithium-Ion battery is rechargeable
  • One button power
  • Laser resolution is amazing
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and Windows
  • Full-size mouse and keyboard
  • Portable enough that can be brought anywhere
Dartle Type Technical Facts

The following technical facts are important for you to know before making a purchase:  

  • Description: Dartle Type laser keyboard and mouse. 
  • Compatible with: Android, iOS, PC, Windows, MAC. 
  • Switch: One single on/off switch. 
  • Connection: Ultra fast Bluetooth connection. 
  • Battery: Built-in long-life battery. 
  • Charging: Recharge for two hours and last for about two days of normal use. 
  • Portable: Light and handy, ideal for travel.

What can you expect from this Laser Keyboard?

  • Optimum size mouse and keyboard
  • Compatibility with iOS, Android, MAC, PC, and Windows
  • Astonishing laser resolution
  • Single-button switch On and Off feature
  • Efficient Bluetooth connection
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Compact, light in weight and portable
  • Perfect for people on the go

Why Choose Dartle Type Keyboard?

One of the reasons why you should choose Dartle Keyboard is that based on some of its users, they became more productive because they can work anywhere they want. They don’t have to confine themselves in the office or at home just to work, because they can bring their laptops at coffee shops with Dartle Keyboard on hand.

Using Dartle Keyboard will make things easier for you because it is more portable. You have the option to work on your phone without typing on it. You can use the entire screen of your phone to type using your laser keyboard and mouse. With this keyboard, you no longer have to worry about bringing your laptop when you have other things in your bag. This will make you feel like everything is just in the palm of your hands.

Another good thing about Dartle Keyboard is that it has an ergonomic design and with just a simple push of a button, the keyboard will immediately show on the table. You will surely be able to grab the attention of everyone around you. Also, Dartle Keyboard is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows.

Some people may see this as something that is expensive, especially with the sleek design and look that it has. But the truth is, Dartle Keyboard is affordable enough to afford by you. With this virtual keyboard, things will surely be easier for you.

Why do I need this keyboard?

Dartle Type Keyboard Review

The virtual laser keyboard and mouse has several advantages, if the manufacturer’s promises are kept. The first one is already apparent when looking at a keyboard on a smartphone or tablet. As soon as the keyboard appears, half of the screen disappears. Nevertheless, the size of the individual letters is relatively small, so it’s easy to make a mistake. With the laser keyboard it is much more comfortable to write without using only two fingers.

A second advantage is the wireless connection via Bluetooth. The written letters and numbers therefore appear immediately on the display. Delays should not occur, which means that writing messages does not require you to spend a lot of time. The Dartle Type can also replace a defective keyboard of the laptop. If several keys no longer work, this keyboard helps to solve these problems in an uncomplicated way.

The target group is not only people who use smartphones or tablets for business. As a private user, you can also make it easier for yourself when writing e-mails or chatting with family and friends. In the future, you will be able to work in all places where a flat surface is available for the laser.

How is Dartle type different from other keyboards?

You can set up the laser keyboard without any worries. But it can take some time for the keys to recognize characters in comparison to the usual keyboards or mouse. There is no denying the fact that Dartle Type cannot match with speed and efficiency associated with the traditional keyboard. But it can be a tiring task to take a keyboard as well as mouse everywhere you go. Since these are the times of smart gadgets, it becomes all the more vital that you look for more intelligent devices to add to your ease. It is perfect for day to day work. And the manufacturers have not compromised on efficiency at any cost. What can be better than this!

How do you set up Keyboard?

It would help if you went through the instruction. It is a smart idea to read the reviews on the internet and then start the setup process. The setup of Dartle Type is not complicated. You can also set it up with the phone. You will not take more than a few minutes to set up the device.

Dartle Type Laser Keyboard Review
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Dartle Keyboard Tests

Of course, we want to make sure that we are going to provide you with nothing but an honest and accurate review. So our editors will surely love the Dartle Keyboard so we decided to let them tests it. We chose five editors from our team and asked them to use it in the office, at home, and anywhere they want to for a week. This will make sure that they will be making the most out of the keyboard.

After a week, we called them for an interview and they all loved the Dartle Keyboard that they want to keep their respective laser keyboard and of course we let them keep the keyboards. They love how they no longer have to bring their keyboard and mouse when working outside because they can use just one device that can provide them with both keyboard and mouse. It is also easy to use, wherein all they need to do is to push the button and they can immediately use it.

Another thing that they love is that the battery lasts long. They can work all day and they don’t have to worry about running out of battery because the battery will last for two whole days. Mind you that our editors are using Mac and Windows, as well as iOS and Android and the Dartle Keyboard is working with all of them.

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With all this information, this means that Dartle Keyboard is truly one reliable laser keyboard that everyone should switch to.

Dartle Type Rating and Recommendation

The Dartle Type virtual laser keyboard and mouse is compatible not only with smartphones, tablets and computers, but also with televisions or game consoles. These increasingly have smart features and allow you to use digital content. The keyboard is useful here, for example, to communicate with your fellow players during gaming or to leave a comment under a video. Helpful is the automatic connection via Plug & Play. The respective devices recognize the laser keyboard automatically, which reduces the time until the start of use.

The device is switched on with an On/Off switch on the side. With this you not only operate the reader, but you can also save the battery. It takes 120 minutes for a complete charge and, according to the manufacturer, supplies the laser with energy for up to two days. The prerequisite for this is regular use. A more intensive use for work and leisure time may make it necessary to recharge the virtual laser keyboard and mouse daily. All that is required is the USB cable supplied, which can be connected to all devices with a USB port.

How is Dartle Keyboard better than other on-the-go keyboards?

Dartle Keyboard uses laser technology that makes it easy to type anywhere. It is portable and must with ease. People can put it in their pockets along with their phones and bring it. It is charged by a USB cable and does not need extra wire and cables while using. The high-speed Bluetooth connectivity makes it a superb buy.

On the contrary, other keyboards in the same category are bulky and take a lot of space. Sometimes, when the users the consoles are not appropriately kept, they may get damaged. They are expensive and difficult to connect with phones and tablets.

Pros and Cons

  • Fully-portable, making remote work easy
  • Full-size keyboard and mouse
  • Works with everything: Android and iOS, PC, Windows, and Mac
  • Amazing Laser Resolution
  • One-button power
  • Official Bluetooth connectivity to the latest standards
  • Rechargeable lithium ion power
  • Fast shipping
  • Fully-portable, making remote work easy
  • Only available online
  • Limited Supply
  • People interrupt you while you work to know how it works (could be good for meeting members of the opposite sex)

Where can I buy Dartle Type?

The product is sold online by the manufacturer directly on its own website. It is advisable to order there too, because this is the only way to assume that it is the original. From time to time, the manufacturer also provides special offers from which users can benefit. These contain several devices, but they are each offered at a lower price. The price is moderate anyway, but you can still save money with a bulk order. If you are not satisfied, you can return the device and get your money back. Ordering is easy and straightforward. In addition, there are risk-free payment options such as credit card and PayPal. Shipping is just as quick and the package arrives at the front door a few days later.

A discount campaign is also currently available on the website. The discount granted here is up to 50 %. Four different offers are available. In addition to a single laser keyboard, sets of two, three or four devices are also available. The discount also applies to the sets. You can pay for your purchase either by PayPal or credit cards like Visa or Mastercard. Since this product is likely to be shipped from abroad, it is not unusual to have to expect additional costs. If the product is shipped from outside the European Union, you should find out beforehand how much customs duties will be charged.

Laser projection Keyboard
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You can directly buy Dartle Keyboard on their official website. They are offering discounts if you but one of more devices. Of course the higher the quantity, the higher the discount. Paying is easy with Paypal or Credit Card and the site is protected by SSL encryption so there’s nothing to worry about.

Final Verdict

The Dartle keyboard is a unique innovation that combines science and comfort. The device is as light as a deck of cards and can be carried very easily. If you are looking to use your time to the maximum even while traveling on the train or car for long distances, then you must not wait.

This gadget will ease your working life and fits comfortably with your other stuff. It is attractive to look at and is available at a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Question

Why do I need this virtual keyboard?

This special technical invention is especially useful for all those people who are on the road a lot and have to write a lot, but do not want to do this constantly on large devices such as notebooks or laptops. With Dartle you can type anywhere on any surface and it is much smaller and handier than any other keyboard. It also allows you to type in the dark without interrupting when you need to work at night.

Where can I buy Dartle Type?

You can place the order for this virtual keyboard from the official website.

For how long does the battery lasts?

If you fully charge the keyboard, it can run for upto 2 days without any issue.

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