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The Top 10 Gifts Under $100 For 2023

If you love all things tech, you’ll definitely want to check out these new technologies. These are the hottest 10 gadgets of 2023 and provide just the right smart features to help you charge up a device, find lost devices, prioritize your health, speed up your laptop, and work (and play!) faster.

You can only order these products online – you won’t find them in stores! Make sure you get them today to SAVE and start the year off STRESS-FREE. Most of these products will sell out well quickly, so order quick. Whether you’re looking for a gift, or just want to treat yourself, this list below has something neat for everyone. Enjoy!

10. iMemories – Transfer VHS Tapes, Film & Photos to Digital So You Can Enjoy Them On Any Digital Device!


This year, finally do what you’ve been meaning to do every year for the past 5, 10, heck, maybe even 30 years! If you’ve got boxes of film and photos collecting dust (or know someone who does), those memories are literally and figuratively fading away little by little every day.

But with iMemories, you can now protect and preserve them for future generations to enjoy – AND you can easily view and watch those forgotten memories right from your phone or tablet.

The best part about iMemories is how EASY they make the whole process. They send you a crush proof box to put all your photos and videos in and they include a FREE shipping label to send it back. Then you get an estimate and pick and choose what you want to digitize. The whole process is tracked, which is why they’ve NEVER lost a single memory.

Once done, you get ALL your original memories back and now you’ve got decades of memories ready to view with the press of a button on your phone, tablet, or computer. When you want to preserve your family legacy, there’s no easier or more affordable way than with iMemories.

IMPORTANT: Get 50% off your SafeShip kit PLUS get an additional 20% off digital transfers!

9. PhotoStick Mobile – #1 Way To Protect Your iPhone and Android Photos​

PhotoStick Mobile

Save up to 60,000 photos & videos from your Phone &/OR Tablet – never see “Storage Full” again!

Like Photostick, Photostick Mobile lets you instantly backup photos from your phone onto the device. You can then delete the images from your phone to make room for new ones! If you have multiple phones, just use it on each of them — The PhotoStick Mobile works with both Android and Apple phones.

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IMPORTANT: PhotoStick Mobile is currently running a FLASH sale — Save $35 (or more) when you order TODAY!

BONUS: ThePhotoStick – Only 1 Click To Backup & Organize ALL Your Computer’s Photos and Videos

ThePhotoStick Offer

Is there anyone on your gift list that needs help backing up the pictures on their computer? Think mom, dad, grandma? Do yourself (and them) a favor and get them a Photostick this year.

All you do is plug it in to a USB port, click “go”, and Photostick automatically finds and backs up their pictures. That’s it –no “finding the right folder”. No “wrong directory”. No issues. It works on both PC’s and Macs, and it can save up to 60,000 photos.

It’s about as easy as it gets. And trust us, your family and friends will love the fact you got them this the next time a virus kills their computer and they lose everything. You’ll have saved the day by saving their photos.

IMPORTANT: PhotoStick is currently running a FLASH sale. Get 50% OFF on all orders today!

8. FitTrack – Understand Your Body and Health In Seconds!​

FitTrack Offer

Ever wish you could do your own “body assessment” at home – without paying the big bucks at a gym? This revolutionary new scale lets you look inside your body–like a free physical exam, but at home!

Simply step on it with your bare feet and it activates FitTrack’s patented dual BIA technology, which monitors 17 key health insights – allowing you to measure, track, and trend your health data in real time. This includes your body fat percentage, muscle and bone mass, hydration levels and more – important information that can help you and your loved ones make smarter health decisions.

Easily track and trend your health data by monitoring your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly progress. It’s the easiest way to see your results over time–so you can KNOW you’re making the best decisions for your health.

IMPORTANT: These don’t usually go on sale, but they have a Buy 1, Get 1 50% OFF deal this week! 

7. Dodow – Amazing New Sleep Device Helps Put An End To Frustrating, Sleepless Nights!​

Dodow Offer

Isn’t it amazing how technology seems to have improved just about every aspect of our lives — EXCEPT sleep?!

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Dodow is a revolutionary sleep aid device that sits on your nightstand and slowly projects a rhythmic glow onto your ceiling. Clear your mind and get to sleep quickly by Focusing on the light. Following its rhythmic slows your breathing, and relaxes your body so you can quickly, peacefully drift off into a deep, restful sleep. Dodow retrains your brain to fall asleep on its own, it’s like yoga for your mind!

It takes the same concepts developed in restful meditation and helps guide regular people like you and me to take advantage of deep meditation.

This is a natural sleep solution — no drugs, no melatonin. Nothing. Just real rest.

They have a huge sale on right now! Buy 1, Get 1 50% OFF! Get yours before they sell out!

BONUS: Bondic – Fix Virtually ANYTHING With This Innovative New Product (Just Don’t Call It Glue!)

The Top 10 Gifts Under $100 For 2023 1

Do you hate throwing away those items that “just can’t be fixed”? Are you tired of wasting time and money on cheap solutions that do a better job of glueing your fingers together than the thing you’re actually trying to fix? Sounds like you need Bondic! With Bondic, you can fix virtually ANYTHING!

With over 1500 five-star reviews, Bondic has fixed broken glasses, leaky plumbing holes, broken dishes and more! It works on any surface including: metal, wood, glass, ceramics, plastic and more! It’s NOT glue so it won’t dry out, get sticky or messy!

Bondic is running a Buy 2, Get 1 Free promo TODAY!

6. Aculief – Say Goodbye To Headaches and Migraines!

The Top 10 Gifts Under $100 For 2023 2

Struggling with headaches? 

Aculief is a natural, drug-free wearable device that relieves headaches and tension using your body’s natural pressure points. It lasts forever, making it the most affordable way to resolve headaches!

The device clips onto your hand, where it applies pressure to your LI4 acupressure point. This anti-inflammatory point is proven to activate your body’s endorphins, which naturally and quickly ease tension throughout your body.

Aculief is doctor approved and recommended by many leading Acupuncturists for effective self-treatment! Try it today!


5. StankStix – This Shark Tank Invention Gets Rid Of Nasty Odors For GOOD.​

StankStix Offer

If you’ve ever been driven mad by nasty odors, you need StankStix.

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The problem with most cleaning solutions is that they don’t remove the source of the odor. They just mask the scent… while odor-causing bacteria like E.coli, MRSA, staph, mold, mildew continue to grow inside.

Think about it… that’s what’s living in your shoes, your laundry room, your car…

Removing odors with StankStix couldn’t be easier! You just put the sticks in… and they get the stink out! No weird masking scents like “rose bush” or “cedar tree” (like other chemical-filled products) – StankStix simply remove the smell so it just smells clean again.

PLUS, They’re made with 100% non-toxic materials that last for 10 years – just replace the inserts every few months and you’re good to go!

4. Peeps – NASA’s Solution For Dirty Glasses (New Carbon Cleaning Technology)​

Peeps Offer

Peeps is a unique device that uses NASA lens cleaning technology to provide your glasses with an ultimate level of clear. See like the glasses were brand new again.

Peeps have sold over 1.5 million units in the USA and are available in over 12,500 Optometrists offices.

You can pick up your peeps at the cheapest it’s ever been sold at TODAY! Claim up to 5 FREE on your order.

3. Kailo – The Nanotech Patch That “Turns Off” Pain In Seconds​

Kailo Offer

Imagine using nanotechnology to get fast, natural pain relief in seconds…

Kailo is a completely new category in pain relief. Pain is the result of electrical signals being sent to your brain. Kailo’s patented technology uses nanocapacitors to “turn off” your pain like a light switch – providing natural relief, anywhere on your body, in seconds! 

Kailo has zero side effects and can be worn every single day. Pain relief has never been this simple, effective, or affordable.

Kailo is drug free and has ZERO side effects. 

  • Place it on your skin or over clothing and feel relief in just 60 seconds
  • Patches last for years – just replace the adhesive and you’re good to go
  • It’s waterproof so you can wear it in the shower or swimming

The patch is very easy to use, even the first time: When I feel my back hurting, all I do is stick a Kailo on my back and in a few seconds, I feel relief. Finally.

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