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Turbo Scrub 360 Reviews: – Does it Work?

TurboBrush360 electric toothbrush uses one of a kind 360 bristle cleaning technology to sweep away the plaque, food particles and germs which cause bad breath. Equipped with three intense speeds, TurboBrush360 gives that “just left the dentist clean” feeling everyday.

Are you brushing your teeth properly? Are you brushing your teeth often enough? Are you spending too much money on dental bills and painful cavities? 

Turbo Scrub is a cordless, rechargeable handheld scrubber with a waterproof head that rotates at over 300 revolutions per minute. Attached to the head are three interchangeable brushes: the Round Brush for large surface cleaning, the Cone Brush for grout lines and other hard-to-reach areas, and the Flat Brush Head for small, flat surfaces.

According to the company, the individual bristles on each brush dig deep into dirt and grime to break it down. This way, we’re told you can scrub and clean with “minimal effort,” whether on burners and cooktops, kitchen sinks, fixtures and faucets, toilets, vehicles, hard water stains in the shower, and much more.

Using state-of-the-art technology, in just 30 seconds, TurboBrush360’s bristles surround your teeth and gums to clean your mouth by dislodging debris, and efficiently polishing your teeth. Power packed with the whitening and disinfecting power of blue light technology, TurboBrush360 makes brushing fast and fun!

The company tells us that Turbo Scrub “does the work for you” and that it’s great for people with arthritis or who have difficulty bending. Even if this describes you, does it mean Turbo Scrub is sure to deliver performance and value? That’s the primary question we’ll address in this review.

What is the TurboBrush360 Electric Toothbrush?

Basically, it’s like having a robot dental hygienist on call 24/7 for free. Now you can experience automatic professional cleaning daily – without having to pay all the extra fees!Precise vibrations in the electronic mouthpiece gently brush the silicone bristles across all 360°of your teeth. The bristles are soft enough to avoid damaging the gums but strong enough to produce dental grade cleaning results, getting rid of 99.98% of harmful bacteria that cause bad breath and gingivitis.  

Turbo Scrub 360 Claims & Features

Turbo Scrub 360 As seen on Tv following are its claims and the features

  • No more rubbing or scrubbing – No need of kneeling, bending, or getting on your hands and knees to clean your home.
  • You can use your favourite cleaning product – no more abrasive or harsh cleaners.
  • Its Powerful head rotates at over 300 RPM so you can efficiently scrub and clean areas with very less effort.
  • The head of the product is waterproof, So do not worry to submerge it in the tub or pool.
  • Its compact and Lightweight design allows you to clean every difficult area.
  • The device comes with 3 interchangeable brush heads that will help you to do various cleaning jobs efficiently.-The Round Brush Head is used for large surface cleaning.-Its Cone Brush Head is used to clean corners, grout lines, and all those tough to reach areas.-The Flat Brush Head is used to clean small flat surfaces.-All you have to do is just attach the extension pole to clean low or high places.
  • The device uses a rechargeable 3.6V NiMH battery
  • Durable construction.
  • Perfect for Indoor/Outdoor use.
  • You can continuously use it 40-60 minutes on a single charge.
  • Best for people with arthritis problem or have difficulty bending.
  • It is designed to Clean Burners & Cooktops, Vents & Returns, Baseboards, Sliding DoorTracks, Tile Grout & Corners, Toilets, Fixtures & Faucets, Bathtubs, Patio Furniture, Kitchen Sinks, Pools & Hot Tubs, Even Vehicles!
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How to use Turbo Scrub 360
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Three Step To Use TurboBrush360 electric toothbrush

  1. Plug

    Simply plug in the TurboBrush360 electric toothbrush to charge

  2. Paste

    Apply toothpaste

  3. Play

    Turn on the electric toothbrush and place in your mouth for a deep cleaning

Key benefits of the TurboBrush360 Electric Toothbrush Set

  • Helps eliminate plaque and control gum disease
  • LED Blue Light that accelerates whitening teeth while you brush
  • A full 360-degree dentist level cleaning
  • Helps kill 99.8% of bacteria
  • Prevent cavities by getting those hard to reach areas
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee- You have nothing to lose but high dentist bills

What comes in The Package

  • One (1) TurboBrush360
  • One (1) Brush Heads
  • One (1) Charging Base
  • One (1) USB Charging Cable

Where To Buy TurboBrush 360?

You can easily order the device through the company’s official website, as well as by calling the free phone number. You can pay through Master card, Visa, and internet banking and cheque. As it was already mentioned, the product comes with a money back guarantee, which means that you can return the product and get your money back if you are dissatisfied with it for any reason.

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