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LumiGuard Ultra Bright Solar Floodlight – Review

In a pandemic situation like Covid-19 that the world is experiencing today, it is now becoming more crucial to ensure that we protect our homes against intruders. Try the LumiGuard Solar FloodLight.

With the recent looting and stealing incidents happening all over America, you have to take it upon yourself to somehow keep them away.

That being said, one great thing that you can do is to get the LumiGuard Ultra-Bright Wireless Floodlight. Read further to find out what we think about it.

What is LumiGuard?

LumiGuard Ultra Bright Solar Floodlight - Review 1

As the name suggests, the LumiGuard Ultra-Bright Wireless Floodlight is a solar LED Security light that is durable enough to withstand the elements and bright enough to keep intruders at bay.

It is meant to be installed outside of your home and has motion sensors that will trip the light up whenever it detects any movement within its vicinity.

It is weatherproof which means that it can withstand extreme weather conditions- may it be the hotness of the sun or the coolness of the snow.

Features of LumiGuard

The biggest feature of the LumiGuard Ultra-Bright Wireless Floodlight is its motion sensor. It is class-leading in the sense that even slight movements can trip the light up into full gear.

It also has an ambient light sensor that will detect if it is daytime or nighttime. If the sensor detects that the lighting conditions start dimming, then it will automatically switch on.

Ideally, you want to set the product up about 3-5 meters above ground so that its sensor can detect motion in its vicinity. It has a 120-degree range which is considerable for a product of its caliber.

Of course, you can also use this product as a means of lighting your porch or backyard as you can manually turn the lights on. The LumiGuard Ultra-Bright Wireless Floodlight is fitted with 20 ultra-bright LED lights so that you can rest assured that if it detects any movement, the line that shines is bright that you can definitely notice.


How Does The LumiGuard Work?

LumiGuard Ultra Bright Solar Floodlight - Review 2

Use LumiGuard on porches, sidewalks, garden paths, driveways, decks, and staircases for an instant security upgrade- at a price, anyone can afford.

The LumiGuard gives you peace of mind anytime you are outside at night because it’s always charged.

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Solar-power Lighting

As it comes equipped with Solar Panels the LUMIGUARD requires no batteries. Simply set up outside and let the natural sunlight charge your LUMIGUARD so it can shine bright in your backyard front porch, deterring intruders!

Simple, Straightforward Setup

As it comes with easy to follow installation instructions, you can get it up and running with ease!

High Quality= Durability and Dependability!


The lifespan of the LEDs can last up to 100,000 hours and the product is backed by a solid warranty so you can have it replaced if you feel that it is not up to par with your standards.

If you are wondering how bright the lights are, each of the LEDs outputs 200 lumens of bright light which should be more than enough to illuminate your surroundings without a hitch.

Protects You and Your Family!

With all of the looting and stealing that’s been happening amid the pandemic crisis, it is imperative for every homeowner to fortify their homes and keep intruders out.

Of course, you can reinforce the locks and other things inside of your home, but you should also never overlook the outside as well.

Necessary Protection

Getting a floodlight with motion sensors can help you detect if there is any intruder or people with malicious intent that have the motivation to try and steal your belongings.

Such lights should provide you with some protection as people will most likely not go ahead with their nefarious plans if they are going to be caught.

Beating the Competition on All Levels

To be honest, its value. You get a solar-powered floodlight with class-leading motion sensors to keep bad people away from your home.

Because it harnesses solar energy, it is also environmentally friendly as well; not to mention that it is one of the more robust floodlights on the market. It is easy to install, it charges quickly, and it is weatherproof so sturdiness is never going to be a problem.

What People Are Saying About The LumiGuard Floodlights?

“Very, very impressed!!! I have other D battery operated motion lights at my residence, but I decided to go with these based on reviews here, as I’m tired of shelling out 15 to 20 bucks on D batteries every few months. Exactly, what I needed. I will buy again!”Ellen Crill

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“These lights are great! They’re so bright and I’ll be buying another set of 4 for the other two sides of the house. I also like their versatility of installation, I’ve been able to orient them to best suit the area I’m putting them.”Lisa Isaacs


It is important to protect your home as much as possible. The LumiGuard Ultra-Bright Wireless Floodlight provides you with an option to protect your house by illuminating the outside and keep any bad people away.

For what it can do, there is no doubt that this product is a must-have.


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