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Blaux Wearable AC Review – Should You Buy This Personal Air Cooler?

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Summer is ongoing and it seems that it will last a long time, and it is taking longer and longer to get cold, something that makes the investment in an air conditioner amortizable for a longer time. Is it worth buying one? What are your possibilities? We are going to see everything you must take into account when buying a wearable air conditioner. Read our Review on Blaux Wearable AC.

Blaux Wearable AC includes many applications for human health management, including blood pressure, the ability to control electrical activity in the heart and hydration levels of the skin. It can provide a way to keep your soldiers cool on the battlefield and avoid heat stroke and fatigue.

There’s a lot of hype about the Blaux Wearable air cooler, but is it really the hottest summer accessory? Find out in our Blaux Wearable AC review.

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What is Blaux Wearable AC?

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Blaux Wearable AC is your very own AC unit that you can wear around your neck. During hotter weather and places you might feel discomfort from heat, this AC unit will come in handy. It might be hard to picture, but Blaux Wearable AC reviews describe it as simply placing a cold towel around your neck, and we completely agree. That’s how easy it is to use!

Blaux Wearable AC is billed as a high-tech personal air cooler and ionizer cleaner that has three fan speed modes. It runs for 30 hours on a single charge, and it charges via USB-C – just like most smartphones. An LED ring on the device indicates the power and charging status.

Blaux has released a handful of products in March / April 2020, including the Blaux Oxi Level oximeter and the Blaux in Home air filter. Blaux is a subsidiary brand of a Hong Kong-based ecommerce company named Strong Current Enterprises.

Blaux Wearable AC Features & Benefits

Blaux claims its personal AC unit has all of the following features and benefits:

  • Moves 1.9 cubic feet per minute (1.9 CFM)
  • Positionable air flow
  • Three fan speed modes
  • LED ring for power and charging status
  • USB-C charging
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • 30 hours of runtime per charge
  • Back cooling events with a thermal electric cooling plate
  • Ionizer inside fan chamber to reduce allergens and pollutants
  • Antibacterial filters inside fan intake

Overall, Blaux Wearable AC claims to create “cool, clean, refreshing filtered air” that helps “keep particles out of your lungs”. You can stay cool and breathe fresh air at the same time. As the official website explains, “it’s like having a personal air conditioner wherever you go”.

Blaux Wearable AC is marketing the unit to people in hot climates and people in smoggy climates. If you are worried about air pollution in your area, or if you have hot or humid summers, then Blaux Wearable AC may bet the right product for you.

What you can expect with Blaux Wearable AC

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This feature is great because it allows you to walk around, run errands and go on with your day, with a constant air flow. It is the main reason we wanted to test this device out. We wanted the freshest and cleanest air possible.

You could be in the hottest weather and always have fresh air around your neck and face. Think of the times that you stepped outside and started dripping sweat right away. Now imagine stepping into the hot sun and still feel cool and comfortable wherever you go.

  1. Positionable air flow – The air vents of Blaux wearable AC unit are on the sides, right beside your face. Although this is probably the prime spot for air flow, you can easily reposition the unit to face another direction. We like the placement of the vents for all day comfort.
  2. One size fits all – This literally fits around anyone’s neck! It doesn’t matter your size or weight, the opening of the unit is big enough to fit around anyone, but is not too big that you have to worry about it falling off. It sits comfortable around your neck, so you can wear it all day long during any level of activity.
  3. 3 fan speed modes – Just like a normal AC unit, there are different speeds to suit your personal preference. When our team wore the device, they found it very convenient that they could change the speed of the airflow. That way, they could stay indoors or go outside and adjust the level to their comfort. It doesn’t have to be at bull blast all day, only when you need it.
  4. LED ring to indicate power and charging status – This feature is great to have on any device. You won’t have to worry about your device dying when you’re out. You’ll know exactly when it’s powering up and when you have a full charge.
  5. USB-C charging – Convenient for charging almost anywhere. You can even charge this in your car if you have the compatible adapter. We think USB-C is the appropriate charger to use here because it can be shared with many other devices. It’s as simple as charging your phone overnight.
  6. Easy to clean and care for – The Blaux wearable AC is meant to be worn everywhere and in any condition, which is why it is designed to wick away sweat and moisture. If you happen to need a quick clean, you can simply wipe it down with a cloth of disinfectant wipe, staying clear of any mesh holes or areas for dirt and moisture to get through.
  7. 30 hours runtime – We all agree here, any product that runs over the length of an entire day is well worth your money! If you’re camping, or out at the beach and can’t find a charging station nearby, it’s good to know that your unit won’t die right away.
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Does Blaux Wearable AC work?

Yes, Blaux Wearable AC sure does! I love being outdoors in the summer, but I have a hard time dealing with the heat. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but summers feel hotter than ever. Imagine having your own personal cooler and air purifier with you at all times to beat the heat while enjoying the benefits of being outdoors.

I’ve been staying outside more often with my Blaux Wearable AC, as it’s an easy way to keep myself cool. Spending time in the sun (safely and responsibly) and in nature improves your vitamin D levels and relieves stress.

Blaux Wearable AC PLUS

When you buy your personal cooler, Blaux Wearable AC allows you to buy an upgraded version. The “Blaux Wearable AC Plus” version comes with extra features:

  • Back cooling vents
  • Thermal electric cooling plate
  • Ionizer internal fan chamber that reduces pollutants and allergens
  • Built-in antibacterial filters

I recommend getting these upgrades if you can. They purify the air and give you more cooling power. There’s enough pollution in the air as-is. The last thing you want is to have your fan blow it all into your face. The filters will ensure that fresh, clean air keeps you cool.

Blaux Pros

Our team likes both products! We think this is the best value you can get for innovative products like these. We have already tested other Blaux items and are always pleasantly surprised at how well they work. But what we think you will also enjoy is the great value. Other products will cost you hundreds of dollars, but right now, Blaux is having a deal where you can buy XX units for XX.XXX.

To sum it up, here’s what you can expect:

  • Moves a massive amount of air with a rating of 1.9 CFM+ (Cubic Feet Per Minute)
  • Positionable air flow
  • One size fits all
  • 3 fan speed modes
  • LED ring to indicate power and charging status
  • USB-C charging
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • 30 hours runtime

Blaux Cons

We can’t think of anything we don’t like about this line of products, but you can only purchase them online. So if you’re the type of person who likes to test things out first, you’re just going to have to take our word for it! Even reading up on some Blaux Wearable AC reviews might help you decide.

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If you’re still unsure, they have a great money back guarantee, so there’s no risk to you at all.

Who should buy Blaux Wearable AC?

Everyone and I mean everyone can benefit from this wearable AC. Summer weather can be unbearable at times, and if you don’t stay cool or play it safe, you could wind up suffering from heatstroke.

It’s still important to stay in the shade when you can and drink plenty of water, but having a personal fan can really help keep you cool when you’re out and about in the summer.

Here are some of the things I really love about Blaux’s personal AC.

Blaux Wearable AC really portable

Blaux Wearable AC is 100% portable and so light everyone can use it. It hangs around your neck. It’s powered by battery. You can take this fan with you everywhere, like:

  • The garden
  • The park
  • The trail
  • Your favorite running route
  • The gym
  • Your office or workplace

Blaux Wearable AC is quiet, it’s personal and it won’t get in anyone’s way. There’s no reason not to take this personal AC everywhere you go.

Cleaner Air

If you get the upgrade with filters and purifying features, you’ll enjoy cleaner air whenever you use your wearable AC.I don’t know about you, but I want to breathe air that’s as clean as possible. Having filters and purifiers can help remove pollutants, allergens and particles that can be harmful.

Stay Active

It’s easy to stay active if you’re not overheating. Having a personal AC will help you keep up the energy to keep going and finish your workouts even in the dead of summer.

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with your personal AC, Blaux will give you a refund no questions asked. Just return the product within 30 days because they offer a 30 days Money Back Guarantee.

Easy Delivery

Blaux Wearable AC ships anywhere, so you can order confidently online.

Blaux Wearable AC Video Review

Blaux Wearable AC Market Price

Here are multiple Packages on its official website

  • The basic single product package Price is: $69.99
  • The Second 2 Product Package Price is: $139.98
  • The Third 3 Bundle Package price is: $157.48
  • Another 4 Bundle package that the company offers is the premium package Price is: $192.47

How Does Blaux Wearable AC Work?

Blaux Wearable AC is powered by a 3,000 mAh lithium ion battery, which is a similar size to the battery in an average smartphone. The unit comes with a USB-C cable, and you can charge the device just like you would charge a smartphone.

The unit lasts 30 hours on a single charge.

To cool the air, Blaux Wearable AC uses a thermal electric cooling plate. Thermoelectric cooling is a refrigeration technique based on the Peltier effect (also known as the thermoelectric effect).

The plate has two sides, and when a DC electric current flows through the device, it brings heat from one side to the other. One side gets cooler while the other gets hotter. The hot side is attached to a heat sink, so it remains at the ambient temperature, while the cool side drops below room temperature.

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When you run Blaux Wearable AC, air is blown across the cool side of the plate, delivering cooler temperatures through the vents and onto your body.

Blaux Wearable AC doesn’t just cool the air: the unit also claims to cleanse the air using an ionizer and antibacterial filter.Oddly, Blaux doesn’t describe the antibacterial filter in detail, so we don’t know how this filter works.

However, we know this filter needs to be replaced periodically for maximum effectiveness. We assume it’s similar to the filter used on other Blaux devices, which uses activated charcoal.

We do know how the ionizer works. An ionizer works by spreading ionized oxygen molecules (ozone) into the air. These ozone molecules latch onto particles in the air – like allergens and pollution. The particles become heavy and fall to the earth, effectively removing the airborne matter from the air.

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Final Verdict

This is better than buying an expansive AC unit. It’s perfect for hot summer days, traveling, and filtering out unwanted germs and bacteria. In our opinion, this is the freshest, cleanest air you will ever breathe.

Because it’s super convenient, we think that once you buy one, you won’t go anywhere without it. Super easy to use, great for people on the go or who like to vacation to hot places. Don’t ever risk suffering from heat stroke or worry about allergens again with this amazing device.

If you are not interested in wearable ac, check out the blaux portable ac.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wearable AC unit?

As the name suggests, wearable AC units filter the air around you, cooling you with cold and refreshing air. Some wearable AC units are able to provide variable temperatures, while others cannot. Specific technical offerings will always depend on the model and brand of wearable AC unit you choose to purchase.

How do you use Blaux Wearable AC?

Simply wear the device around your neck, almost like you would wear a neck pillow when traveling in the car or on an airplane. Once the device is around your neck, you can activate it by pressing the ‘on’ button. The device works by using a DC electrical current to transfer heat from one side of the device to the other, delivering cool air on one side while keeping the other side at around room temperature.

Can Blaux Wearable AC purify the air?

The company behind Blaux Wearable AC claims that their devices can purify and cleanse the air of toxins while cooling users off. The antibacterial filter referenced on the official product website is not explained in any significant detail, which might make it hard to research the effectiveness of this product as an air purifier.

Who created Blaux Wearable AC?

This product was created by a subsidiary of Strong Current Enterprises, a Hong Kong company responsible for the production of a number of new gadgets and devices in recent months. We have reviewed several of the technologies created by Strong Current Enterprises, and the organization continues to gain traction with consumers looking for unique solutions to everyday home problems.

Does the device feel warm on my neck?

No, because the Blaux Wearable AC blows clean, filtered air around you, it effectively whisks away heat. You’ll enjoy the cooling sensation the Blaux Wearable AC provides on a hot day.

What types of batteries does it take?

The Blaux Wearable AC contains a 3000mAh rechargeable lithium battery that is conveniently powered using a standard USB cable. No need to worry about stocking up on batteries. Charge it overnight and you’re ready to wear it all the next day.

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