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ThePhotoStick Omni Review – Is Photo Stick Omni Worth the Money?

This has happened with all of us. Many a time we all have lost our important pictures and videos. They were some of the important moments in our life that we never used to get back. Not anymore! We’ve found a tool that helps you find missing pictures and videos on your computer almost instantly.

The PhotoStick Omni – It offers easy and secure backup of all your photos and videos on your phone and computer. And all this in just a few minutes. Ossaward has created this complete guide that covers everything which will help you understand What is ThePhotoStick Omni? and How does Photostick Omni work?

What is ThePhotostick Omni?

ThePhotoStick OMNI is a small but powerful device that automatically finds, sorts, and safely backs up your photos, videos and other files. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to keep their memories safe and organised WITHOUT all the hassle, time, and money it would cost to do it yourself!

Features Of ThePhotoStick Omni?

  • Easy to Use – Simply plug in ThePhotoStick® OMNI and click ‘GO’! It does everything automatically. No complicated setup, logins, or software to install!
  • Works On All Devices – Works on all computers, phones, and operating systems – including Windows, Apple, Android, Google, and more!
  • Convenient & Secure – ThePhotoStick® OMNI keeps all your most important files right at your fingertips, so they’re easily accessible when you need them – yet stored safely and away from hackers.·
  • Super Easy To Use – Simply plug the adapter into your computer, phone or tablet and let it work!
  • Massive Storage – Up to 256GB storage capacity – easily back up 120,000 photos and videos!

How Does ThePhotostick Omni Works in Computer?

ThePhotoStick Omni Online Review

ThePhotoStick OMNI does everything FOR YOU in just 3 simple steps:

  • Plug the stick into ANY device that has your photos or videos.
  • Open the program
  • Click ‘GO’

How Does ThePhotostick Omni Works in Mobile?

  • Download the App – Easily download for FREE in the Google Play Store and Apple Store
  • Plug in the Adapter – Use the adapter to plug the Omni into your Android or Apple device and find files
  • Safely Transfer Files – Plug the USB stick into your Mobile and Safely transfer your photos and videos
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Advantage Of ThePhotostick OMNI

  • It’s easy to use: Using ThePhotoStick OMNI is easier than charging my phone! You simply plug it into your computer and let it find and store your photos
  • You don’t need to login: My grandson tried to get me to store photos on Dropbox, but I had no idea how to use it! Plus, I kept losing my password, which was a huge nuisance
  • There’s no monthly fee: When I started saving family videos on my phone, I kept getting notifications saying my iCloud storage was full. But I didn’t want to have to pay a monthly fee for more storage! With ThePhotoStick OMNI, there’s just one upfront cost — no monthly fees — for the same amount of storage.
  • It takes no time at all: Whenever I tried downloading photos onto my desktop, it took hours to find and download a single image. ThePhotoStick OMNI searches my entire computer and collects videos and photos within minutes.
  • It stores every kind of file: While I use ThePhotoStick OMNI for storing family videos and photos, it has the ability to store nearly every file type, including documents and music
  • It works all on its own: With ThePhotoStick OMNI, there’s no WiFi, batteries, or charging needed. This one, tiny device collects images and videos all on its own — no matter where you are in the world or whether you have a stable internet connection

How much does ThePhotoStick Omni cost?

ThePhotoStick OMNI units are currently offered in three different storage capacities, and hence, vary in prices. To simplify things, listed below some options to choose from (in USD):


ThePhotoStick omni is a wonderful tool if you are looking for a safe way to backup your photos. This tool does not require any additional subscriptions. It is also very safe because it does not require to connect to any wi-fi network.

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