Two Hands Review- The Non-Contact Sanitizer for Killing Germs

Here’s something I wasn’t prepared to hear. I bet it will surprise you, too. Hand sanitizer stations can be a hotbed for germs and bacteria. Let me say that again: hand sanitizer stations can be a hotbed for germs and bacteria! Two Hands is the best non-contact sanitizer.

I work in healthcare, so I’m extremely interested in germ control practices. But what I saw at a local clinic made me a little sick to my stomach.

I was waiting for my wife and there were a few kids in the waiting room who all looked like they had terrible colds. I don’t mean to gross you out, but I sure was. These kids’ noses looked like snot faucets that had been left on! And they were constantly wiping their noses with their hands, and then going over and using the public pump sanitizer that was set up for everyone! Gross.

Two Hands Review

I knew that the sanitizer would still kill germs, but I sure didn’t want to use that hand pump after those kids. That’s just plain disgusting.

And then I wondered about how many other places this happens every single day. Well then, I couldn’t stop thinking about just how gross this was!

I went up to the receptionist and asked him for the WiFi password. I figured I needed some kind of distraction to take my mind off those kids and that sanitizing station. But that’s when I saw him wave his hand over a device on his desk and then rub his hands together.

Two Hands Online

I was curious and asked, “What’s that gadget there? It looks pretty neat.”

“Oh, this thing? It’s called Two Hands, and it’s just about the greatest little invention I’ve used in a while.”

“Why don’t you use hand pumps like the ones out here in the waiting area?” I asked.

“Do you see those kids out there? It’s a full-time job just keeping the hand pump clean! It’s like that every day. I know the solution still kills germs and bacteria, but the thought of pressing on that pump, after hundreds of potentially sick people use it every day? Nope. I’m not into that. Who knows what people are carrying around? It’s kind of gross.”

I agreed. “So that’s your solution?” I asked, pointing to the little gadget beside him.

“Yep, that’s the device I use. With this ingenious little device, I just wave my hand over it and I get a nice mist of disinfectant spray that’s completely free from any other impurities, like other people’s dirt or germs.”

I had so many questions! “So why aren’t you using these sanitizing devices in the waiting room instead of the hand pumps?”

Two Hands device

It was like he anticipated the question. He said, “I picked this one up for myself, to see if it worked as well as advertised. And it does! Now I’m trying to convince the manager to implement these new devices instead of the ones out there. I’m sure we’ll be making the switch soon. It seems lots of businesses are.”

I was impressed. “Sign me up,” I said. “How do I find more information on the Two Hands device?”

He gave me a web address and I was online looking it up as soon as my wife and I were back home!

Superior Sanitizing with Just a Wave of Your Hand

How Two Hands sanitizing device work

What I learned about the Two Hands sanitizing device impressed me immediately. I’m sure this was the product I had been waiting for.

What I really loved about it was just how hygienic it was. For proper disinfection, you didn’t even have to touch it! It’s like magic. Just wave your hand above the device and it shoots a mist of disinfectant onto your hand. There’s no cross-contamination of any kind and I don’t have to worry about touching a disgusting pool of other people’s germs and bacteria.

But this isn’t a device you just purchase and leave at home. It’s compact enough to throw in your backpack so you can take it anywhere you need to! It’s absolutely perfect for studying in your school library or working from your office or just about anywhere. And get this, it even disinfects other objects like keys, or your cell phone, or your sunglasses, or pretty much whatever you need clean.

A Powerful Solution for These Challenging Times

The Two Hands has been designed for effectiveness, and the manufacturers nailed it! It’s an extremely effective device and you can rest assured that you’ll be 100% sanitized after using it.

  • Infrared Sensor – The Two Hands utilizes infrared induction for convenient disinfecting. Simply position your hand above the device and it will project a mist upwards, providing complete sanitization quickly and easily.
  • Microporous Atomization – Extremely high-efficient sterilization. Sprays 75% alcohol evenly over your hands for deep penetrative cleaning.
  • Compact and Portable – Take it anywhere! Never rely on public sanitizing stations again! For even more convenience, use the built-in lanyard hole to hang your Two Hands from your bag or backpack.
  • Sensitive and Responsive – The Two Hands acts quickly when you need it. It activates within 1 second after your hand is placed above it.
  • Eco-Friendly – Energy-saving USB charging means it’s better for the environment than other battery-operated devices and those wipes that get thrown away after each use.
  • Anti-Leak Design – The Two Hands is perfect for on the go lifestyles. Heading to the library, or the office? Throw it in your bag! It won’t leak!

Kids Are Great, Really. I Just Don’t Want to Share Their Germs

I’m not anti-children, honest! But sometimes they aren’t the best with germ control. But with the Two Hands unit, there’s no more worrying about it. I can see this product in every home in America once people realize how great it is. I’m sure glad it’s in mine.

  • No Cross-Contact – It’s a distressing thought, but bacteria still exist on your taps after you wash your hands. And it can still remain on your hand sanitizer bottle after you use it. And it can also remain on pump press bottles found in nearly every public place now. But the Two Hands is touch-free!
  • Disinfects Hands And Other Objects – It’s ideal for disinfecting your hands, but Two Hands has another trick up its sleeve! It can also disinfect cell phones or other objects like your keys or your glasses! Just hold your object approximately 12cm above the sensor for complete disinfection!
  • Wide Application – Take the Two Hands with you for the most convenient on-the-go disinfection you’ll ever experience. Take it with you to school, or the office, or out to eat, or the shopping mall, or the public washroom, or anywhere else you’ll need proper disinfection.

How to Use Two Hands Devices

Press both sides of the bottom case to remove it from the device.

Unscrew the bottle, take out the sponge stick, and pour 75% alcohol into the reservoir (don’t fill the bottle more than 80% full).

Put back the sponge stick, tighten the bottle, and install the bottom case.

How to Daily Use Of Two Hands

Short press the power button once and the product will start.

Place your hand (or object) a few inches above the device and it will automatically spray sanitizer.

Short press the power button twice to turn off the device. If it is not used for 24hrs, the device will automatically power off.

The Worst Thing About Two Hands is Actually Trying to Get One!

It’s time to take sanitizing seriously! But it seems that lately everyone is finding out about this awesome device and they want their own! Supplies are extremely limited as more and more people are finding out about this popular and effective disinfecting tool.

We encourage you to get to the official website right now for the authentic Two Hands sanitizing device. Don’t get ripped off with knockoffs or cheap imitations. Get the real thing for real results with Two Hands!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the best non contact sanitizer?

Two hands sanitizer is the best non contact sanitizer gadget to avoid any kind of contact.

What is automatic hand sanitizer machine?

There are mainly 3 types of machine – automatic, manual and foot operated stand. Automatic machines help you avoid any kind of contact.

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